McKayla’s Reward Jar

923154_10151366368455563_1985686650_nWatching my mom work in the child care profession has helped me notice different behaviors in McKayla. I started to notice that since her life was pretty all over the place due to her mom being sick and staying with this person and that person in the beginning (like her sisters were) it looks like she’s learned who she can get away with stuff with and who she can’t. Who will eventually give her, her way and who won’t. 

We let her go to her Nonno’s house for the weekend to spend some time with him and hang out with her friends in the area and we were told she was being really difficult over the weekend. She refused to eat whatever he made her and only wanted to eat cereal.  He obviously didn’t want her to go with nothing so he gave her what he know she would eat. 

The day we got her back she was eating dinner with us and just refused to eat period. She was holding food in her cheeks and just was being difficult. We never let her spit out what she had sitting in her cheeks we made her finish that but it was bed early that night.

I started looking online and came across this incentive jar that I thought might be a good idea to try with her. I was explaining to her that she was going to have privileges taken away from her because she was being bad and she asked why and I explained how in life people have to earn and work for things. I gave her examples of things people can earn and how they do it. So when I found this jar it sort of went along with what I feel reinforced my discussion with her over the dinner table about earning things.

I found this idea on pintrest, and the purpose for it is to focus on the GOOD things she does and reward her. I got a fishbowl and bought some fun pink stickers from the dollar store to write “McKayla’s Reward Jar” on it. She picked out the stickers and we stuck them on together and created this jar. Zio Steven cut a sponge fabric and placed it at the bottom of the bowl because it was glass and the marbles I bought were also glass. I couldn’t find any cool colour marbles so I  bought blue and white ones (2 bags). I’m not sure how many comes in a bag but it almost fills this fish bowl I bought. 

SO Zio Steven and I explained to McKayla that every time she does something she is suppose to without giving us a hard time she gets a marble. When ALLLLL the marbles are in her jar she gets a reward. We explained it can be a trip 485444_10151366368860563_2019633056_nsomewhere (ie the park, out to eat etc…” it can be a toy, or something new. I also told her that if she was bad we would take the marbles out and explained that if you don’t work hard to keep up the things you’ve earned you can lose them (just like in life). Some said maybe we shouldn’t take the marbles out but I feel like she’ snot a dumb girl and she will catch on that she can be bad and she won’t lose marbles she just won’t get any others to add. The whole point of this was to ensure she knew how to earn and work for things and know she’s got to always go it because in life if you don’t work hard and you drop the ball you lose things just as fast as you earn them. I don’t want her to scam to get what she wants to manipulate I want her to work hard and feel good when she finally achieves something she works hard for. I know this is something small but when they are this young YOU are in charge of shaping and moulding their brain. 

We started the jar on and so far so good. So far she has 12 marbles in her jar and she counts them every morning after breakfast. When she does things she’s suppose to we tell her how many marbles she can have and she takes them out of the marble container and puts them in her fish bowl. I also hope in the process it motivates her, I want her to want to do things, and want to be great. 

She also had picture day today, her mom didn’t order prints when she first had pictures done earlier this year probably because she was just so stressed and busy taking care of everything else with no help around the house it probably slipped her mind. So Spring Picture day was today and I really wanted her to look cute so we can hand out pictures to everyone since they were missed the last time. She wanted to wear her purple dress and “her high heels” as she would say!!! 

Today was also the book fair, all the parents/guardians were able to go to the school and buy the books their kids had seen. We called up Christina to see if she wanted to come with us and we all went together. McKayla and Lucas showed us where their library was and then showed us the books they wanted. So we bought everything and then obviously Steven and I saw some other books and picked them up too because we try and read to McKayla every night before she goes to bed. She’s starting to really recognize words and does read a long with us. I was looking for Robert Munch his books are

ALLLL ready for Picture Day!!!

ALLLL ready for Picture Day!!!

really fantastic, and I found one called “Alligator Baby.” I’m excited to read them with her. We also saw a Tinkerball Poster which matches her room SO we picked that up too for behind her door and stuff.

See how the jar pans out, it’s only week one!! I want to pick up some stuff over the weekend if it’s nice and maybe paint some planters and plant some stuff with her. I told her we should make googly eye rocks for the harden or rock feet. She’s toally down to hunt down some rocks with me. Just need to pick up some glue and we are alllllll set!!! 


Here is the Pintrest Link Where I found the Jar
Here is an Article about the 5 Most Common (and Fixable) Feeding Mistakes Parents Make article that caught my attention too!!

~ by Christina Sears on May 2, 2013.

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  1. great idea, she looks devine for her picture, and she will have a blast decorating the rest of her room with u, and she’ll feel proud of it, because she helped. great job guys


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