“BEDA” Day 1: The Prom-Posal

As I posted on my Facebook Page I was a little inspires by this VEDA thing! Are you saying “what the hell is VEDA” in your head as your reading this? I know that’s what I was saying when my friends Youtube feed popped up with the tag like #VEDA and then counted the days. It stands for “Vlog Everyday in April.” Kudos to my friend who is totally winging it however I don’t think I could post videos everyday of this month. ALTHOUGH I would totally love to, they would be quite boring i feel. SOOOO I’m going to try and BLOG instead! HOPEFULLY I can have some video pieces to add into these vlogs to make them less dry and pointless.

SO This is my “BEDA” DAY 1!!!

e8b063ca1b34b2f8f4dbe3a35590be31NOt to long ago I really felt my age, I mean I know when you look at me you don’t see someone who’s 28 I’m sure I usually get 18-21 MAX!!! SO You can imagine how I felt when I was at work and the MUCH MUCH younger girls I work with were talking about how a “Promo-Posal” happened at her school. She was showing the other girls a video via YouTube about it. 

I was like “a what” and they explained that APPARENTLY asking someone to prom is now this HUGE DEAL! I mean I’m sure it was a huge deal when I was in high school, but maybe I missed the part where it was like “in the movies big”. I was watching some of these on Youtube to better understand it all. What happens is, a guy asks a girl to prom but does it in this huge way. I feel like its equivalent to a marriage proposal. 

The girls explained how big a deal it was, and then told me how they are stressed they haven’t been asked etc.. I said “what happened to going with your girlfriends and having a blast” they were like “yeah I guess…”

I don’t know why girls today are so FIXED on having a boyfriend. I’m not going to sit here and say through high school I didn’t like boys or date or anything BUT I was never so hung up about NOT HAVING A BOYFRIEND that I thought my life was ruined and there was no where to go from there. I never had pitty parties about it? BUT today girls get SO depressed and begin to think there is something wrong with them. 

WHAT IS THE BIG FRIGGIN DEAL? I don’t get it? Why do you need a boyfriend in high school to feel loved? WHY do you need a boyfriend to make yourself feel wanted and good? Because your friends do? If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t have a boyfriend in high school, not that I missed out on anything but HIGH SCHOOL helps you discover who you are. It’s not the best years of your life they are the most confusing and your learning about yourself in the process. It an entirely new thing in your life… and these days high school is rough. 

If I could talk to teenage Christina… I would tell her to just go through high school being true to you and discover who you are and what your worth BECAUSE once you find that out NO ONE can bring you down from the cloud your on. 

SO this Idea of a prom-posal was interesting, I was wondering if anyone else knew this existed??? Here is a cute video I found on YouTube to explain what I mean!!! 



~ by Christina Sears on April 1, 2013.

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