The World as I See it…..

GOOD MORNING kids!! So this has been my first OFFICIAL week back!! I feel like I have been playing catch up since I have been back making sure things are in place and what not for when I move into my new area of work.  But I want to ensure that my previous place is taken care of and that the person coming in to take over has an easy transition. I hate that I like things to be perfect and flawless because I KNOW it makes me stress about the smallest things.

So when I got back from NY I got the sad news a position I applied for did not work out, however they wanted to develop me further and decided to move me to a new location that was fast pace and what I probably need. Of course I was bummed to leave my team considering there are a lot of them I have been developing since they started and I’m sad I can’t finish that development. BUT I know this new person will definitely pick up where I left off and probably bring even more great things to the table.

It’s hard for me to really describe how I feel about the move, I think because I am a very structured person and I always like to have a plan in place this is sort of out of my box for the simple fact I’m just going with the flow and the suggestions of my superiors. I’m going into this move without a plan really and I don’t know what to expect. I know I will be use to the fast pace environment due to working in a restaurant for a lot of years and I had to deal with that a lot especially around this time of the year.

I find as you get older its hard to move around, you want that stability you want to make sure that your family is taken care of and when you look for those opportunities you want to make sure it is the perfect fit. I know I definitely research more now because whatever I do now will effect my future and I want to make sure I know what the rippling effect is.

I haven’t been able to meet up with my running partner since I have been back which I hate, but it’s just been so busy that any extra time I do have I feel like just sleeping and relaxing. I’m so grateful that they understand where I am coming from and don’t get mad at me.

This weekend will mark the start of December, have any of you sat back and thing “where the hell did this year go”? I notice now that the years and months are going by SO fast, I feel like November just flew. Maybe it’s because I was our of the country for the majority of the month (who knows)! I’m excited for Christmas, I see a lot of people who are stressed about Christmas and everything and I definitely see where they are coming from. Honestly, presents are over rated for me… I mean sure its nice to get gifts (who doesn’t love getting them). BUT I feel like the spirit of the season has been totally washed away and now it’s all about material things rather then family, friends, and just the gift of giving.

I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVE receiving those Christmas cards in the mail from friends, some have even sent me Christmas photos of their little families and its so great to see and read how they are doing. I mean I have a lot of  friends, NO I don’t talk to them all the time but the ones that are my “true” friends are the ones who I can message regardless of the time that has gone by and say “hows it going” and pick up where our last conversation left off. SOME Live far away, but I still try and keep in touch. I guess that’s why I love writing these blogs, and updating my fan page and my videos and such. Not because I like to post my life online because believe me a lot of censoring does happen (even though some people think I don’t) BUT because I love to share what is going on in my life in a “real” way. I mean when you read/watch my videos and stuff what you see is what you get, some people think I’m “stupid” but if a stranger ever met me BUT they watched my videos or read my blog they would KNOW who I am and what I am about and realize that IN PERSON I’m no different. I love being able to write these blogs and create videos so my family from out of town can see how my family here is doing and read about what’s up. My mom is always telling me how she talks to people and they ask how certain things have been going and she asks how they know that and they always say “Marie, I read/seen it on facebook.”  

PLUS I feel if I share some stuff that matters to me that SOMEONE out there can read this and feel “I’m not the only one” or maybe it will comfort them knowing that someone else in this world understands and the communication is open for them to message me. I remember one time a girl told me how my blog motivated her to lose weight, I didn’t believe it and when she explained honestly my heart went out to her I even think I teared up and cried a little. It was an eye opener to how many people this blog and my videos potentially touch.

I was talking with my friends husband yesterday about a web page, he does web design and was trying to get a feel for what I am looking for. I’m not a flashy person and honestly I never really thought about what this blog means to me and what I would like it to actually look like. I mean, I try to write and show things that everyone can relate to and I wanted a page that the average joe can navigate through easily. I wanted to make it interactive, not to busy and have that open communication available for all my readers. It was funny when he saw the number of people who have read this blog its over 34,000 people. LIKE I’ve said in the past, I realize that some people get that in seconds on their web stuff, however I’m just Christina from Hamilton? I’m a nobody really YET there are probably a lot of people out there who have come across my blog at one time or another.

For giggles I even checked out my old blog the one where I posted all my MMA news articles I wrote and such and that has over 47,000 hits on it, AND I haven’t touched or updated that since probably 3 years. I still get a good number of people going there, if you google Christina sears MMA something in my blog will come up I’m sure.  I FIND IT CRAZY!!!!

I love being able to come into peoples lives randomly and provide them with a story, a story about what I’m feeling, a story about my travels, a story about articles I’ve read, even stupid stories like almost being attacked by a skunk. I want people to know there is an open communication for them to contact me, I love the interaction I get with my facebook page my youtube channel and this blog. I loveeeee hearing other peoples stories. I think that’s one of the things I loved about NY, when we were out and about and meeting people everyone had a story and it was interesting to see where they came from and what they were about and I LOVED telling my story as well.

So I want to say thank you for supporting me and this blog since 2007, thank you for your comments and feedback THEY are what make me better at what I do. Thank you for taking the time to tell me your story and allowing me to share it with the world. Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to do better and be the best that I can be. THANK YOU for putting up with my random posts and thank you for sharing yours. Thank you for allowing me to share the world as I see it and embracing it.



~ by Christina Sears on November 29, 2012.

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