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In Buffalo NY

I guess we couldn’t have picked a better time to go on vacation considering Hurricane Sandy was hitting and Hamilton was getting the tail end of the storm and even before I left we had days and days of just rain and cloud (plus it was cool out). The last day of work was equivalent to the last day of school, I couldn’t wait to be done and get home to pack and do some odds and ends because Steven and I were leaving a day early to stay in Buffalo. WHY? Well, our flight left at 6am from Buffalo, and why would we want to get up at the crack of dawn, drive to the border then to the air port when we could stay in Buffalo, relax, show at the outlet malls, have dinner go to bed and wake up and have a shuttle take us across the street to the airport? No worries in the world just get up and go! SO that’s what we ended up doing.

Obviously going to Buffalo mid morning/early afternoon I HAD to hit up IHOP! There was no argument there, Steven had NO SAY its something I wanted to do because I LOVE IHOP! Its sooooo yummy delicious and just isn’t the same when you go in Canada! So first thing is first we hit an Ihop, Steve didn’t let me Vlog in there he hates when we are eating or something and I have a camera on I guess I can respect that BUT its not like I’m in a fine dining restaurant but whatever!

After breaky/brunch we hit up the fashion outlets Steve wanted to do some shopping, anyone who knows him and I know that he’s most definitely the girl out of the two of us! I ended up getting a wicked deal on a new Coach purse and a puma zippy! He bought a few nice things too, after shopping we went back to the hotel and hit up the pool/hot tub to relax a smidge. I love how a hot tub just makes you completely tired, I was all high on excitement for the trip so it mellowed me out a little to go to bed that night. There is this place to eat in the hotel, called The Landing, not to shabby of a place you can either order your food and bring it to your room or eat there, steve watched the rest of the Bronco game while we ate dinner. Ordered wings there which were yummy as hell, I missed not eating chicken wings, I really haven’t had them in awhile, after we went to bed because we had an early start to the morning.

The morning came faster then I thought it would which is good, we woke up packed our tooth brushes and such and headed to the Buffalo airport where Mat and Ashley were waiting for us, had a lot of time to kill before the flight (because we got through security and such fast enough). SO we pretty much roamed around the air port had some breaky there (well I couldn’t eat much but they did). Every television had new on Hurricane Sandy, I guess Seaside Heights was getting a good brute of the storm, some of the boardwalk was washed out and stuff, pretty crazy. I know when we left for the airport in Buffalo it was raining, and kind of windy as well, but we were okay for take off because it wasn’t going our way. BUT still I watched it on every TV, the storm looked pretty intense. Mother Nature can do crazy things and is super powerful if you think about it.

The flight wasn’t too bad, we had a bit of a lay over in Chicago so we found something to eat and relaxed a little bit before heading on the next plane to Vegas. I’m so happy that the altitude didn’t mess with my ears heading into Vegas, last time it felt like my ear drum was going to burst, it was so unbearable. 

Once in Vegas we checked in at the MGM and found our way to our rooms we unpacked and headed down to grab a bite to eat at one of the buffets in the Hotel. NORMALLY rule one when you are in Las Vegas is NEVER eat in the hotels because you will probably e raped in the butt with the prices. BUT this buffet wasn’t too bad it was only like 20 bucks a person and they had a decent variety for it being a brunch/lunch sort of deal. 

Then we headed out on the strip, the weather was pretty nice warm in the day and a smidge cooler at night. Not winter jacket cooler more like long sleeve shirt and pants cool (well if you aren’t a local). The locals were wearing winter jackets and such which I thought was a little funny. But I guess coming from Canada I can handle cooler weather a little better. 

We checked out New York New York, Excaliber, MGM, Tropicana, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, and a few other ones until we hit the Bellagio. In the Bellagio right close to the indoor garden they have I found that large chocolate fountain that I had seen on pintrest. It was incredible to see, I think they had milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate flowing through it. SIMPLY AMAZING! I also believe the sign said it as in the Guinness book of records as well so it was cool to see that in person. Not going to lie I wanted to break in behind the glass with a bunch of fruit and have my own little chocolate party! 

With the 3 hour time difference we were still on Hamilton time so when it was 12am it was actually 3am in Hamilton so we felt it a lot more. Steve and I grabbed some alcohol before heading back to the hotel with Mat and Ashley… after we dropped it off in the room we headed back out and did a little gambling. I watched him play black jack I was pretty determined to pick it up and learn how to play. He explained the game as he played so it was easier for me to understand it. We strolled back into our room around 3am that night. Hard to keep track of time in Vegas, there are NO CLOCKS anywhere, so you better make sure you have a watch or something handy.

If your thinking about going to Vegas keep in mind a few things, make sure you bring comfy comfy shoes because its A LOT of walking (or it can be). Remember try to NEVER buy anything/eat from the hotels because YOU WILL be raped in price. THIS IS NOT a relaxing vacation, YOU will be up late and up early and always ON THE GO! BUT it is something completely different to experience. Where else will you have people giving you nudy cards for prostitutes that look like baseball cards, a place where you can drink ANYWHERE, and a city that never really sleeps? Granted I feel its much better in the summer, but it was also very comfortable weather in the later months to walk and experience, you can’t walk much in the summer if you do make sure your staying hydrated and have a lot of sun lotion on it gets HOTTTT!!!

I was really looking forward to day two of my trip because I had booked a “romance” package for Steven and I. It included a gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel, you got to tour inside Madame Tussauds Wax Museum AND then you had your choice of dinner or lunch in the Venetian. It was from a set menu which was fine because some of the choices were pretty good anyways. 

We did the wax museum first it was much bigger then the one in the Falls, which I expected considering its Las Vegas and everything is bigger and better here. We took a lot of stupid pictures with the wax figures, some were pretty fantastic and looked pretty real and legit. The Sarah Michelle Gellar wax figure looked SOOOO real, it was pretty insane almost too real for my liking. I was actually shocked that only Chuck Liddell had a wax figure here in in Vegas in their sports section of the place, you would think with it being the MMA capital of the world you would have a GSP maybe a Coutour, maybe an Anderson Silva… BUT no just Chuck. Not a fan of Liddell however it was pretty sick to see an MMA fighter in there. 

In the museum there is a “scream” part, its like a mini (interactive) haunted house, OF course Steve made me go through it, I was so scared, I’m not one for haunted houses. I was trying to walk fast through it and Steve was holding me back laughing his ass of at my expense. Like I said when we got out of it, they must love their job they legit just scare the feces out of people on a regular basis WHO WOULDN’T want a job like that?

They had an entertainment area where they had singers like gaga, MJ, Tupac etc… There was a man that worked with the museum that was in that section SWEETEST man of life. I instantly just fell in love with his accent and just his personality.  He’s a pretty good singer too, he said he was from NY area which made sense because he sort of had that kind of accent. Steven and I chatted him up a little bit. 

After Madame Tussauds we hit up lunch, it was so awesome. I had a great salmon lunch but the BEST part (besides the waiter speaking to us in Italian) WAS the dessert Steven and I ordered… OH MAN it was delisshhhh!  PLUS we were sitting over the canal for the indoor gondola rides and could hear Italian singing in the background during lunch. SO relaxing and a great location. Before our Gondola ride Steve and I went to a store in the venetian to visit my girl Carla while she was at work. Had to stop in to say hey just incase I didn’t catch her on the rest of my trip, always a pleasure to see her and Chanelle too. They gave us some places to check out if we were in certain area’s which is always a BIG help. 

THEN we were off to the Gondola ride, our driver Nelly was soooo amazing. She was the sweetest thing of life. She sang so beautifully and just made it such a great experience! Although I’m sure its nothing compared to being in Venice, I can honestly say briefly I felt like I was in Italy! It was beautiful!

We met up with Mat and Ashley after they went to the grand canyon/hoover damn in the morning which is why we parted ways for most of the day, but we met up for dinner and that’s when we decided to hit up Ellis Island for dinner, I mean its a hidden gem a little off the strip where you can get a steak dinner for like 8.99. You get a stater soup/salad then you get your stead with 2 sides and a FREE PINT of their brewed beer. I mean its a decent amount of food for what your paying and the steak is pretty delish! PLUS gambling over there isn’t crazy expensive they have $5 black jack tables and stuff. Steven ended up winning a bit of money and he started to explain to me black jack which is good because I wanted to learn this time around how to play. After dinner we pretty much just wondered around a bit.

Ashley and Mat had their car for the morning the next day (which was Halloween), so we were able to hit up an Ihop off the strip for some breaky, did I mention how much I LOVE IHop? Seriously I always order the pancake platter with bacon, sooo yummy. The only thing I don’t like is the fact the USA maple syrup just doesn’t measure up to Canadian maple syrup its just not thick enough. OTHER then that I love it!

We decided after they returned their car in we were going to purchase a bus pass to head down to Freamont Street and check out the Pawn Stars Pawn shop, it was Mat’s idea to go, so we went on a little adventure to check it out. I totally thought there was going to be a huge line, it was pretty packed inside BUT there wasn’t a huge line and they let you video and take pictures in most of the area’s in the store. There were items on there that I saw on the show like the gun ring, a lot of the stuff was on sale for thousands of dollars, they must make a killing I would imagine. The guys from the show weren’t there but it was still pretty cool to be there.

WE also stumbled upon the Little White Wedding Chapel which was used in the Hangover, I was totally excited because I was talking about finding it and then BAM there it was. SO I made Steve pretend to marry me AGAIN (haha)! I got some pictures in there, they even have a drive through if you want to get married that way. The most expensive wedding package there was 100.00 which doesn’t sound like a lot when usually a normal wedding costs over 10,000. We even seen a bride and groom walk down the street after getting hitched. I still find it crazy that people just get married like that!!! 

We decided to hit up Freamont street again later that night and check out old Vegas all lit up and what not, its completely different then the main strip and a really different feeling. If you’re from Hamilton and reading this its like a BIGGER version of Hess in the summer. DRUNK people everywhere different ages and everything, only when we were there EVERYONE was dressed up. Vegas does do Halloween big, I wish my group dressed up but hey whatever I guess eh! It was fun to people watch a lot of people had some interesting costumes. I seen a dominatrices, there were A LOT of “where’s waldo’s,” there was this one mexican guy dressed like a girl some made me laugh. It was a pretty good time to check it out. We went by the Golden Nugget because I remember seeing on pintrest that it had a water slide that went through a shark tank and I wanted to see so I did, it was pretty sick, and the shark in there were bigger then I thought they were going to be. 

BUT what topped the entire night off was the one guy on the bus on the way back, he was so friggin funny seriously THE BEST bus ride I ever experienced haha!!!

Tammy and Gerry flew in the day after Halloween, so we met up with them after they had their breaky. I didn’t get the messages until I woke up that they had got there and were just waiting for their room. We walked the strip a little bit  tried to show them around as much as we could. I was happy they got to catch this magician on the strip he was pretty funny, if anyone sees him when they are there you have to stop and watch his act. My video got cut off of his little show BUT he manages to take someone’s dollar bill and make it disappear into a lemon, I thought it was pretty entertaining. Not to mention his sarcastic mouth really does make it funny as he’s doing his tricky things as he would put it. 

I FINALLY got to see a Bellagio fountain show, they run every half hour or hour or something, if your in Vegas YOU must catch one of the show’s its amazing to see the  fountain goes with the music. It’s so beautiful and the Bellagio makes for a great picture at night or in the day its such a great back drop.

Obviously with the time difference Tammy and Gerry were pretty zonked so they called it a night, Steve and I went out and gambled a little bit more, Steve ended up staying at a black jack table at wild bills and hit 3 black jacks in a row which isn’t to shabby, I got a little more knowledgeable of the game too. 

The last day in vegas we packed a lot of things in, we hit up Ihop for breaky then the gun store. I shot a glock 14 and an ak47, the gun store is pretty controlled environment, the guy we had helping us out with everything was pretty sweet. I was pretty nervous shooting everything off not going to lie. I mean some of the guns were bigger then me. I had a hard time gripping the glock because my hands are too small and then the ak was just long and my arms weren’t long enough to support the entire thing. BUT it was quite a rush to shoot actual bullets at a target, sort of relaxing too I probably felt a little more comfy because it was in such a controlled environment. The packages are not crazy cheap either, but if shooting something like a saw is your thing then I guess you will pay whatever to do it. I just got the basic ladies package (it was enough for me and it was cheap). But it was a great experience, the guys there were all very knowledgeable and like I said the guy that was in with us was pretty down to earth guy. 

Hit up Ellis Island again for dinner 4 steak dinners 34.06 can’t beat that? I also decided to take my chances and played black jack, I mean it was a $5 table wasn’t break the bank expensive to play. I exchanged 25$ into chips, I won back what I started with and every time I was up 25$ I put it aside, I ended up being up 50$ or so which was fine by me. Because Ellis Island was SOOOOOO busy Tammy, Steve and I had to RUN to our show at the monte carlo, you have to remember Ellis Island is behind Bally’s we rushed just to make the show and got there with like 10 min to spare which was crazy timing. Felt bad because Steve’s foot was really bothering him and we made him run.

The Blue Man Group was an amazing show to watch, their concepts were great and it was cool how they manipulated certain effects to get the points across. It was also really nice of them (and the rest of their team) to come out after the show for pictures too. WHEN and IF you go to Vegas, if you know a local they get better rates for shows, ALSO if you are a CAA member you may get discounts as well, ALSO before you order tickets, look on the strip because they have a few 50% off ticket booths and they have deals on dinners and shows you can probably get tickets for that night or the next night for half the cost. I mean it’s worth looking when your in vegas you don’t want to be spending more then you need to, and believe me you pay out of your ass for everything around there sometimes.

All and all my trip was pretty good, I was happy to see my friends in Vegas and I got to cross some stuff off my Vegas bucket list, next time I head down that way I want to see the grand canyon, some of the mines, and go to Treasure Island (check out their show on the outside) and see the palms OH and the Hard Rock Hotel. I want to go on a week where there is a fight, because as cool as it is to see a fight here in Canada it would be 100000x’s better seeing it in the MMA capital of the world. 

I hope you enjoy the blogs and if you have any Vegas questions feel free to ask. 


PS: If you want to check out ALLLLLL the pictures from my trip feel free to check out my facebook page. There is over 500 pictures from the week, if you need to pass the time you can do it with looking through my trip pictures. Feel free to comment if you want too !!

Pictures From Vegas Trip:



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