BEDA DAY 5: Diaper Cake Tutorial from Diaper Cake Yoda

388652_10151335643090563_1392454267_nOne of my closest friends is having a baby shower this weekend, so of course how going, however I really wanted the gift to be special. I wanted it to be special because she’s always going the extra mile for me but not only me but everyone around her. I decided to try and get creative so on pintrest I went to look for unique ideas for baby shower stuff that I know she could appreciate.

I was determined to learn how to make a diaper cake, so I went to my friend Christina who is a diaper cake queen.  She told me what I needed and then left the rest up to me in terms of ribbon, what’s being stuffed in the cake, the colours being used etc…

SO I went over to her house and we started to roll 2 packages of diaper (84 in a pack), her little son handing us elastic bands as we chatted and rolled all these diapers  Then we started to form the cake. We made it a 4 tier cake (which I thought looked pretty massive). We added the fun ribbon and the baby items I bought like shampoos, cloths, mittens, booties etc. I also went to the dollar store and bought these cute little clothes pins that had little frogs on it and these butterfly wire things as decorations. I was sooo impressed with this cake and on the top Christina suggested flowers. SO I found these green (fake obviously) daisies to add to the top. I was so in love with this cake and I was so excited for Ashley to see it. I wanted to post the picture tooooo bad because I knew it was something she would love. BUT I wanted it to be a surprise for the shower SO I had to wait to post anything…

It was a great experience to make this cake, it was a great bonding experience to spend time with Christina doing something she loves to do and have her teach me her ways!!! She was like my diaper cake yoda  hahaha!!


I’m pretty sure this is how I’m going to do my baby gifts from now on!!! It allows me to be creative and put a lot more love and thought into the gift. I wish I could nit because I would totally make all my own stuff. Baby steps I’m really happy I know how to make a diaper cake now!!! I can’t wait till the next shower!!!




~ by Christina Sears on April 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “BEDA DAY 5: Diaper Cake Tutorial from Diaper Cake Yoda”

  1. This diaper cake is beautifully made. I want to buy one.


  2. Thank You I appreciate that!! It was my first one I ever made!!!


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