My MEDIUM Experience

Here I am hours after I tried starting this blog, still with a blank page finding everything else to do but write! I mean its not like writing is new to me, you all know I love to share things and experiences and what not and I usually only share obviously what I want too, nothing crazy personal and usually if I share something its because maybe somewhere out there someone could be reading this feeling some what better knowing someone else has gone through or has had a similar experience.

The internet is definitely a great tool that we can use to get our voice heard through a massive audience of different ages, genders, cultures etc.. its a crazy fast way to meet people. 

What you are about to read is something that I really haven’t talked much about, nor did I really know much about until recently. It’s something that I wanted to experience and check off my bucket list in some way. It’s something that sort of helped me get to know ME a lot better then I did a week ago. 

I’m not going to sit here and try and tell you all of this is for real, I only know what I felt in my experience and it was enough for me to believe there is something out there that is worth looking further into. Everyone has their own set of beliefs and when it comes down to talking about religion, or government views etc people get very opinionated. ALL I ask is that you read this with an open mind, and an open heart and take what I say and make up your own mind. 

I don’t want to tell you what to believe, nor is it my job too we are all programed different and are all more then capable of making up our own minds about things.

So with that being said, over a week ago I was asked if I wanted to still have a reading done, of course it was something I wanted to do. Some people who found out were excited and eager to hear what would be said after, other wanted nothing to do with it. Unfortunately one of the one who wanted nothing to do was it was my own boyfriend. Regardless of what anyone else thought about it, its something I felt I needed to do.

I met with a Medium which is different then a psychic. A medium serves as a channel for communication for the other side be it loved ones or a spirit guide. A psychic is sensitive only on an intuitive level as with remote viewing or predictive work and does not get their messages from those on the other side. I mean the line is pretty fine between the two and many can have both abilities calling themselves psychic mediums. 

I know a lot of people associate this sort of thing with paranormal activity in the sense that they link it to nothing but something negative. My youngest brother told me to be careful because he didn’t want something lingering in the house after I was done talking with this Medium. I corrected him saying the only time there is something negative around you is if it’s already there, she uses herself to channel the energy to give it a pathway to communicate with us in this world, not bring anything negative to you. I feel because there are a lot of people out there who can be fake and money hungry and eager to scam other people at any costs, it makes it hard for the legit people like this medium to establish herself, and her credibility. That’s why I feel there are many skeptics out there (which there is nothing wrong with that). Many people believe in many different things like I said, I’m here just to explain MY experience with all of you not to persuade you into this. 


It was a long wait to see her, a lot of people were being read that day everyone with their own expectations and hopes of what they would hear. For myself… I didn’t think she was going to talk to me about my past, or my present, or even my future I just had a feeling she was going to settle some feeling within me that I’ve had for a long time but wasn’t sure if they were just me OR if there was a reason I was feeling what I was feeling.

OF COURSE like anyone regardless if I somewhat believed in this or not I was still skeptical about it. I vowed to myself before I walked into that room that I was NOT going to give her any voluntary information, I figured with her capabilities she would be able to tell me everything without me having to say a word. I’m sure your sitting there saying you would have done the same thing. 

So after a long wait I finally made my way into the reading room, really unsure what was going to come out of it but KNOWING that whatever it was I was either going to feel better or worse. I’m not going to discuss really what was said due to the fact that what was said has spiritually opened my eyes and I am still quite new with it and not sure if I want to share it with everyone. I mean how can I share something with all of you that I am still only figuring out myself? I don’t think it would be fair really!

BUT what I can tell you about my experience is that, when talking with this medium (her name is Sue), she started off by telling me how overwhelming it was having me sit in front of her she could feel “my power” which I apparently have a lot of (go figure eh?). She uses cards to make the people she reads feel comfy about whatever is going to be discussed. I mean the experience itself is QUITE a lot to handle, depending on your reading and what is said and sometimes it can be more comforting to have some cards in front of you to visually see and help you make sense of it all. 

She has us shuffle the cards and separate them on the table, and then she flips them a certain way on the table. So as she was flipping the cards I had shuffled she was sort of shaking a little bit, and she would sigh really hard and just look overwhelmed a little. It sort of worried me, I mean here I am sitting across form her not having a CLUE what these cards meant. 

When she was finished she told me every card on that table was a power card which was pretty intense for me to hear. She started asking me about certain feelings that I have been having, and tried to get to the root of it all. She didn’t give me the answers and I feel that’s what many people think is going to happen when the see a Medium or a Psychic. They want them to fix all their problems and tell the what to do or where to go next. Sue doesn’t make it that easy, although she can probably see everything that is going on, she only explains things you may not be seeing, and explain to you why you may not be seeing these things (or at least that’s what she did to me). She didn’t give me the answers only a little bit of encouragement and insight as to why I am the way I am, and whatever I feel is something that is normal and is because I have some special gifts that I need to accept. 

She sort of made me feel like Clark Kent (OH HOW I LOVE SUPERMAN … well.. the Hulk too)! She said that I could never fully feel satisfied in life unless I was spiritually satisfied, which is something I felt was missing. I mean I was born and raised into a Catholic family, but when she was talking spiritually she wasn’t speaking of the current religion that I practice. 

I can tell you that although I gave her minimal information with what she was asking me SHE legit touched down on things I’ve never even spoke of to my closest fried OR even my family. She touched down on things that I’ve felt, that I thought I’ve seen, things I wouldn’t really want to talk about because really WHO’S going to believe something as crazy as some of the things I’ve felt…

I guess I kind of know what its like for the gay/lesbian community to come out to those around them, your scared to show who you are because you are scared you are going to be shunt, your going to be treated different, and at the end of the day all you want is to be loved and accepted for who you are. I get it, its how I feel right now!

I can tell you that Sue DID open my eyes on an entirely different level and SINCE seeking and speaking with her I have walked around this last week feeling a little more complete. SHE did mention to me that I am doing EVERYTHING that I am suppose to be doing at this point in my life (although I never feel like I am). She has given me a lot to think about and to accept, and has even extended an ear to listen or a hand to help if I have any questions or concerns a long the way.

Sue, was the first medium I saw, but from what I’ve heard from other people who has seen mediums, I feel that for my first experience I had the best experience. Here across from me was a women with a GREAT gift given to her, and she took the time with all the people she saw that weekend, to help them understand what was going on, and really communicate the best she could everything that their spirit guides and those energies around them wanted them to know and take away with them. She invested everything in to each person it was quite refreshing to have someone so genuine sitting in front of me. 

If you know me you know I would never suggest anyone anything less then genuine, I feel that paying it forward is important, so anyone who is genuine and nice to me I try and help them anyway I can. I learned that creating doors, and windows and leaving them open is the best way to meet more people (nice people) because if you are constantly keeping that great communication and constantly helping each other out you surround yourself with amazing people at the end of the day.

I had nothing to lose and everything to gain when I saw Sue last week, she’s changed a little portion of how I think, and I can’t thank her enough for just being honest with me and not sugar coating anything. She is VERY good at what she does and I would suggest ANYONE to go to her. 

Obviously if its something your interested in I want you to know that your reading may be different then mine AS WE are two different people, but when you meet with Sue you will know exactly how I felt, and what I meant about how she is. I can’t thank Pete and Elaine enough for introducing me to someone who GETS IT and has opened my eyes a little more. 

If you would like to meet with Sue and have a reading done you can contact her VIA EMAIL at: 

I know by meeting with her you will take away as much as I did, and what you choose to do with that information is your own choice. I’m choosing to learn more about these gifts, and trying to figure out more about my spiritual self!!! 



~ by Christina Sears on October 24, 2012.

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