Babies Everywhere

Today was such a baby day, I never use to like going to baby showers, mostly because I never really had anything in common with most of the people going and because I never really liked a lot of the games played. I despise the game where you have to call people by their “baby name” or you lose clothes pins if you cross your legs and stuff. Just not my cup of tea, however I’m totally in love with the dirty diaper game!!! I know it sounds gross but guessing what kind of “poop looking substance” in a diaper is more realistic for a baby shower in my opinion!!!

Today was Ashley’s baby shower, I went knowing not one person but then realized I actually knew some faces. I didn’t know know them but I remember their faces and meeting them a few times. I was excited to go to this shower, mostly because I made my first diaper cake and it was for Ashley and I feel like she would have went over and beyond the call of duty for me if I were in her shoes.

I think the shower was perfect and suited her in very way. Her mom (and probably grandma) did a fantastic job with the planning and Ashley couldn’t have looked any happier. She looked so cute in her white shirt and green shrug, just glowing as she made her rounds to talk to people.

NOT only was today Ashley’s baby shower BUT Natasha went into labour, FINALLY the doctor took a stand and forced little keegan to come out of his warm little whom to meet the world. I was messaging Tasha all week saying “if you don’t message me when your having this kid we aren’t friends any more.” Obviously I was only joking BUT I was pretty excited for her to be ready to pop.

AND she did!!! He’s so cute, now Ashley is next she’s due next month. I swear everyone around me this year is spitting out a baby or getting married. Do I feel pressured? Not in the least bit I don’t mind sitting back and learning through everyone else. I can’t wait to meet Ashley and Mat’s little one!!!!




~ by Christina Sears on April 6, 2013.

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