Staying Motivated is Hard….

Well guys, I have so far stuck to my guns and have made a point to take time out for me and make sure I hit the gym. Today is my fourth day in, and I can honestly say that things feel a bit different then when I was in my early 20’s doing this kind of stuff. I know some of you are sitting there going “come on Christina, you’re being a little dramatic.” BUT its true, maybe it’s because I haven’t stuck to the martial arts (who knows) BUT I’m not as flexible as I once remember. I feel stiff, I’m sure that’s a mixture of not being a the gym and not doing anything mms related for… probably over a few years now really! 

Okay enough with the pity party about getting old.. let’s talk about the gym!

Like I said it is my fourth day in, the first day I was really all over the place I was just getting to know the new facility I’m training in and seeing what they offer, plus testing the waters in certain areas to see kind of where I’m at before I set up some workouts.

I think I want to dedicate a day to my upper body, another day to lower body stuff, I want to do a cardio/crossfit work out day and after every workout I want to do some core! I posted on my Facebook page that I’m really drawing a blank with some workouts I could incorporate to my days and reached out for some help to some of my friends who go to the gym and train on a regular basis, so hopefully someone gives me some good tips and little work outs I can do. 

My ultimate goal is to feel good, I read a quote the other day that said “Don’t let the scale define you.” When I use to work out I never once stepped on a scale unless I was being weighed for competitions, and I feel like these days I’ve let the scale take over. My goal right now is just to feel good about myself. Looking at old training videos and pictures … I feel like an addict who’s relapsed only I put myself back in this “fatty” situation. Before I knew it I was back where I was before I lost the weight and got really strong. Unlike some other people out there, I don’t compare myself to models in a magazine, I compare myself to… myself. I look at those pictures and video and wonder “where did that girl go… what made her stop.”

SO my goal in the gym is to beat my previous lifting goals and lose 15 pounds or so. I’m lucky because my gym partner and I weigh the same right now roughly, we are roughly the same size just carry our weight in different places. FOR the most part our gym goals are the same, we want to feel good, lose a little weight, and be strong. 

I’ll be honest I’m four days in and sometimes when I’m doing a work out I think to myself “how did I even get back to the bottom, how the hell am I going to do this.” I see myself looking at how far I have to pretty much go instead of looking at the progress I’ve already made. The first day I did feel quite out of shape, but as I started the days following I could feel myself getting stronger and my body was recovering better. In a little way shows me to stay motivated it will happen I just have to remind myself IT’S not going to happen over night.

I think that’s what most of us want, it to happen over night… When I see these “take this shake, this magic pill, wrap this…” and people do it, I think.. how long is that going to last for you? I 100% believe you have to put in the work and be willing to sometimes take a smaller portion of the junk you love (or cut a lot of it out completely) to meet your goals. You have to go on those walks/runs/roller skating days, you have to get your but to a gym, you have to be a little more aware of what your eating to see those LONG results.. not the band aid results. 

I’m 30 and I really have to think about how I’m going to take care of my body and myself so I can be a good vessel to my baby when Steve and I decide to have one, and I want to be able to play soccer with Mac, go on walks with my kids and keep up with them etc… I want to be active with my kids not watching from the side lines.

SOOOOOO this is what I have for you SO far when it comes to my lifting, and like religion I know everyone will have a different opinion on how to get those results. When I worked with Coach Morden at Crossfit, I wanted to be strong so he suggested I do more weight with less reps… SO this is what I’m doing, I realized that the toning, and definition comes even when I do this and I don’t mind how it looks. SO what I’m doing for my lifting is I’m going to lift the same weight for a week, depending how I feel I’m going to increase that weight by albs the following week and continue to do that.

When I stopped doing crossfit I was squatting 195lbs (for 5 reps), Benching 115lbs (for 5 reps), Dead Lifting 145lbs (for 5 reps), and Strict Pressing 90lbs (for 5 reps).

MY goal with my lifting is to surpass those. I guess you want to know where I’m starting at right now on week one…

Squat: 95lbs, Benching: 65lbs, Deadlifts: 85lbs, Strict Pressing: 65lbs

Each week I will give you an update on where I am weight wise with these, but what is so awesome is that I inspired

That Moment when your gym partners hands look like this and you tell her "your not done with that bar yet your fine.." lol

That Moment when your gym partners hands look like this and you tell her “your not done with that bar yet your fine..” lol

my gym partner to want to lift too and we pretty much love and hate some of the same work outs but I find that we do push each other to finish them. I feel like because we are on the same page I really think we are going to do well together training. Having a gym partner does help keeping you motivated, especially with setting a time and meeting each other there at that time. You can’t get lazy and not go because someone is depending on you to be there and go.

I’ve been looking up cross fit style workouts online and tabata work outs online to incorporate into our cardio/crossfit days. I’ve been tracking my progress in a notebook that I got at indigo. It’s black and the front of it says “work hard and be nice.” Sometimes if I’m tired or hungry I can get mean… so its just a little reminder. In this book I have motivating quotes, work out plans, and then write down my gym day (what I do etc..). I know there are apps for that.. but I like to write it instead I was never really good with using apps for stuff like that… I even hated using the calendar in my phone, I’d sooner  carry around my little organizer in my purse.


Undies on the Mat…

On a gym side note, today we were ending our workout with planks (like we have the last four times we have went to the gym) and someone… I’m assuming a girl.. I guess dropped, lost, or took off somehow her g-string and left it on the mats in the gym? At first I thought maybe someone left their hand wraps on the ground but then I got closer and sure enough it said “La Senza” on them… I’m not sure how some girls undies ended up on the ground? It was a little… gross because they didn’t look like clean laundry that maybe got stuck in the hood of her gym zippy while in the dryer they looked like they were worn.. not pretty!

Tomorrow is a cardio/crossfit day I believe… should be interesting…

IF you have any good gym workouts post them in the comments we would love the suggestions.



~ by Christina Sears on September 30, 2015.

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  1. Keep it up babe! You can do this !


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