BEDA DAY 2: My Ice Cream Addiction

55f3118394d374ae6bffb19ab188df57Anyone have that ONE comfort food that just puts you at ease no matter what’s happening?? If you know me you know I love dessert, I love to bake, I love to try new pastries etc… AND if you know me YOU already know that I think I have an addiction to ice cream.

Although, it has gotten better in the last year or so I remember one year I decided I was going to give up ice cream for an entire year. The year before I gave up fast food and was pretty successful SO I thought I was a champ after that and thought “hell I could do this n problem.” 

You know how long my sorry ass lasted? 3 months…. THATS IT and let me tell you those three months felt like a year! I swear I was smelling ice cream, and I had it on my brain ALLLLLL the time. My body went through the worse detox ever. You think i’m fibbing but I’m serious. I would get tired and cranky and feel a real low because I didn’t have my ice cream for the day!!! HAHA I didn’t even think that was possible!!!!!

Ice cream is my thing, if its in the house it doesn’t last long. Sometimes I will eat flavors I don’t even really care for just because it’s there. My ultimate favorite is Cotton Candy 6dcf493d54273653a2d2af086d714febFlavored from Hewitts in Hagersville. IF I can’t get out there to get a brick of that Cold Stone’s cotton candy flavor will do. 

When I got my wisdom teeth out I swear ice cream because a food group. I didn’t have to worry about food getting stuck in the holes in my gums where they dug out my teeth and I got to enjoy my favorite thing to eat. I can’t just settle for “A” scoop I usually have to get a 2 or 3 scooper. Whenever I go hiking with my dad it’s habit to go get ice cream after. When I’m in west end I usually hit up dyments farm they have a mom and pop market on the top of Syndenham Rd in Dundas and they sell hewitts!!! OR I usually hit up a baskin robbins in that area and I ALMOST always get the peanut butter ice cream!

I have a problem!!!

My mom bought these cute little cups for ice cream, it’s actually better that way because it controls my portion size. Instead of filling this massive bowl up with everything and creating my own sundae I have this cute little cup that sits about a scoop and a half and really that’s all I need. Even that can be too much!!!

I don’t know what it is… or where I get it from but when ice cream is around it doesn’t last that’s for sure. 

I remember when i was training really hard I couldn’t say no to ice cream especially in the summer it killed my diet!!! 

OH well I guess there could be worse addictions and at least I recognized that I have a problem but I’m sure there isn’t rehab for ice cream abusers like myself!! 

I think I want some ice cream now.. I’m pretty sure I have cookies and cream in the freezer 🙂 



~ by Christina Sears on April 2, 2013.

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