Showers and Weddings

320040_10151337419295563_196667194_nLike I said in other blogs this year is FULL of baby’s and weddings, I have two only 4 weeks apart coming up later this summer but right now the showers, stags, and stag and does are approaching. Today was Alicia’s shower, it seems like not to long ago were we at Tania’s but it was ACTUALLY only 6 months ago. Time is just FLYING by its insane how fast things are coming up.

Alicia’s shower suited her, every picture, every piece of paper, right down to how on point (with times and activities). Alicia is very much like me and ensures there is a structure to anything she does, she makes sure to send out detailed emails and messages about the events and her expectations (as that is something I would do and have done).

Although this year is going to be a very expensive year with all these events coming up I am looking forward to seeing people like Alicia, Tania and my brother start this new chapter in their life. I’m also going to learn from their experiences and keep them in mind when I start my own journey (whenever that maybe.)

Alicia looked beautiful and she was glowing today as she should be. I felt honoured to be a part of her bridesmaid squad.

I believe when you pick your wedding party you should pick the people who have stood by you in one way or another and who will keep you calm in the stressful time of planning your wedding. They will be the people to have your back when dumb people are giving you grief, and when things go wrong they are there to make sure you keep it together.

So whenever I’m asked to be in a wedding party I always hope they are picking me for the right reasons not because they feel they have to, as I’m not one of those people who will get offended.

I’m glad everything went smoothly today!!!



~ by Christina Sears on April 7, 2013.

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