Leaving the Big Apple

So I’m back from my NY business trip, let me tell you I felt like I was working back in the restaurant again for the amount of hours that were pulled in a short period of time. I was working early early mornings and late late nights. One morning I had to be up and out the door by 4:30am and worked until 8:30pm how crazy is that? The hours didn’t bother me it was the no sleep I felt like there wasn’t enough time to sleep and its funny the things you tend to giggle at and find amusing when your tire and how irritable you can be.

I noticed through my time in NY that the way things are in the USA are very different from here at home. I noticed that if you were in a non-tourist area the customer service wasn’t really there. There was NO sense of urgency which is weird because I know here at home we make sure the customer is treated like a celebrity. It’s not just NY it’s the USA in general, maybe not everywhere but definitely most of the places I have been. When we walked into a few places we weren’t even greeted, to even get a change room started or be helped seemed like a chore with the sales associates. It was crazy, but interesting to see how things work somewhere else.

Personally there is no place like home, I think the only place that ever came close to feeling like home was Australia because to me Aussie is similar to Canada. I love my country I feel that its underestimated and although it can be cold here at times we have various hidden gems within our own country that are not exploited enough. My country brings just as much to the table as the next and I am more then proud to be Canadian.

This trip allowed me to represent my team, my district, my company and myself in another country. I was able to bring the same passion and drive that I would everyday at work. I was able to meet four other girls who all were very strong in their own ways which made for a quite rounded Canadian Team. I was happy that I got this opportunity because it was such an eye opener and very humbling.

BUT enough about work let me tell you about my second adventure in NY! We didn’t get much down time to actually sight see and stuff, pretty much our first night in NY and then our last night in NY we were able to make more of those days. So we originally were going to go see ground zero and pay our respects and wonder around the area, however kokko suggested maybe we hit up Manhatten and go to Soho. It’s a huge shopping district and all the big name brands are there and they are big and a few floors it’s pretty intense shopping!!! So we headed to Manhatten, which was a great job we seen so many things just on the drive alone. We were able to see the Bronx from a far driving you seen some of the projects and the rundown buildings that look like something right out of a movie, we saw some amazing bridges, and Yankee Stadium. Once we got to Soho we began to wonder, I was on the lookout for some authentic NY food, I wanted a authentic philly steak or pizza. We were able to see the Empire State Building from where we were in soho which was pretty awesome.

We decided to go into a few different bars once we were shopped out and just celebrate pulling it together through the week and really coming together like a team and making it happen. Using our strengths and putting them together to get the jobs done. The one bar we stayed at towards the end of the night was called Crime Scene, we met a LOT of interesting people that night. The bar was a lounge type setting and towards the back of the bar there was this big open area with a few tables set up where sports teams would come in and eat wings and play beer pong or flip cup, it was a pretty chill atmosphere and the booze wasn’t all that expensive. We all sat at the bar and because we are all pretty social we were able to meet a lot of people an had such a good time.

NY is an interesting city and I hope I can go to Jersey next year and open another location there!



~ by Christina Sears on November 21, 2012.

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