I Reached People in 109 Places in 2012!!!!

This is a late blog to kick off the new year, I wanted to blog a few times a week and make a point of trying to find something to talk about that maybe you all would want to read. So obviously I wanted to wish you all the best in 2013, clearly the world didn’t end so we should make the most of the time we have because someone out there doesn’t have that much time. Don’t take everyday for granted because somewhere out there someone is having an even worse day then you. 

203295370648880312_GKOaeTMY_cI received this interesting little breakdown of my blogging for 2012 based on just my wordpress posts alone. I’m a no-name girl from Hamilton who started this blog for a social journalism class back in college. I had to keep it updated with some kind of content and I worked with a journalist who’s advice to me was write what you know and cut the fluff. SO I decided to write about training, about fighters, about traveling, about food, about pretty much anything and everything I came across that I thought was interesting or thought maybe someone would want to read about (especially when I traveled). From doing so, I had this following that I never would have expected to be honest. I didn’t think in a million years people would actually connect with what I was writing, be inspired, or even have something I said change their life. 

After college I kept with it because I had people messaging me asking if everything was okay because they haven’t read a new blog in awhile. So I kept writing I figured IF ANYTHING it would keep up my writing skills and if reading my blog helped someone feel good that day or made them laugh or even made them have a negative opinion that meant I stimulated some emotion and my job as a writer was done. 

When I saw this little breakdown report from wordpress I was shocked at some of the numbers. I know that some people get that in an hour of posting something, or hell maybe in seconds of posting something BUT for me it means that I’m doing something right and I’m connecting with some kind of audience out there. 

in the first part of the report it talks about “crunching numbers” it makes a reference to Mt. Everest saying 600 people have reached the top of Mt Everest in 2012. I thought HELL that’s crazy to have on a bucket list and if I wasn’t so terrified of heights that might be something I’d love to try and do and the fact 600 people this year has done that is fantastic. BUT then it talked about my blog and how this year alone it got about 6,800 views. TO me that’s insane for the year considering I’m a no-name girl from Hamilton who just likes to blog about randomness of life. It then says that if every person who reached Mt Everest viewed this blog it would have taken 11 years to get that many views. 

I posted 40 blogs this year, which made my blog archive total 280 posts (and growing). I uploaded 96 pictures which averages out to be 26458716532258286_GtrVUofA_cabout two pictures a week.  The busiest day of the year was May 6th with 77 views (I don’t even know what I blogged about that day but it must have been interesting.) AND for some reason the MOST popular blog was about that Hamilton boy who lost his pet dog because some crazy neighbour or something decided it didn’t like it barking so grabbed the leash and whipped the dog pretty much killing the poor thing.

the top referring sites to my blog were facebook, ravelry.com, twitter, youtube, and bjjgrrl.wordpress.com. SO thank you to all those who viewed from those sites and connected with me, I totally appreciated your feedback and responses to those posts. 

I had people viewing my blog from 109 places mostly in the USA which I thought was weird because I’m Canadian. BUT not far behind the USA, Canada and even Italy is where I had the most visitors come from. 

I’d say all and all it wasn’t a bad year from blogging, I tried to post a lot of vlogs because I’m a visual person and I feel like video is much better. Especially when you travel, I want to see the average joe go on a vacation and tell me what’s worth it or not. Not some travel agency! Word of mouth goes a long way I feel so when someone tells me “man you have to try this restaurant” or “go to this attraction” I will probably check it out BECAUSE they said it was worth going to see. 

So I want to say thank you for connecting with me on the various social networking sites and I sincerely appreciate all the feedback, comments, ideas, etc that you all have given me. The feedback you give me helps make my blogs better so please never hesitates to comment on anything, or give it a thumbs up, (or down because you can on youtube). I wasn’t aware that i connected with people from 109 places and it was so humbling to read. 

I’m going to try and keep up with this blog a bit more this year, maybe make it into something WHO KNOWS maybe I will be one of those lucky random people where for some reason my stuff goes viral. 

PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT and let me know what topics you love to read or videos you want to see moving forward in 2013!!!!



~ by Christina Sears on January 7, 2013.

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