French Cafe Cupcakes

945217_10151388253570563_1894457766_nI was searching high and low for a cool looking and yummy tasting cupcake to make for McKayla’s French Cafe at school. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make all I knew is that it had to be nut free and I wanted it to catch the taste buds and attention of the students at her school. After all, the money raised was going back into activities for the school so I really wanted it to be something great. 

I think being involved with the school and its events is one of my most favorite things having McKayla now, I can’t wait for the other two girls to be in school so I can be just as involved in their school events. PLUS I truly feel if I”m involved McKayla (and her sisters) will know I support them in anyway I can. 

So I saw an idea online for a cupcake and kind of tried to make it my own. I did two versions I did pink icing (bubblegum flavoured) and I did blue icing (cotton candy flavoured).

Ashley assisted me with the cupcakes she was able to pipe on the “cloud icing” so I could place the rainbows. ALSO she made sure the cotton candy was mixed just perfectly!!! That icing took us longer then the cupcakes (lots of TLC went into the cotton candy icing let me tell you)!

Steven and I tried to find “french inspired” things for Mac to wear, and we found this cute droopy hat and we picked it up for her to wear the day of the cafe. Kids were allowed to not wear their uniforms and were encouraged to wear white, red and blue colours. 

That morning her and I woke up extra early to fix her hair real nice and I painted her nails blue red and white (and her toes)! We put on her hello kitty sandals so her toes would show. She 255447_10151389142325563_289185842_nlooked so cute going into school. She wasn’t too sure about the hat she said she thought she looked funny, I told her she looks like the coolest kid and sooooo beautiful. OF course the teacher and everyone else told her how cute she looked so she felt on top of the world. It was such a great feeling to know she was excited and felt good about the day.

I brought in my cupcakes that morning because they were setting up the cafe. As I was walking up to the doors of the school Steven says “are you scoping out your competition” I was like “OF COURSE.” He was pointing out some things people were walking by with that looked cool and kept saying “oh… theirs might look better” and I said… “MINE have RAINBOWS.” 

Walking through the school teachers and students were saying how amazing my cupcakes looked I was happy about that. When I got them to the gym the lady says “these are definitely worth a dollar.” 

549016_10151389206565563_1478911493_nWhen we went to the school to join Mac for her french cafe MY CUPCAKES WERE GONE! I mean the cafe probably opened around 10ish I would assume and we were there at 12:45 and allllllllllll the cupcakes I baked were completely gone I was shocked but it felt good to know that the kids totally loved them. She had such a great day at school AND she won a basket. She wanted to share it with her sisters so the basket is with the rest of the stuff we have got her sisters. We are just waiting to be able to see them to give it to them. She’s been pretty patient with waiting to see her sisters but she asks all the time and there is only so much you can say to a 4 year old, not to mention she’s pretty smart. She brags and talks about her sisters all the time, tells me a lot of stories about her mommy and sisters its nice to know she loves them so much. I can’t wait for them to be able to hang out!!! 


~ by Christina Sears on May 30, 2013.

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  1. love reading you.r blogs this was also a good one with pictures and all, man u can see the difference in Mac since both of you guys been taking over, and I must say an excellent job, well done, thank you so much for putting yourself out for Stephanie and the children, God Bless all of u


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