Do YOU Know Who YOUR Friends Are?

188869778093400150_zsvMlG0t_cMan, it’s been pretty crazy right now in my life I don’t even know where to begin with this blog. I’m sure it’s just going to be a mix of things all rolled into one thing and if your still reading it by the  end I will be sincerely shocked!!! OKAY so if you didn’t know/read I came home from my vacation with a few mates (we went to Las Vegas), and upon my return home I found out that work was sending me to NY. SO I was home for a week and then off to the USA again. Obviously because it was a work trip I didn’t get much sight seeing done BUT what I did see is up for you to check out on my facebook page!! I come home from NY to find out my mac (which not going to lie is a pretty expensive piece of technology) is pretty much a paper weight as I believe the hard drive went in it. You would think if you invest that much into a product that It would last longer then three years but like my dad says a hard drive is hit or miss some last long others… well they don’t.

OHH NO NO friends it gets better… I promise

On Friday, my car was side swiped by a moving truck, want to know the kicker? I wasn’t even driving it, as a matter of fact it was on my street and I wasn’t even home. OF course the person who hit it fleas the scene but because we are well protected we were able to catch the person who did it (lucky for me). I’m so thankful that we were able to catch the guy and it bothers me that someone would HIT my car and then drive off. So currently my car is waiting for a quote to see how much its going to be to fix it.. and to put salt in the wound a little I’m driving the car I was GOING TO BUY before I got the car I actually bought.

I miss the gym, and with the job location switch I’ve found myself to have no time for anything not even the gym which is something I love. I even miss my weekly runs/roller blading sessions to be honest. It felt good to finish work and roller blade about 6.5 km and then go home shower and go to bed, it really helped me clear my stress and have a good night sleep.

You know what I noticed speaking of busy lives, I’ve noticed that sometimes your live gets busy and usually because you are pretty much setting yourself up for the future  and stuff. Like I know for me I am saving for a house, and working hard to grow in the company I work for and its hard to juggle your personal life and work AND still try and maintain seeing your friends on a regular basis. There are things you just are not in the mood to do all the time like you use to and priorities change and some of the simpler things in live become more enjoyable. For me it went from heading out to a club on the weekends to grabbing some apps/dinner and watching a UFC in the month, or going out for special occasions mostly (b-days and such). Sometimes since I”m on the go a group of us will get together for a coffee and catch up, or hit up a movie, or for me I usually go on a hike or whatever!!

But what I never understood was (and maybe some of you have experienced this or know someone who has experienced this), when you are preoccupied with other things and you don’t have time to fit in that quality time 104638391312322231_gcjKXJSU_cwith your friends and when you finally do talk to them its like they have a chip on their shoulder or make comments about things. It’s weird because there are some people I don’t see for months (and I mean like MONTHS) and when I text them or ring them and say whats up the friendship just picks up from there. Maybe its because they are in the same boat I am in and they understand what I’m going through right now OR maybe its because that’s what good friends do.

They never hold it against you if you are simply just preoccupied with life and other things going on, they are just there when you do have the time to talk (as I would be for them). I never hold a grudge with people I say what I have to say and that’s it, its over. What you see with me is what you get. I’m sure there are some people out there (the haters that for some reason still creep this blog) that might disagree with me but that’s fine its their opinion I can’t make everyone happy nor do I care if I do or not.

I just can’t wrap my head around comments people make and how they just kind of turn on you because your not around much. Always thinking people are against them it makes me wonder what are you guilty of, what have you said about me already that maybe you think I have heard and am mad about. I never understood that and as I’ve gone through different stages of my life I’ve noticed this more and more and I still don’t really get it. At the end of the day I feel its life’s way of showing me the bigger picture, who are actually true friends and who are just the background noise… the fluff of life as you will.. where its fine if they are there but you can do without if you need to.

I’m not the most popular person and personally I’m fine with that, I feel that if you have a lot of friends sometimes that brings nothing but drama, I would sooner have a few really good friends then a lot of friends… I have always given people the same respect they have given me. If someone is sincere and genuine I always try and pay it forward in anyways I can.  I have a few friends that have their own businesses and because they are fantastic people and I believe in their business and I know they do a great job I always suggest them. It’s not just because they are my friend, but its because I know in my heart of hearts they will show other people the same respect and honesty they have shown me.

I still have a lot to catch up on in this crazy world of shady people, acquaintances, and friends. I have a lot more lessons of what to look for what not to look for and how you know someone is true to you! I think I’ve done pretty already thus far, I have really started to weed out some people who simply just made my life hell and for whatever reason I still kept them there. They were dead weight I could afford to shed off because at the end of the day what had they done for me? I don’t mean that in a selfish Bi*%H kind of way, but in the sense that if all I can think about are negative things I clearly don’t need them influencing my life and being in there. I am determined to surround myself with people who are driven, kind, fair, genuine and honest. People who can accept me for me, and my life for how it is and not think for one second because I don’t talk to them we are not friends. I want them to be confident in our friendship and know regardless of how busy I am if they need me I’m there and I’d only home the same from them.

47217496064181112_WV0YY7nf_cLast few weeks of 2012, lots of changes are a head and I’m so thankful to have the support system I do have in place right now and just want those people to know I appreciate your patience and just for being there regardless of what is going on or how crazy life gets. I don’t need to sit here and rhyme off names, ya’ll know who you are!!!

Sorry for the ramble, just something I had on my brain and I usually write best when I actually have something sitting there I can’t wrap my head around.





~ by Christina Sears on December 4, 2012.

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