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I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve actually sat in front of the computer and wrote a blog post. Those of you OLD SCHOOL readers probably remember me writing all the time. It’s definitely something I miss, but I hopped on that “Vlog” wagon and took a bit of a ride. Although I love to vlog because it allows me to visually connect with you guys, I found that when I’m trying to talk about things that matter to me and experiences I’ve had I communicate it better through writing it down. 

I hope I can bust one or a few of these blog posts out a week (that’s the goal). 

So since my new years post a lot of great things have happened, which is awesome for us considering the roller coaster of events we had the last two years. I’m happy to say with much persistence McKayla now gets to see her sisters on a regular basis. Something that we were definitely pushing for since her mother passed away.

We also had the privilege to go to Cuba for the first time, I absolutely love their culture and their music and Cuba is just so interesting. I found myself admiring all the buildings and streets and it was such a great experience and I can’t wait to go back. 

We also were able to experience Orlando Florida and of course Disney with Mac this year. This was her first time out of the country, her first time on a plane, and her first time at Disney!! It was great to experience with her and see the excite meant on her face on our travels. To see her in the ocean for the first time just jumping in the waves and having fun I knew her mom would be happy she got to experience that.

I vlogged a lot of my recent travels on my YouTube page (if you guys are into blogs and stuff).

So the reason for this post is because as you guys know I was huge into working out, and the martial arts and when life kind of took a little bit of a turn I found myself trying to figure out how I can balance raising a child, work, my relationship I guess anyone who has ventured into a serious relationship/marriage/raising a child would know what I mean when I say you forget about you and your focus is them. Which isn’t a bad thing I would do ANYTHING for Mac and my family and Steven, but you do need your YOU time as well. A friend of mine said she couldn’t wait for her son to go to school so she can go back to work and be her… not be the mom,  or the wife she can just be herself. I thought that was one of the most real things I’ve ever heard. 

So I have finally got to a point where I can actually do things and not worry about anything because Steve and I have made this great structure and built a very strong wall of communication. We try and take time for ourselves out of this crazy roller coaster ride we are on right now. 

SO My “me time” is getting my butt back into the gym and I want to also go on hikes more often. I love being in the gym because no matter what I am stressing about or how I feel I can take it out on my work out. I guess it’s sort of an outlet for me (a healthy one). By the end of my work out I feel so much better and I love the feeling PLUS I can get my body back to where I want it and work myself back up to the lifting I was doing back when I was doing Crossfit with Adam! 

Hiking is very relaxing for me, I get a lot of fresh air, I can take in everything around me with pictures and video and just have no distractions around me. Just me and the wind blowing through the trees really! 

I thought that if I blogged this it will hold myself accountable, because I am telling a mass audience it will be my motivation to inspire and stick to it. 

I found a gym partner who works the same kind of schedule I do and she’s equally inspiring. So I’m pretty excited to get this started. I want to get a “walking” group started… you know just a bunch of friends who go for a long walk a few times a week or a hiking group, people who love to be one with nature who aren’t afraid to get a little muddy OR even people who just love to take pictures and want to come. I think that would be amazing to get some groups together to do that stuff (if anyones interested let me know and we can make it happen)!

So as I’m sitting here writing this I have to get ready for work, because I have to get Mac from school  before I start #MomLife BUT I hope you guys liked this little blurb and hopefully I can write a little more to you guys in future weeks!

Thanks guys
Christina 😀


~ by Christina Sears on September 25, 2015.

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