My Love/Hate for Leg Day

95lb Squat

95lb Squat

Hello everyone who is reading this, thanks for stopping in to give this blog a little read!

Went to the gym Monday and my gym partner and I decided Monday was a great day to make “Leg Day.” I LOVE leg day I really really do, BUT the after effects of leg day sometimes are a little intense. For instance, after your work out you feel like at any moment your legs are going to go to mush and your going to fall on that bum of yours. OR the next day (for some people two days after leg day) your bracing yourself to pee, forget public toilets there will be no squatting for any women who did a leg work out and is feeling the soreness of the work out. 

This week I added five pounds to my lift, my gym partner decided she was going to do the same so we are both squatting 95lbs right now which is a good start I think. It’s funny as I’m writing that number some people are probably like “THAT’S IT? REALLY?” I think they forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day and being able to lift heavy doesn’t happen over night. So I think for someone who hasn’t been in the gym for a long time, and my partner who’s never done any lifting like this really in her life THIS is a great start to week two. My goal is to lift heavier then I did before I stopped lifting, so before I stopped going to cross fit and working out I was squatting 195lbs for 4 sets of 5. So I want to be doing 200lbs that’s my squatting goal. 

We actually did dead lifts Monday as well, we are working on my partners grips, she’s finding it hard to hold the bar

Killing the Dead Lifts

Killing the Dead Lifts

because of the pain it causes on her hands. I’m sure some of you know the ripping and tearing at your skin as you hold this heavy weight in front of you. SO any gripping advice you can give us will be awesome. We were dead lifting 95lbs as well, before I stopped working out I was dead lifting 145lbs, so I definitely want to get back to that.

We also did some leg presses using the machine. I’m going to tell you that machine freaks me out, even when I put the guards up I worry something is going to malfunction and it will crush me, does anyone else ever have that weird feeling haha…Probably not, its probably just me (its okay you can tell me i’m crazy.. your probably right ha)!

So I vowed to up my weight each week, now I forget what the machine pushy (yes I said pushy) thing weighs I can’t remember what my gym partner’s boyfriend said BUT anywhoo including the weight of that pushy thing I was leg pressing 135lbs! I felt good but I also felt the jello effect set in. 

That moment your done "Leg Day"...

That moment your done “Leg Day”…

THEN if that wasn’t good enough we decided to do 50 weighted lunges, so we grabbed a 30lbs bar put it on our shoulders and began to do 50 weighted lunges. I would say once we got to 25 our legs got a case of the wobbles. We broke it up into 25, 15 and 10. Taking a minute rest between reps sets! 

I started an album on my Facebook page (link is to the right of this blog post), in that album I will be posting a few random gym pictures and progression pictures a long the way!

Thanks for reading



~ by Christina Sears on October 6, 2015.

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  1. Christina, can you please send me an email address I can contact you at? I have a question for you about something on your blog. Thanks! David


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