Rousey Vs Holm

If you are not into the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), You will most likely find this blog post a little boring. I have not blogged about MMA in GOD KNOWS HOW LONG.

I use to watch UFC  a lot, and I loved hanging out with friends and watching the fights. Training very heavily in MMA (once upon a time ago) it really opened my eyes to what these athletes truly go through.

I remember then Dana White stood up at a press conference (or in an interview) and said women WOULD NEVER fight in the UFC… and along came Women’s MMA (in the UFC), which was amazing.

There are women fighters who really can be thanked by the women athletes fighting in the UFC today, because without them we would never see women fighting in the UFC.

Which now brings me to my next little piece I want to talk about. I’ve been following Rousey’s rise to fame since her first UFC fight. I’ve had people I’ve competed with (in grappling) and I have followed since I trained in MMA be put against her and lose. No doubt she’s a tough competitor, I’m not taking that away from her. Like every fighter she’s had to really irk for what she has.

With that being said, there are a lot of holes in her game I watched a video that talked about some of the things Rousey does in every fight that women probably prepared for but couldn’t execute for some reason. Rousey comes from a Judo background, her stand up game needs a lot of work. When I was reading her challenging Mayweather all I could do was laugh and hope it was a publicity stunt. If Mayweather fought an MMA match with Rousey he better home she doesn’t take him down (because he’s not an MMA fighter he’s a boxer) and vide versa for Rousey.

I watched her carry herself in probably the worse possible way. I think this is why she’s been trolled so much by everyone when she lost. People were probably fed up with her attitude. It had nothing to do with not touching gloves in the match, its a fighters decision to do that… but the way she carried herself at the weigh in’s saying she will show Holm why she is “the champ.” I think at that moment she believed everyone who was saying “she’s the most dominate fighter…”

Women’s MMA is still evolving considerably, and there are not many people in that weight class that are in line for that title shot. There were a lot of people talking about seeing a Cyborg/Rousey fight but Rousey was not doing a catch weight, when she fought heavier then she does now in the UFC in her previous competitions. WHY? Because I think we can all agree that Cyborg would have really showed the holes in her game as Holm did.

I didn’t know much about Holm, other then the spiel that was said before the fight, when I read she was fighting out of Albuquerque New Mexico I thought “I wonder if she trains with Greg Jackson”, sure enough there is Greg in her corner getting set up for this fight. At that moment I knew Holm had one up on her competition because Greg Jackson is an EXCELLENT coach who knows how to break down fights and train his fighters well to have the outcome in their favour.

After that first round (like many I’m sure) I was in awe of this Holly Holm women who was just dominating the fight and even took the champ down.   In the second round I was not shocked that she knocked Rousey out, I was shocked about how badly she destroyed her.

I knew because she lost there was going to be A LOT of backlash against her because of how she always carried herself. I don’t think people ever doubted she could fight, was she amazing… no she had a lot of work to do but could she get the job done YES. I think people were just tired of the attitude and when she lost most of them let her know why.

I’m extremely happy for the new champ she trained super hard and executed her coaches plan perfectly and I’m sure she will be working that much harder in the rematch (because there will be a rematch) to keep that belt.

I don’t think it was the biggest upset in the UFC I think it was the biggest reality check.



~ by Christina Sears on November 18, 2015.

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