Oggi’s Cause

I'm Rockin my new hat! bought the same for Mac

I’m Rockin my new hat! bought the same for Mac

So a few weeks ago I went to my god son’s birthday party and a friend of mine from high school was there. This girl and I were pretty close we hung out all the time and probably got up to some stupid stuff back in the day. Nothing against the law or dangerous more like laughing about stupid things and just being a couple of funny people when together. We were catching up and I was SHOCKED to hear about how crazy her last few years have been. I thought my life got crazy over this year with Steven’s sister passing away, and us taking care of Mac BUT she definitely takes the cake. 

She’s my age (so 28 years old) and she’s already had a stroke which was brought on by blood clots (which were caused by her birth control). INSANE RIGHT? How about not being able to work because your too much at risk to be in that environment, and how about being told that not only can you not work but you will not be able to have a baby of your own. I couldn’t imagine being 28 and married and wanting to start a family but because of everything that has happened and it puts you at a huge risk if you decided to conceive. 

You can imagine how hard that could be on someone, her husband being the sweet heart he was got her an english bulldog to keep her company and bring her spirits up when she was really sick and dealing with everything. This dog was something that comfort her in his own little way when he sensed she wasn’t having a good day he was just a good friend. 

Anyone who has a pet (never mind a dog) knows how a pet can become part of your family. It’s someone who is excited to see you everyday, wants your attention everyday, wants to play, and always seems to be in good spirits. Not to mention aways has a ear to listen, even if they stare at you with this “I have no idea what your talking about but can I have a treat still” face haha!!

Oggi (her english bulldog) has developed Cherry Eye, its pretty common in that breed of dog as well as Newfoundlands, Cocker Spaniels, Shar-Peis, Shih Tzu, Beagles, Pekingese and a few others. It is not a life threatening condition HOWEVER if it is left untreated it can cause your pup major eye problems later on. 

MEET OGGI the English Bulldog

MEET OGGI the English Bulldog

A dog’s eye has three eyelids: an upper and lower lid, as well as a third eyelid we don’t really see. The theirs eyelid is to give added protection to the dogs eye. It acts as sort of a wipe to help keep the eye clear of dust and debris and has a tear gland that produces around 35% of the moisture to the dog’s eye. 

Now, if the third eyelid slips out of place and bulges you will see a red or pinkish blob, and that bulge is the Cherry Eye. It’s not really clear WHY this eyelid slips out of place but if it happens in one eye, more then likely it will happen in the other. It’s possible for Cherry Eye to correct itself in a few weeks however the longer the eyelid is popped out of place the more swelling there is and the more problems it can lead to later on.

They recommend that if your dog has Cherry Eye they encourage you to consider having it corrected surgically. Even when the dog has the surgery owners STILL have to watch out that their dog does not develop dry eye.

Anyone who has a pet KNOWS that these surgeries don’t come cheap, and with everything my friend and her husband has had to endure over the last few years with her health (and trying to go through fertility doctors to have a baby) the money just isn’t there. BUT this dog is a big part of her life, and has been there through the hardest times.  So instead of dwelling on it she’s decided to crochet hats, slippers, and scarves to save some extra money for Oggi’s Surgery. So she doesn’t have to wait as long to get it done and it can speed up the process.

I’ve baked cookies and cupcakes to raise money for some great causes but what she is doing is far more creative and I thought that they were such a fantastic idea especially with Christmas and fall/winter around the corner. These things are fit for anyone, she can do a lot of different colours and styles. They could make fantastic stocking stuffers, cute little gift ideas, the scarves could be great for bridal shower gifts etc. The slippers you could have for when company comes over keeps their feet nice and toasty! 

Oggi's Cherry Eye :( Looks Painful

Oggi’s Cherry Eye 😦 Looks Painful

If I can help her reach her goal I’m going to try and do that because that’s what friends are for and I know how it felt when Steve and I lost Sparky (Steven’s Golden Retriever). It was hard to not be able to save him, and with my friends dog it’s reversible with surgery!! Oggi’s done so much for her and has helped her keep going and I know she wants to make his days a little easier without the pain of his eye. 

Scarves & Hats are $15.00

Slippers are $10.00

She also crochets baby blanks as well, if you are curious about colours sizes etc… feel free to post your questions and I can definitely answer them for you or you can email me at searstina@hotmail.com 

Help me Help her reach her goal and get this surgery for Oggi!

Please re-post my blog to get the word out and visit my Facebook Page for updated pictures of new colours/styles she’s done for people just look for Oggi’s Cause in the Photo’s!!!!




HATS: $15.00


SCARVES: $15.00


HATS: $15.00


SLIPPERS: $10.00


SCARVES: $15.00


HATS: $15.00


HATS: $15.00


SCARVES: $15.00


~ by Christina Sears on September 29, 2013.

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