The Things You Learn About People

IMG-20130108-00328A good friend of mine was messaging me today about how she was creating a  river rock mat. She’s one of the most creative beings I know (next to Ashley) and everything she does is simply breath taking. 

Over Christmas she got busy making these incredible wreaths, they were something you would see in a store only I think I would appreciate it more KNOWING she made it herself and a lot of effort and love went into the placement of every bulb on that wreath. 

She loves to paint and painted me this beautiful pink and light yellow  picture that says “believe it and you can achieve it,” it was so fitting and I appreciated it so much because that is something that I look at everyday and it reminds me that everything in life is within my control and I can do whatever I believe I can and won’t stop until I do.

Why I am talking about this because as we were chatting I was telling her about these rocks I have in my closet that are literally from 2005 or something when I went to Manitoulin (which is one of my most favorite places to be). That summer that I went I brought with  me a BOX of small zip lock bags and since I’m not much of an open water kind of girl I’m usually always on the beach close to the edge where the tide comes in picking rocks and shells out of the sand. 

HEY don’t judge me I know its a nerdy thing to do but its amazing some of the things you can find in the sand that have washed up on the shore from the water. Manitoulin has a lot of Native shops and people that live in the area, and I’m always fascinated with their hand crafted things and the meanings behind them. I noticed that a lot of them had jewelry and other things made out of the rocks that I was finding on the beach so I had it stuck in my head that, that was something I wanted to do. 

Needless to say I found some really cool rocks and things in the sand but packed them up and they have been sitting in my closet ever since. GO FIGURE, so IMG-20130107-00325when my friend was talking about this river rock mat I had mentioned these rocks I had. So i went into my closet and got the bag, there were a lot more then I originally thought. I probably spent a few days at the shore line picking out so many different rocks, some of them when they are wet are just amazing. I’m pretty sure I have some quarts and such in there as well. I put them in a thick sturdy box and took a picture for my friend she was in AWE of the amount I had and couldn’t believe I’ve had them that long. She offered to help me make something out of them, a picture frame or something I’m sure she will think about something awesome. 

Before I got to her next text she sent me about how she wants to make something out of shells, I had messaged her about the box of shells that I have that I collected or people brought back for me and when I showed her those she was overwhelmed. She then said “I’m learning a lot about you I didn’t know.”

What I don’t think anyone knows about me either is that I’m fascinated with post cards, where ever I go I’m always at the post card rack looking at all the different kinds. I feel its one of the best things you can buy someone when your on vacation for the simple fact that you thought enough about them to pick one out just for them. Your sending your thoughts from wherever you are. I just love them and they are inexpensive as well. In some gift shops you can pick up 10 post cards for a buck!!

IMG-20130107-00326I’ve always wanted to create my own post cards from the pictures that I have taken. In a way post cards are someone’s perspectives of some of the different places in a city. How they look at it, and I want that to be something I could do for fun. I have a stack of post cards from some amazing people who thought enough to bring me back a post card and wrote on the back about the places they went that were worth seeing and going, some bought me a few with the places they felt were the best because I can make my own travel book. 

I love to pick the brains of people who have traveled to some of the destinations that I want to go simply because they would know the places to go, what is good there, what is worth the money etc… It goes a longer way they reading it on some travel site its real people talking about real places and being genuine about it. That’s why I blog/vlog my trips if I can, to take you along and show you what I did, so you can see if it’s something you would be interested in… if it is… then I can tell you about it, if your curious about something else I’ve probably come across it when I was there so i can tell you about that too. 

Post cards also have these awesome random facts about places which are interesting to read. When I went to Australia I picked up a crap load of post cards, some had slang on them, some had info about places I went, some were just breath taking. 

I know I’m a nerd… there are three facts that you probably didn’t know about me that now you do! 

Why I thought this was blog worthy is because I’ve known this person since probably about six years now and she and her husband are probably two of my closest friends and an example of good things that come out of a crummy situation. BUT it is pretty fascinating how you can know someone for a long time and still get to know them everyday. 

Steve’s an example of that too there are things that I’m learning that I never knew and I’ve known him for at least 13 years. It’s crazy!

But those are the best friendships/relationships I feel! The ones that you continue to grow together you learn together, experience together etc…

Some of my closest friends I don’t see on a regular basis BUT conversations happen when life slows down, or a message here and there to say “IM ALIVE.” They are there regardless of how much you talk or don’t talk. Things just pick up where they last left off no awkward feelings or tension.

I love that once or twice a week I can get together for coffee with a group of friends and its never a dull moment. I love that once one person messages another for coffee it literally goes down the line. I woke up to four messages about coffee and its a good feeling because some of those people I don’t see everyday. Some are off having babies and working hard, my jobs been busy, and life just takes over sometimes. BUT the fact that no matter how crazy life can get as soon as there is a “coffee” text its like gothum calling batman (only we are calling each other to meet up) haha!!

Some friends I see more in the winter when work lays them off then I do in the summer, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get a message every so often making sure things are good or me sending some love their way. 

FOR ME I’d sooner have a handful of those friends then a bunch of friends who are pretty much fake to your face or get their undies in a bunch if you lose touch. I don’t know what goes through their mind its like there was an imaginary fight your not aware of so when you see each other its weird or comments are made BUT no solution is met. 

Sometimes at the end of the day its no ones fault things just happen that’s when you stop letting the stupid thoughts run through your mind and if you have an issue you should be able to call up your friend and say “hey this is how I feel.”

People are too touchy, some of my best friends have called me out on things as I have with them and honestly I respect them even more for doing it as I’m sure they do too. 

Look around you this year, if shit hit the fan in your life where would those “friends” of yours be standing? Because I know the people I have surrounded myself with at this point of my life WILL be on the front line with me ready to take on whatever they needed to, to help me get through something…. Can you say the same.

I’m looking forward to turning these rocks into something (better late then never).



~ by Christina Sears on January 8, 2013.

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