BEDA DAY 3: The Wedding Train!!!

282bd77f58c7c4adae154043e5539c8aI thought I would talk about weddings today since it seems everyone around me is either engaged to be married or just got married. I’ve had three in my family alone that are planning weddings and one got married not to long ago. I have my brothers and my cousins who are only a month a part if that. 

It’s been crazy because I have two of everything up until my brothers wedding in August. You would think I would feel a bit behind, all my friends/family getting married lots of them are having kids already, but surprisingly I”m not freaking out just yet. I’m actually sitting back and watching everything like a movie. I’m watching the do’s and don’ts of marriage and pregnancy!!!

It’s like a lesson before I go through it myself. 

I’ve learned that when choosing a wedding party you have to ensure it is the right people and by right people I don’t mean the people your “suppose” to pick because of the family tree line. I mean the people who are going to stand buy you every step of the way and when someone is stressing you out they take the bull by the horns and pretty much tell that person to f off so you don’t have too. They are the people who will go over and beyond their call of duty, they will try and keep you grounded and as less stressed as possible. 

I’ve learned that its YOUR DAY at the end of the day, and you don’t have to always do things by the book, its a new year, new time and you should plan your wedding and everything else to represent you. SO when someone walks into that room (whether it be your shower/wedding etc..) they can say “yup this is…. so and so.”!!

By helping plan I’ve also made side notes for myself for when my time comes to walk down a long aisle in shoes that will probably have me almost tripping at every step and a dress that I’m sure I will fall over. 

It’s been a learning experience just by being by the sides of the people who are getting married. I can tell you I don’t think I would be so nice, if I wanted something a certain way because it represented me or my husband to be I don’t think anyone would be able to alter my mind or change things.

I was shocked at how many rude people I had to deal with when it came to a stag and doe. Its a night of fun and to support the bride and groom, I feel that if that’s not why your there your better off sitting at home knitting someone christmas slippers because its for everyone to have a good time!!!

I’m not someone who can put on a polite face, especially when it has to do with my family. If I were getting married I wouldn’t be nice about who I’d invite to save face. If I haven’t seen you or heard from you in the last 5 years explain to me why you should be at my wedding? I mean if you live far away fine, but there are people who live far away that I talk to all the time and others who live close and I haven’t really heard or talked to them unless we bump into each other…. 

I don’t know I just don’t see a point. I’d really want the people who have been there in my life (especially since I started dating steve) from the beginning to be there. The people who know the fight it took to get to that alter… I feel those are the ones who would be touched more by the vows we say then any joe shmoe. 

Being in the back seat of this wedding train has definitely opened my eyes!! AND for that I thank ALLLLLL of you!!!



~ by Christina Sears on April 3, 2013.

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