No Ring Yet.. WHY I don’t Care!

It’s been awhile since I actually had a second to sit down and write something. I think the last blog I wrote was about a friend of mine and her trying to raise money for her pup who has an eye issue he needed to have surgery on!! Good news she was able to raise the one thanks to everyone who supported her and bought hats/scarves/baby blankets etc from her. The word spread so much that even though she was able to book the surgery and have the money for her pup people still WANT her stuff. I guess the best gift is one that a lot of time and effort goes into, you can’t buy those things in a store really. I want to personally thank EVERYONE who contacted me about how they can contribute AND thanks for spreading the word and giving her even more orders and spreading the word about her work!

 Like I said, life has been pretty crazy! I moved back into Hamilton for my job which I couldn’t be happier about. I am now much much closer to McKayla’s school incase anything happens I’m the closest to her to go and get her!! I didn’t think being close to home would be something I missed but when you have a child, everything seems to change including the way you think and see certain things. It’s like that child opens up your mind just a little bit more and gives you more food for thought. It’s pretty crazy how a little being can just change you!!!

 A lot of people have asked about McKayla’s sisters Gabby and Bella, and if they are able to all play together yet and we are still currently working on it. Hopefully in the new year this whole thing will be resolved and McKayla can have back a part of her life that I know she really misses. She talks about her sisters all the time and we are so prepared to have them around, and she can’t wait to share everything we got the the girls at the house to make them feel right at home!!! We have saved all our gifts from easter and their birthdays and kept them at the house and Steven and I put money into their trust account as much as we can so we can give all the girls a great education. Of course we are preparing for when we have our own that way we can provide those opportunities for all of them.

 Recently I’ve had a lot of my family get married, one after the other it seemed (haha)! I wrote about the politics of weddings after reading an article about a women who was completely rude to a guest for giving them a gift basket as a wedding gift. Since the weddings Steven and I have been under the microscope consistently being asked “do you know when your getting married, do you have a feeling its in the next few years, where’s her ring, bla bla bla.” Some have even asked me if it gets to me that I have/am contributing so much with everything over this last year and I don’t have an engagement ring and do I feel like I’m being taken advantage of in the sense that he can get comfy and not get me a ring because I’m already doing so much without one as it is. 

 I can’t help but shrug my shoulders… I don’t know when I’m being purposed to, I don’t have a time line, I don’t have a CLUE to be honest. What I do know is that I’m so incredibly happy for the family members that have walked down the isle recently, but in now way, shape or form am I jealous or feel left behind. 

 Everyone has their own story and like I’ve mentioned this is my backwards approach on things they will soon experience in their life. 

 I don’t have the ring, or the house…. however I have one of the best gifts I could have been given this year and that was someone’s blessing on their death bed to take care of her children with the confidence that I could raise them as she would. I’ve got to see my boyfriend in so many more lights then some newly weds. I’ve heard you really get to know someone when you live with them, pay bills with them, etc… I may not live with my boyfriend but we have experience that financial distress and had to talk about how we would tackle it, how it would effect us and our decisions. NO we didn’t agree on everything but we worked it out and we did the best we could with what we had. We were able to work out a big loss in his family, and when he stepped up to the plate to take care of and “father” this little girl I was standing beside him. I had the option to be involved or walk away… and there was no way I was walking out on someone who has stood strongly beside me over the last 13 years. 

 Most recently I have seen my boyfriend in “father mode.” Everyday I get a picture of what my life would be like when and if we have children on my own. Although we were both brought up differently, we do discuss our differences in parenting and try and come to a medium. SO no I’m not upset that I don’t have a ring on my finger because GOD blessed me with an open window… a picture of what my life is going to be like when I do get that ring, I already know what I’m saying YES too and I don’t have to hope for the best because I know life’s already thrown at us some of the most toughest of situations and guess what… WE are still standing.

 I’ve learned this year how strong and thick my family roots are! My family has been such a great support for me, they have all given me advice, and genuine opinions of situations but at the end of the day they let me make my decision and let me make my mistakes and were there when I needed help getting back up. My friends have been fantastic too, I mean I don’t have 400000 best friends… but the close circle I have is good enough for me. That’s all you really need!!!

 I feel so complete and a ring would just be the icing on the cake!!! McKayla has already decided that her sisters and her WILL be my flower girls and she wants to have a big white princess dress like me and her sisters too!!! 

 I’m so excited to experience my first Christmas with Mac and my only wish would be for her to wake up Christmas Day and be able to spend time with her sisters. Last year Stephanie was SO SO SO proud of all the Christmas shopping she did and even had the longest receipt I have ever seen. She pulled it out of her purse at the hospital and we laughed. She filled the fridge with all the yummy things the kids loved, and filled under the tree with anything she thought they would love. I can only hope to do the same thing. Of course the other girls gifts will be waiting for them at the house for when they hopefully are able to come over and visit!! 

 A lot has been going on, I wish I could write more but like any parent knows its hard to sit down and pee never mind write your thoughts down in a blog!!! haha!



~ by Christina Sears on November 27, 2013.

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