SURPRISE: I’m a Student AGAIN!

Well, if you didn’t know you will now I have decided to go back to school. Yes, yes you totally read that right!!! Are you shocked? Some of you might be! Last year I went on a vacation to Orlando Florida for a week, obviously the purpose for the trip was to go to Disney, spend time with family and obviously McKayla in this new adventure she was on. New country, an exciting place, in an open ocean, so many different experiences. BUT while I was on this vacation away I tried to still get a lot of thinking done. Now that funeral costs were finished, court cases were settled, Steve and I could actually reflect on ourselves and maybe try and pick up a little of where we left off before our lives went a little off path.

I always knew when Journalism did not work out I wanted to do something else. I just wasn’t sure what the right time would be, or would there be a right time, could I change and find another path in life. Like other people my age, some of us find it hard to want to change something and get our of our comfort zone. I always had family and friends give me their input on what they think I should be doing which was fine but no matter how much someone tells you what they think you have to really reflect on what you think. SO long story short awhile after my vacation I inquired about the Early Childhood Education program at Mohawk college, I found out more about the program and what my options are.

I took that information and the first one I discussed it with was obviously Steven, after all we are practically married anyways (LOL). He obviously seen how much this meant to me and literally said “if this is what you want, we will make it work.” I found out that I didn’t have to do the two year ECE program, that I actually qualified to apply to the ECE Intensive course which is basically the fast track, so they condense the two years of ECE into 7 months. Obviously it is not my luck to just get the green lights all the way though this process, I had a late acceptance into the program because the college saw that I did not have a “Sociology” or something like it in my transcripts for this program, I wasn’t impressed because it was the college that said I was in good standing for the program. BUT after marching down to the college and talking to a representative in the administration office we with communication with the program co-ordinator we came up with a compromise that I would take the Sociology online and need to successfully pass it before August when my course is completed.

Through this process, I can tell you that I definitely had my doubts, I was scared, I was nervous, I wasn’t 100% sure, I just had SO many emotions about this. BUT with the great support system I had, they weren’t about to let me tap out just yet and knew it wasn’t in my character to just give in when stuff gets tough. I am happy to day that I’m almost completed my online course and so far so good, I have my exam February 11th at Mohawk College. I have also completed my first full two weeks in class, and I can tell you that I sit in class everyday and think about how much of the right decision I made and how it is now up to me to make the most of this experience and really really put myself out there. I”m so excited to move forward with this part of my life, and this year is definitely going to be an exciting one.

Aside from my family, Steve and my friends the one BIG support system was my little Mac Attack! I can tell you that she came into my life and I looked at this little girl (who was four at the time) and was scared, but she showed me that if she can be strong, I can be strong. She also made me realize that working with children is what I truly wanted to do. Seeing some of the differences I’ve made in her life, and some of the impact I had on her life really is humbling but what she doesn’t realize yet is that she’s one of the big reasons I made this leap and hoped for the best. I wanted her to reach for her worth, and know she get grab it, everyday I woke up and wanted to make an impact wherever I went. Although my job at the time allowed me to be creative and interactive in different ways, I really didn’t feel like I was making an impact. I felt like a lot of what I had to offer was just going to waste.

It’s funny, in an ice breaker exercise (I’m sure everyone liked those in school), one of the questions was “How would you like to be remembered.” I know kind of a morbid question, but really think about it when you look back when your over 100 years old HOW would you like to be remembered. When a classmate asked me that it pretty much ice the cupcake as to why I chose this new path. I know I want to be remembered as someone who always made a positive impact in someones life, who motivated people, who taught them something (big or small), and someone they felt comfortable with. That’s how I want to be remembered!! 🙂




~ by Christina Sears on January 22, 2016.

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