Small Girl in the Big Apple

I haven’t had time to actually blog about how my business trip to NY is going, I finally have some down time and time to just relax catch up on some of my MTV shows and check my emails and such. I’m actually watching that new series on MTV called “Catfish.” its pretty crazy that some people have been in online relationships for months even years some of them, and they get a chance to meet that person for the first time and see if they are who they say they are. It’s crazy how the internet has been a easy tool to either meet someone legit or get completely f’d over.

ANYWHO I’m sure you’re not stumbling on to my blog to hear about the latest MTV show, I’m sure you want to hear allllllll about my experiences the last few days in NY. I will start off by saying this is my FIRST TIME in NY, I mean we have all seen the movies where obviously everything happens in NY, I watched the twin towers go down on the news like I’m sure most of the world did but I’ve never actually had the chance to be up this way. I got the opportunity to assist my company in opening a place here in NY which I was totally STOKED ABOUT.

The flight was sort of annoying, maybe because I was really under the weather and my body completely ached like crazy so I was thankful that the flight wasn’t crazy long but it was delayed and I didn’t sleep much partly because I was excited partly because I was sick. The weather in NY was bad so the flight was late getting to Toronto and of course my tummy was upset and I wasn’t feeling hot so I was dreading staying at the airport any longer then I had too.

So when I finally boarded the plane I couldn’t believe just how SMALL this plane was, I’ve never seen anything like it. On the left there was two seats and on the right there was one seat it was crazy, lucky for me I’m little so I had enough room which I wasn’t complaining about BUT my body hurt so bad I was uncomfy anyways.

When I got to NY I met the rest of the Canadian Team I’m working with, two are from out west ones from montreal and the other is from Toronto which is pretty cool. We settled into our hotel which is pretty awesome I have a partial kitchen, decent size washroom, comfy beds, good sitting area its just a great hotel. We decided that because we had the night off we were going to go venture off into the city.

So we all got ready and hit up time square last night, I couldn’t believe how BIG everything was it really reminded me of Vegas with all the bright lights. I couldn’t believe everything was open crazy late, I mean when we were walking down the street the Disney store was even open (and this was at like 2am). I saw a lot of cool stuff, not going to lie I was a bit uneasy walking in a big city like that but I guess none of the locals really are in time square its more of a tourist area. I’m hoping we can hit up Jersey, I LOVE LOVE the accents from Jersey and I would love to have a really authentic philly steak or pizza from a good known place.

We stumbled across this bar called Shorty’s HONESTLY best bar ever, the bartender was from Buffalo and we met some really bitter NY guys there, since there 5 of us girls, and we get talking about where we are from everyones interested. So we made a lot of interesting friends at this bar but it was a pretty good atmosphere. I can’t remember where it was but if you can find it definitely check it out.

Another crazy weird thing that happened was the parking garage that we parked in, they jammed a lot of cars in there which totally blew our minds. BUT why I’m bringing this up is because there was a really really expensive lambo parked in there and the guy working at the garage let us get into the lambo just because we were joking about it being our car. He was a mexican guy and the girls asked if they can use the washroom in his office (because they couldn’t hold it) and i called him Jose (figuring there was a good chance that was his name) and they just followed suit. BUT one of the girls asked him his name just before we drove off and he said “jose” I LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF!!!!

I didn’t end up getting back to the hotel till almost 4am and we had to be up and at it at 8am and out of the hotel for about 9amish… then we spend the day recruiting people. BUT it wasn’t all bad I mean just the experience today checking out different places and people I appreciate my team back home on an entirely different level now.


~ by Christina Sears on November 15, 2012.

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