A Reading With a Medium

HEY GUYS!!!! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on my blog (wow… I think i start off every written blog like that). I’ve been having a lot of fun creating vlogs and uploading them to my facebook page and my youtube channel over the last little bit. But I am going to be honest I really love writing to you guys, those of you who have followed me and my stuff know I love to write and I’ve always felt its an easy way for me to get my point across! If your brand new and reading this no worries you’re not missing much, but for those of you who continue to follow me each week you might remember me posting a vlog about going to St. Catharines to talk with a Medium in the area. Like I’ve said the first time I wrote about an experience like this I’m not trying to convince ANYONE, or tell them what they should or should not believe. I’m only talking about MY EXPERIENCE and how I FELT. If you have had similar experiences by all means please please share them with me, if you are a spiritual person I would love to hear about it, if you are on the fence that’s okay too and if you DO NOT BELIVE in any of this I respect that but in the same sense I would hope you could respect what I am about to write about my experience as well.


I realized after I uploaded the St.Catharine’s Vlog that I actually didn’t talk much about my reading and how it went. I do have my reading recorded however I haven’t figured out how to transfer it from my phone (the app I used is called “Parrot”) and put it onto the computer for everyone to hear. The reading I had was about an hour or so, with an older lady who is 65 and has seen spirit since she was 16 years old. She’s got a cute accent and such a positive calming look on life. Prior to my reading a friend of mine had went in before me. I guess the outcome wasn’t the one she had hoped for due to some negative energy or something.


As I sat down with this women she said “your really going to make really good marriage material and mother material”. I laughed simply because with everything going on over the last two years on top of my brother and two cousins getting married I haven’t gave it much thought. HOWEVER those around me have…. (you all know who you are haha GUILTY!!) I’ve never met this women and to bring “mother material” up right away was sort of an “ah ha” moment for me. Considering I’m supporting Steven in his decision to raise McKayla as his own and ensure she is well taken care of, structured, and reaches for every goal and dream she has. Making that decision last year was one I didn’t have to think about really its something you just DO however it wasn’t easy either. Raising someone else’s child is hit or miss you will always have those around you who think “i could do better, you don’t know what your doing yadda yadda” AND obviously my family has worries as well (which I feel is normal). the women also told me to stay as I was… Which meant a lot to me because I feel like I’ve gone thorough this journey of life up to this point and every step I took, every experience I’ve encountered, people I’ve met have really shaped me into who I am, and regardless of what anyone else thinks I’m pretty happy with who that person is and confident in the person I’ve become.


This women said to me” your more grounded…” she then let out a little laugh and said “your nan says it’s because she talks to you and you listen.” My nonna’s is still very much alive, and I’ve never really had any other spirits around me in other readings other then my male guide as well as three-four children spirits that also have come to my readings. So when she said “your nan” the only women I could think of was “Nanny…” which is what EVERYONE called my dad’s mother (whom I have never met). She passed away when my dad was 15 years old but from what I heard she was an extraordinary women.


I’m lucky I think both of my grandmothers are amazing people and I’m so blessed to have that. she was describing the spirits that were around me and she said “the man over there he is probably just older then I am” and I never thought about it at the time, but my Babbo (my mothers father) would be just a smidge older then her in his 80’s! Since he’s never appeared at any of my readings I didn’t give it much thought. I then had to shuffle a deck of cards and cut it into different parts as she asked. While I was doing this she was saying a prayer (as she is a catholic women). She told me that as she was saying her prayer the older women was saying “amen, amen, amen” made me laugh a little. she started talking about my aura. Now from what I have read the meaning of Aura is different to many people. BUT in this sense the Aura is formed by subtle colour radiances which surround the body of a human being. These radiances can be perceived by a psychic/medium.


Each colour signifies a certain vibration which has different meanings. She started off by telling me I’m going to grow to be a VERY spiritual women, and that God has work for me to do. She says: “When your older I think you will be very involved with its either church league.. its a religious attached, a soup kitchen etc…” I smiled because I am all for helping people recently I helped a family who lost everything by just rallying up some of my co-workers to donate clothes and such and we were able to pack 5 great big boxes for these girls and their family. I also have donated and supported different causes just to help people out. I don’t do it for the spotlight I do it because if I can relieve someone of some stress for a short period (or a long period) why not do it? Hopefully it will inspire them to pay it forward to the next person. She said there were a lot of blue by my ears, eyes and mouth and said its great for listening, observing and speaking.


She said the circles of light that go around my Aura mean i’m giving off a lot of love, ease and energy which is beautiful to see. she briefly mentioned after the talk about my Aura that : “Your going to have a child that travels a lot eh.. its funny to see that now.” She mentioned that water has a spiritual meaning to me, whenever i’m mad or upset I need to sit by a stream, a waterfall, a river etc. It calms me she said. It was another “ah ha” moment for me because I do go hiking (especially around water and waterfalls) to just realx and get a sense of calm and lose myself in my thoughts so i’m better prepared for whatever decision I come to. She was also the SECOND medium to tell me that flowing water has a spiritual meaning for me. She said whenever I need to make decisions to go to a body of water to calm myself and get a better grasp on the decisions I have to make. She said it makes my sense more heightened. She said I will make decisions, I will make decisions to work with negative things, I will be loved, and I would live to experience a lot of my hopes and dreams. She said ‘the man that you love is the man that you grow old with.” SHE did say there was another man who loves me, however the man I LOVE will be the man I grow old with.


It was another “AH HA” moment for me as well. I will put down FIRM roots in my marriage, she said it will work because there will be much love and great communication. Steven and I have worked VERY hard on our communication and I’m happy to say we are able to discuss things especially now when it comes to raising McKayla and what is in her best interests. There is a lot of communication and work involved in keeping a successful relationship that’s for sure. She asked to see the inside of my hand (which one other medium had also requested during one of my readings.) She showed me a specific line on my left hand that shows I am very intuitive and I should be able to communicate with spirit. At that point I told her I was trying, because clearly like the other two Mediums I had seen she was telling me the same thing about my spirituality. She also showed me another portion of my hand which had to do with my life,and she said at this point (and she pointed to a cross in the line) I would make a life changing decision. She said I will be living my life and helping people though things in their life which was another “AH HA” moment because I’ve had some people personally write me on how I HAVE inspired them in some way shape or form, and one of my girlfriends and I during a good chat over coffee expressed to me that I clearly don’t know the impact I make on people’s lives (which made me tear up) because I actually never stopped to really think that.


I just always treated people the way I would like to be treated (something my grade 5 teacher drilled into my head ha). Her father was at the reading in spirit and she says to me “My father says keep at it and you will grow in your work.” She said that the cards showed a “work person” giving me opportunity, and that opportunity will lead to more money. Another card she pulled talked about “man in spirit” and in my first reading I found out I had a spirit guide, one who is very strong and he knew that I could communicate and has been patient enough to wait and help me get to the point where I can clearly communicate with him on a regular bases like some of the mediums do. The second medium I saw told me he was much older then the spirits in the room we were in (which had a lot of other mediums as well) and now this women is talking about a “man in spirit”. quite interesting to say the least. She asked if there was a man in spirit in the room with us, and he stepped forward and made himself known. She said that “he’s here to protect you and make sure that I only have minimal problems.” AGAIN I know he’s here to protect me and watch over me. Call me crazy (and this is where I think most people would think I was crazy) BUT… I have felt some kind of force around me when there are people in my life who may seem nice to my face but certainly have other words to say about me behind my back and I know who these people are because he makes me open my eyes and observe these people.


He communicates with me through heat and whenever there is someone around who he feels isn’t the best person he makes me feel heat on my face and ears so intense it feels like someone is pressing a hot iron or holding a flame to my face. He also warns me when I am talking to people if he feels maybe I shouldn’t talk about something with someone he also creates the same kind of heat. (THINK I’M CRAZY NOW? PROBABLY… BUT AT LEAST I’M BEING HONEST WITH MY EXPERIENCES)! She showed me the number three and said it’s paired up with a time frame that had to do with marriage. It could mean three days, three weeks, three months, three years etc… When it comes to timeframes and such about marriage I sort of take all that with a grain of salt. Some people let it impact their thinking I just look at something like this as a heads up. Although I believe in the spiritual aspect of things I don’t try and take anything out of context or look into it more then what it is. She said “in the next few years love is going to happen” and her father said for “me to stay as I am, and don’t change, that I’m a good women and if he didn’t know it he would think I was irish..” not really sure what he meant about the irish part BUT I do wear an Irish Claddagh ring on my right hand with the heart to me. When I went to a physic/medium convention a lady told me the story behind the Claddagh ring and I fell in love with it and had to have it. I had it on during this reading… which would explain the “irish comment.”


She told me I must not doubt, that there WILL be a marriage! i will be marrying an honorable man. She started talking about my work place and said I am going to be very busy. I will be very busy at work and they will be happy with me and I will be happy with them. Another card showed me my nan, and when she started to talk about her I felt this coldness on my back almost as if she put her hand on my back to let me know she was there. She said that she will journey with me all of my life. She talked a little about steve and how he was with a women that wasn’t for him, his back is turned to her. I know that steven saw other people (as did i when we were not together). AND I know that they were not for him as the people I saw were not for me because it always came back to us. She said he is the kind of man a lot of women would like but he is my soul mate. she talked about an old man that wasn’t well, she said I would know of an old man who isn’t well and he is sick with something that you will have for a long time. Something that just goes on and on, and said that he needs to take care of it she said he is a young old man and he wants to be an old old man. She said I was very wise for my years… I giggled at that made me feel a little old.

She said that “he” meaning steven will make a decision and there will be a SURPRISE right after. She said that I will feel much love and be static (hmmm proposal perhaps ha) She told me I was going to have a lovely home which was interesting to me because I’ve dreamt of the home she was describing to me. She said I was going to have busy children but I wont have a big family, she sees only two angels above my head. I think there were only two angels because I feel I’m only going to have two children and then of course we will have McKayla. She asked me who are all the children that are attached with me now and I said i’m not sure but she said there are children attached to me now which came up in my last reading with a hamilton based medium. She asked me if I worked with children (which I don’t) but my mother does and I’m wondering if that is why she had asked me. She said that there is someone who I have affection/feelings for will have some kind of tragedy.


She felt strongly that it was the girl that was in before me. Something will be very devastating for her. She mentioned I was going to make important decisions about change and life and laughed. She said I’m going to have a child that is going to love water, who will be highly intelligent child with full hopes and dreams. She said my kids are going to be good kids but said I’m going to have to have money because what my kids are going to want to do is going to require a lot of money for education. She said I’m going to do a lot of traveling over oceans and her father spoke up and said “be patient dear rome wasn’t built in day.” She said there is going to be growth in the work place and that they are happy with me and that the opportunity will require more but I will get paid more and her father said “don’t worry you can cope.. you can cope…”


She let out a big chuckle and said she poked her on her back and said “ there are a lot of surprise is this small parcel that is sitting in front of you.” we both laughed because that was the first time IN MY LIFE someone called me a SMALL PARCEL haha! She said my kids are going to make me proud and I will be very involved in what they do. I’m going to be very supportive of them and they are going to do well. They are going to have lots of friends around them. She said one of my kids is going to be interested in art and asked if there was anyone in my family who was artsy… which my dad and my brother anthony both are. She said my children are going to want to study and that my “nanna” will always be with them to watch over them. She said i’m either going to have twins or I’m going to have my kids very close together she was the third medium to tell me that.


She said my kids are going to be pretty brainy. One of them will be into politics or law. Very interested in the state of the country and what is happening and will be from a young age. My pops came into my reading she said “he’s not very happy with him self.” She said that he was above me which meant i need to be supportive with him. And that I will be surprised because life is going to change which means he’s going to change because of my support and I want him to have a long life. She told me that he’s got to watch his blood pressure and his sugar! She wanted to see a picture of steven because she said he will be talking to me about marriage and wanted to see what he looked like. When I showed her the picture of steve she immediately laughed and said “if you don’t want him I will have him.” She said he is a super guy and his eyes look directly at me and he can’t keep secrets. Its hard for him to keep a secret from me. She said he knows what he wants he has a strong jaw which means he has a strong personality. She said she liked that his eyes were open because it meant he was a very honest man and his ears are good for listening and if we have children that the kids can talk to their dad. She said we are two half’s of a while and said we are beautiful.


She said Steve wants to build foundations. She said at his job he is the one that does the talking. She said steve would take a bullet for me which means he will always be protecting me from anything bad that happens. She said steven will be more successful then myself, and we will be well off and doing okay in our lives. Her father said “not just money in the bank fixes assets” she said steven will own properties. She said our home WILL have to have an office. And I must make sure that all he does I watch he doesn’t stress too much. Steve will make wise decisions BUT he will always tell me about them. If he takes partners in his business he must be the main guy! She said there will be some stage of my life i will be looking at plans… but she doesn’t know if its building something or what… BUT what she didn’t know is that when I retire or maybe even in my earlier years I want to build and create a B and B!!! She said I won’t have to worry about the big “c” which meant cancer and that most people are worried about cancer… weird how that would come up… but she did say when i’m older I will have issues with my bones! She said at one stage i will have a surgery but it will be a regular surgery (tying tubes, etc) I won’t have to worry it won’t be cancer. She said that I will give advice to many children. She said my mom will have problems with her hip and has to watch when she’s going down stairs and her fathers spirit asked “has she fallen yet”. So during my experience like I’ve explained I had a lot of my own personal “AH HA” moments… and like I said in the beginning you don’t have to believe what I’m saying and if you believe it I want to hear your experiences.


I started talking about my grandfather who passed away and she laughed and said he stepped forward and said “that’s me”. It touched my heart to know he came to visit!!!! 

I have great spiritual guidance that surrounds me everyday and I’m fortunate for that. BUT none of what I was told is going to change the way I think or feel, I always look at it as a heads up, a suggestion, a perspective to keep in mind. I to filter some with a grain of salt of course. Please place in the comments about your experience I would love to hear them


Thanks for reading Christina


~ by Christina Sears on May 13, 2014.

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