Change in the Air

Good Morning to everyone who is reading this currently. Well… wait… it is morning for me right now but I guess if your somewhere else in the world or depending what time your reading this its probably not exactly the morning… How can I fix this here…. Good (insert time of day here) to you all <– (I think I nailed it haha)!

Just like the season changing there is a lot of change going on with me as well, those in my close circle know everything that is going on BUT I thought I would share a little bit to the rest of you who have no clue and have been sending me messages wondering where my Vlog posts are not as frequent, and why I haven’t been Vlogging as much. On the Vlog front I hope to be participating in “Vlogmas” so basically you blog everyday in December leading up to Christmas. I think It would be a super awesome time to blog because its typically a busy season around especially for me because I work in retail. So I promise I will try and get some blogs up for you guys when I can. I do have some awesome time lapses I took here and there that I totally want to share with you in the Vlogs. 

WHY I haven’t been Vlogging is because there is a lot going on right now in my personal life. I’ve been making a lot of decisions  which will be gearing me into another path in the new year. That announcement will be later on in december. I’ve decided to do some online schooling and I’m currently taking “Intro to Sociology.” I’ve never done online learning before and I’m not sure how successful I will be at it because I’m more of an “in class learner”. At the same time I feel like the busier I am in my personal life the more productive I am, so I already handed in my first assignment, and read the first chapter of my book (I need to now read chapter two). Reading both chapters is part of next week’s assignment so I’m partly done the reading bit which is a relief. I think i might like Sociology, it talks about people and how they work in some of it and maybe it will help me understand certain people better. 

So why did I decide to take some online courses… Well before Stephanie died I knew that i wanted to do something different in life, I wanted to invest in a noter career path one that I was not only passionate about but also one that I would be making decent money. I feel like when your in high school and your talking to everyone around you including your guidance councillors and teachers they always tell you “you have to go to uni and college to make good money and have a good job.” I’ve learned (and wish someone told me this when I was 16) is that that’s not always the case. 

I have friends that just finished high school and are making great money in their career paths and are so happy to be doing it. I have other friends that have committed themselves to schooling to do what they love and in some cases its needed. BUT I truly feel that YES going to school is never a bad thing… BUT I work with a lot of younger girls who are in their 17-20’s and when they tell me they are in school I ask (like anyone else) “for what,” in which case they tell me. Then I ask “what the next step when you graduate.” and you know what the TOP answer typically is “I don’t know yet.” Some of them even said the only reason they are going to school is because their parents gave them no choice.

These days kids are jumping into higher education when they are still trying to figure themselves out never mind what they want to do for the rest of their lives. I believe that its okay to take time off school if you don’t know what you want to do, Why waste thousands of dollars and be in so much debt to say at the end of the day “no i don’t know what I want to do yet…” I mean if you have the money and means to do so, then DO IT you have nothing to lose, but that’s very rare for the majority of those who are in college and uni.

So although I wanted to figure out my life (because I knew I wanted to get married and start a family etc..) I couldn’t because we had a hurdle when Steph died. My life and my boyfriends life had to immediately be put on hold to make sure the situation was taken care of (i.e.: his sister being sick, funerals etc..). Once that was finished, there was a bit of a domino effect where we then made the decision to raise McKayla together… as our own which lead us to legal action to secure that decision in the eyes of the government and court system. Then we had to make sure she had a place to feel like home in the midsts of this tragedy as well as work on making sure we can secure the right for her to see and interact with her siblings. These things do not take weeks or months, I’ve learned that the court system is a “few years” process. 

So 2.5 years later my boyfriend and I are now able to go back to our plan and put OUR plans into motion of what we need to do to get to our bigger pictures. He was able to start his business, and so far he’s been quite successful and seems to love what he’s doing. He still does his television work on the side so he does get the best of both worlds and I could be any happier for him.

I’ve settled into a career currently that allows me to coach and develop people, I”m able to impact my store visually and have participated in various store openings to set them up for success also. This little career I tripped into actually hasn’t been that bad, and I do like what i do (key word like). I like it because it allows me to be creative everyday and see the impact I can make with my marketing, placements, and structures. I’m able to still interact with people and help those younger girls I work with figure their stuff out also. I’ve basically become the “mom” of my store… A title that I didn’t know I had until some of the girls told me (I laughed).

I go home everyday feeling accomplished but I also go home everyday feeling like something is missing, and I feel like I can be doing MORE. So i’ve made some pretty BIG decisions (taking this online course being one of them) So I can also get on my own path and feel like my boyfriend feels. I already started to re-structure some things, for instance I’ve started to write and talk about the gym a lot more. I loved going to the gym it was something that made me feel so great. Although I’m not doing martial arts, I still love feeling strong and while doing so I have a great gym partner who is on the same page as me when it comes to training. 

I’ve decided to try and do a little more for me, those of you who have kids would understand it’s very easy to lose yourself in what your doing… You need to make time for you, and although I love my ready-made family I still need some me time so i try and do that with my friends here and there. 

The bigger picture will come in december when things are finalized but for right now know the Vlogs haven’t been happing as much because I have no time to put them together, BUT I will make some time in december for Vlogmas!! Until then hopefully you can keep reading my blog posts (because I really do love writing and trying to connect with you all). I didn’t realize I had so many readers from all over so THANK you so much for joining me here!!!

Christina 😀


~ by Christina Sears on November 7, 2015.

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