Meet McKayla

11472_10151354230515563_87317592_nI want you to meet McKayla

McKayla is a four year old (five in August) ball of fire! She’s in JK and her best friend is Lucas. She loves the colours purple and pink (they were her mommy’s favourite colours) and she loves her sisters. McKayla loves anything Hello Kitty and she loves to ask questions. If your talking to her some of her famous lines are “what does that mean,” “and then what,” and “can I see.”

Nothing gets past this girl and she usually retains a lot of the information you tell her. She’s very smart for four and is definitely aware of her surroundings!

Although her Nonno and Zia Melissa were doing a fantastic job having her stay there during the week (due to school) Steven and I felt it was important to have McKayla come and stay with us. I remember having a conversation telling Steven that we will be the ones to raise her so we have to start setting the expectation and structure according to US and what we need because soon it will just be us and her.

So we started to create a space for McKayla, one she can call her own so she knows she does have a home and won’t feel like she doesn’t really have anywhere to go. I mean so far what these 417891_10151366435720563_1847994367_ngirls have been through is a bit much and I’m sure most adults wouldn’t handle it as well as McKayla (and her sisters) have. My goal was to surround her with love and a comfy place where she feels just at peace (like she did when she was with her mommy).

Steven and I went to Ikea and picked out some pink and white furnature for her room. For two people who have never had kids to do this is pretty funny and sometimes I wish I could have vlogged it. The discussions we would have about a certain piece I swear we were in ikea for hours. We ended up picking up an armoire that had a place to obviously hang her clothes, a shelf on the top (where we put her shoes), and three drawers. The long big doors on the armoire are pink and the bottom drawers are white.

378216_10151354230175563_1674021885_nWe also bought this organizer where she can keep stuffed animals, books, colouring stuff etc… The frame is white and the bins are pink and white. Even though we were in ikea forever that wasn’t the hard part. The harder part was trying to decide on sheets. When you have two people who have different ideas its hard to sometimes come to a middle ground, I guess something we are going to have to learn a long the way when it comes to co-parenting McKayla. We came to a compromise and picked out tinkerbell sheets, it went with everything we had got, as well as had some of her favorite colours and they are pretty cute sheets.

We saw a purple rug and figured it would be nice to have that at the foot of her bed so she can slip on her slippers instead of having her feet on hard floor. If you ask McKayla what the difference between a rug and a carpet is she will be able to tell you. Zio Steven explained it to her!!!!

It was hard organizing her stuff, some of it was at his house and some was at his dads, before we could get the stuff from his dads we needed to know what he already had at his house and we had to wait 65632_10151354228465563_1042071095_nfor Steven’s mom to gather everything up because she had it in places in the house so that was her task before we could organize.

When the room was pretty much put together (minus the pictures we wanted to get) we unveiled the room to McKayla who’s reaction was “WHAT THEEEeeee” (another famous McKayla saying). I think that was one of the only nights she was like “can I go to bed now, is it time for bed.” She was showing EVERYONE her room anyone that came in she was like “Hey you want to see me new room.”

We recently got pictures printed for her room so she is surrounded by fantastic memories and of the people who love her. I never want her to feel like she is alone in this just because her mom is gone. Steven had a fantastic idea when we were looking around for stuff, he suggested we get the word LOVE and put that as a center point and around it put the pictures of her, her sisters, and her mom. He suggested white frames because it would pop on the wall (which are fushia purple). At first I was unsure how it would look but we still bought everything, including butterflies that stick on the wall.

To me and I know a lot of other people butterflies symbolize new life, its amazing how they ca-coon and then fight their way out of the ca-coon and fly away. I feel like this is a new beginning for us and McKayla.

In the picture frames there is a picture of her with her sisters one of her and Gabby, her and Bella and then a picture of her with her mom when she was born and another one with her and her sisters and her mom. It was taken when stephanie was sick (just after the first time she was in the hospital). I’m not sure if there was a lot of pictures of Stephanie with the girls, I only know of the ones I have, and was able to get before things got bad. I would ask the father of her other two kids but I’m sure he won’t pick up his phone or return the phone call which is fine, like I said we will just have to now do things on a different root.

311013_10151354228650563_1964207864_nOn another wall we are going to use these push pins we got at green earth and they have paperclips attached to them and we are going to do a collage of pictures and then butterflies too with them UNLESS we can find another cool word like FAMILY or something to use.

I gave away a lot of my stuffed animals to a womens shelter (for their kids) last year, but I kept some for McKayla and her sisters they were the ones that sort of had meaning to me that I wanted to give to them. McKayla has the stuffed animal steve gave me our first christmas dating back in like 2001 and in the pouch of the bear was a heart gold necklace (which i had no idea)! She has it sitting on her end table, and then I gave her a few of my small stuffies as well as a Kangaroo stuffed animal. Since Australia is a huge part of my life and its something that I was able to do and I absolutely love the country that stuffed animal means a lot to me also, so I wanted her to have it.

My best friends Ashley made a cute tinkerbell blanket for McKayla too. Leave it up to ashley to go the extra mile!!! At her baby shower I was saying she was so lucky to have a lot of hand made quilts and blankets for her baby and who amazing it is to have that stuff because it means more then something anyone can buy her. I guess she decided maybe McKayla should have the same thing!!!! So she made a fleece tinkerbell knot blanket for her. McKayla was so happy to have it and is excited for Ashley to have her baby!!!!

I think now I want to put a floating shelf on her wall so I can start getting books, McKayla loves to read with me before she goes to bed and its amazing to see how she is recognizing words. I help her 540718_10151363207860563_1973761736_nsound them out I can’t even explain the feeling I have when I read her a story and tuck her in. I love watching Steven tuck her in too, its a different side of him I get to see before I even get engaged.

Like I said we are working a little backwards but this is the path life gave to me and I intend to go down it and do the best I can. I have such a great support system which makes it an even easier transition.



~ by Christina Sears on May 1, 2013.

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  1. you guys are doing an incredible job, considering, you will be rewarded, when you meet her mom


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