School… What a Headache…

Today was such a relaxing day to just lounge around and veg out and have no commitment to do anything really. I managed to do almost all my laundry plus the laundry that was in the laundry room, I finished up my aussie scrap book (which let me tell you wasn’t the easiest thing in the world). I was able to pop in season 5 of Dawson’s Creek and just remember my high school and college days. HEY I see you smiling over there about me watching Dawson’s Creek, don’t judge me!!!

Anyways, as I was watching the show season 5 is when they are all off at college, learning about their passions and trying to become something. I understand what that is all about because I’ve been there. Journalism was my passion, I loved being able to tell the stories of others, BUT with that comes having to be really nosey and when someone dies you have to be there to get all the gory details. Well, that wasn’t me I mean it was something exciting to experience (at someone else’s expense mind you) but it wasn’t me really. 

I enjoy editing, and capturing LIFE as it happens, that’s why I enjoy blogging about things, I enjoy doing photo montages for people on special occasions, I love recording and editing my own family gatherings and such, because its life! It’s something happy, it’s something to remember its something that people can look back on yeah know?

So although my passion is Journalism, it’s not something that was about me, I should have taken the TV Broadcasting rout so that way I can be behind the scenes doing the editing, the audio the lighting etc… I’d rather be part of the crew then on the camera itself. 

So I’ve been looking for another niche (if you will), I wanted another path that would allow me to help people, to shape them or something. It’s hard to explain.

In elementary school I had this teacher, I had him for a few years actually and he was really hard on us, a lot of parents disagreed with how we went about teaching us, but there was something about how he taught that I grew to appreciate, and as I think about it right now he really shaped me and prepared me for high school. He made me realize that you have to work hard in life, nothing is ever given to you and feels better when you work for it anyway. He still checks in (and I was in his class in 1995 for heavens sake). 

THEN there was high school, since my class was the first year to just do gr 9-12 (no oac) we had to know early on what we wanted to do with our lives. AT that age we are trying to figure out who we are and avoid the harshness that high school sometimes brings never mind trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives. Although I knew early on writing was my passion, it wasn’t until I took the communications technology class that I really fell in love with journalism and media. That teacher had a history in media, she was somewhat of a perfectionist but she was also down to earth and easy to relate too. She wanted nothing but the best for all of us and she in some way mentored me throughout high school and was at the starting line of this path into journalism.

So I got my advance diploma in Broadcast Journalism, and I’ve spent years just waiting and trying to get that one foot in the door. Journalism is a very tough industry to get into, eventually my fire to make it ran out (well I wouldn’t say ran out). 

I just feel that I can’t wait on a door to open, I have to create a door and have it open for myself. Which is why I’ve been thinking about a career path change. I’ve given this a lot of thought and I feel like its about that time. I want to settle down, and not only enjoy my private life but I want to enjoy my career as well. I want to know that everyday is going to be different, and everyday I have the opportunity to help someone, maybe be “that one person” in their life (like the teacher’s I’ve talked about). 

What’s annoying about this process is that researching a course (depending on what it is) is like being sent on a wild goose chase. “If you want to know more click here” so you click it and its not what you want, and its just a vicious circle. NEVER MIND the annoying time trying to find your information, but trying to figure out “do I want to be in debt with school?” Tuitions are so high they are making it almost IMPOSSIBLE for students to go to school. You pay OUT OF THE ASS for everything its quite disgusting actually. I feel bad for those students who don’t get the free ride, who don’t have the parents to pay their way. When they  get out of school they won’t even be able to love what they do because they will be paying back school loans and heaps of debts. 

So searching around for the information I need has been quite exhausting, I think I’m a bit over it for tonight. 



~ by Christina Sears on October 9, 2012.

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