9 Fridays Until Christmas?

Where the heck has the time gone, my last blog post was October 6th, and we are now almost to Halloween!!!! You know when you have so much to do.. and then when you have a second to do it you’re like distracted and do other things? BASICALLY has been me putting off this blog post. SO much to talk about and update you guys on!!!

Firstly, I have my squat up to 115lbs not too shabby I think I’ve noticed that my weight hasn’t changed on the scale BUT I do see changes in certain things. My legs are becoming much more shaped, my butt isn’t as hard as I would like BUT it’s also shaping up well. I’ve managed to get my dead lifts to 105lbs and my bench press to 75lbs!!! All and all gym wise I’m so happy with my progression. Although I’m getting old, my muscle remembers where it should be and I’m a little more sore now a days doing this then I was when I was like 23 haha!!! The gym has really been a fantastic outlet for stress, whenever I”m beeping a bit negative I just sweat it out. I lift a little harder, I move a little faster, I train a little longer you know? PLUS Having a great gym partner helps also, and keeps you motivated and when your having an off day they really push you forward a bit. 

So their is a little gym update for you… 

Another thing I want to talk about is HOW CRAZY SOME OF YOU WOMEN ARE WHEN IT COMES TO SPENDING MONEY ON MAKE UP!!!! HAHA!! I fell absolutely in love with this lip stain called Marvellous Mauve. I obviously asked this beauty guru where she purchased such a beautiful colour and she says “Sephora.” Her advice was to check online because they often sell out of this product in the store. SO I ventured out into the world of Sephora in search of this beautiful lip stain. I pulled it up online and saw it was $18.00 i was like.. that’s not horrible I guess… I then notice that I can get free shipping if my purchase is over $50.00 so because I saw a few things I wanted to try I thought I would actually see how much it all was (I wanted to try a primer, maybe a new foundation, and maybe another lip colour). NO WAY did I think of HOW crazy expensive a primer was never mind certain foundations. I literally ended up getting this no bleed lip liner (because I’m a newb and not even confident to put lip liner on in an actual colour) and I got another lip colour (Sephora Brand “Meet My Pink”)… It cost me $50 something for the three… plus tax!!! INSANE! You Beauty Gurus are just insane… But I guess if its something you love… then spend the money.. I mean if I wanted a specific kind of ice cream … I would probably pay that lets be honest! HAHA!!!

I’m starting to get in touch more with my girly side, I’ve been fiddling a lot with different shadow colours, checking out different beauty gurus on youtube, and just asking those around me who seem to have it together when it comes to make up!!! 🙂 Is that weird that I flat out asked someone what colour they were wearing because I wanted to totally copy the colour? Or would that be a complete compliment??? I guess if I wasn’t weird about it, it shouldn’t be weird right??? haha!!

I’m still in search for a decent primer and a decent foundation, and I might invest in that weird sponge thing.. I think it’s called a beauty blender… I’ve read/heard good things about it. 

I’m so stoked because Lush is starting to get some of their christmas stuff in, my favourite bubble bar “Candy Mountain” has been stocked and I think i’m going to stock up!!!

I absolutely LOVE mixing some of the Candy Mountain bubble bar with the twilight bath bomb and a little bit of the marshmallow moment bath melt.. SOOO AMAZING!!! Add that to some hot hot water, set some candle around your bath with some good background music and you have your own at home spa/hot tub! SOOO good!

Anyone stressing about Christmas yet??? I know I know.. shhhh don’t talk about Christmas, but lets really rip the bandaid off the subject shall we? Because realistically Christmas is only 9 fridays away isn’t it? I know I just made that $h!T REAL! HAHA!! But seriously, so many people stress about Christmas, you know what I LOVE to do during the Christmas season… BAKE! I seriously miss baking as much as I did around this time. When in retail your life is spend helping people who are stressing about Christmas feel good about their purchases and helping them get the right gifts on their lists or the pictures their children has emailed them. I remember cutting what I want out of flyers so my parents knew what they were looking for, now a days kids just shoot their parents a text and say “hey i want this…” haha! Crazy.. But I love to bake during christmas, I will pick 5 or 6 new things I want to try and get a bake on. I love making custom christmas cards for those close to me (which by the way I’ve recently ordered)! I also love to receive Christmas cards, I love seeing everyone over the holidays, I love wearing my PJ’s for the majority of the day on Christmas… and on Christmas eve I love having a few Christmas drinks with the fan jam… 

Anyways… as I finish this up I have to get things ready tomorrow McKayla has picture day and my goal is to curl her hair and make it look super cute… FINGERS CROSSED, neither one of us are morning people…. so…



~ by Christina Sears on October 27, 2015.

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