Okay everyone, I made it through my first FULL gym week! I know it must seem like I’ve been hitting the gym longer then a week but its true. BUT I think getting into the routine and taking that time out for yourself and actually going that first week is probably the hardest. 

SO some positives that I’ve noticed are my muscles are remembering where they belong. They are saying “hey fat you don’t belong here we are going to move back into our places.” I see things starting to take shape a little bit. I did read somewhere that you can’t let the scale define you, I said on my previous blog that my goal is to look how I WANT to look, not look at the scale and feel accomplished. Truth is, with what I’m going to be doing my weight may always seem heavy on a sale because I want to be strong, and shaped NOT skinny. 

No offence to you reading this who are skinny, your so lucky to have the body you do and others wish they had it but I just want to be super strong and shaped strong. 

I’ve noticed that through the week I have had far more energy to do things, I can’t even sit still an lounge around because I feel like  I should be doing something with my time. I find it easier to wake up in the morning and go do what I need to do or go to work. Where before I wouldn’t want to get up. 

Obviously with the positives I have I also have some “opportunities” (I don’t want to say negatives because it sounds so… well negative.).

I need to push a little more, sometimes although I’m pushing through a work out if it wasn’t for my gym partner I probably would have given up certain things. She definitely keeps me in check when it comes to saying “I can’t.” I need to really want it and remember WHY I’m there when I feel like I can’t do something.

I”ve been looking up some work outs we can do online and modifying them for our gym. The other day we did a Kettle Bell work out that I modified with using dun bells. The gym we are at does not have kettle bells so I was able to find a way to still get the same effect using different equipment we did have. 

We did this work out in 18 minutes and did 5 sets with rest in between. I’m not going to lie my legs were toast that night. The next day I decided I wasn’t going to relax and I wanted to go on a hike at the Niagara Glenn. My legs were so tired and the hills and climbing at the Glenn were not nice (BUT I did it anyways). 

Goal for this upcoming week is to add more weight on to my lifts. I want to add an extra five pounds to my squat, press, dead lift, and bench press. 

I also want to make sure anytime I am on the treadmill I need to burn off 300 calories before I get off of it. I want to lower my time each week which will mean increasing my treadmill speed. 

My Gym partner and I had a rowing competition, who would row 1000m faster, let me tell you she gave me a run for my money. PLUS I hate hate hate rowing, I literally wanted to cry the entire time we were rowing haha. BUT I want to challenge each other more this week. It’s always fantastic to have that friendly competition. 

In other non-gym related things the Niagara Glenn was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I want to go back for another hike this week sometime or on another day off. I will have a VLOG coming for that day, I just need to sit down and edit it but it will be on my YouTube channel for you guys in a few days hopefully.

To be that close to the Niagara rapids was simply amazing, you could hear the power of those waters and can’t help but give props to mother nature. I posted pictures from my hike on my Facebook page for you guys!



~ by Christina Sears on October 4, 2015.

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