Raped by 4 Women

PoliceFile_3.jpgI was listening to the morning show on Virgin Radio with Mad Dog and Maura, and they were talking about a news story about a 19 year old guy who was sexually assaulted by four females.

The women were all about 5’4 and about 200lbs (says the article), I guess they left with the guy after a night at the club.

Now, when talking about this story on air it was a bit of a lightened story, maybe because (like mentioned on the radio show) it’s a double standard. If it were a female sexually assaulted by four men I think the mood of the article would have been a bit different.

I know that it’s not all the time a guy comes forward saying “oh my girlfriend beat me” or “I was sexually assaulted”.  I feel like people assume men can handle their own and how can they LET someone just do that to them.  When it happens to a women its like they naturally assume money are the weaker of the sex which is why the articles and news stories on things like this involving women are a little more extreme.

What are your thoughts?

Here’s the Article




~ by Christina Sears on April 8, 2013.

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