Almost Skunked!

First day back to work after a long weekend is never easy, I”m sure ya’ll can agree with me on that. Our day back was pretty packed I had a meeting for work and then got back and had all these transfers to do and just a bunch of paper work that needed to be updated (as it usually is on mondays but in this case tuesday)! So had to get all that done or try too. 

You know what I seen today that I don’t understand? I don’t understand wearing pajama pants out in public. Is that just my age shining though or is it a fashion statement I’ve missed somewhere? I mean that’s right up there with throwing your cell phone, money, cigarettes etc in your bra? I don’t understand that either? Maybe I don’t have huge boobs to hold everything in there but I DON’T get it someone PLEASE explain. 

Even though I ate so much on the weekend I figured I had to get back to the grind on tuesday and headed out for a roller blade after work. It was pretty cold at bayfront, awe how I love fall!!!! Usually we see some form of wild life if not A LOT of wild life, today we seen no deer or anything I figured since it was colder we probably won’t see too much wild life maybe a raccoon here or there but nothing huge. As we were roller blading back I see something moving to the left of the path, I’m like “what is that a duck…” my partner says “no it looks like a…. wait its a skunk.” 

So picture this two very vertically challenged people on roller blades attempting to roller blade past this skunk who looks like he’s in an agitated state probably because we look more threatening on roller blades AND maybe the noises were unsettling for him. As we think he’s going to go back into the bush so we can go by he turns around and hisses at us (BAD) and then lifts his tail at us… we stop (I was just hoping I didn’t fall, that’s all I need is a skunk attacking me). I was so terrified by this skunk (and I didn’t want to get sprayed). BOTH of us came to a dead stop and tried to move backwards (which I’m not good at on roller blades), then the skunk hurried into the bush. I grabbed my partners hand (because I DIDN’T want to fall) and we rushed it past that skunk. 

How would I explain not being able to come into work because I got attacked by a skunk… SERIOUSLY who would believe that? My Manger would laugh and say “nice joke T.” HELL I’d laugh if someone told me that and think they were kidding. 

After scooting by this brush with the worst stink spray ever, I look at my partner and say “if we got sprayed it would be all in our mouth and stuff because we are pretty short,” AND THEN I remember some dudes who walked past us when we were further down the path and couldn’t help but think they might get an interesting surprise on the way back if they walk pretty close to that side of the path. AND while I was thinking all that I also brought up the fact that there could have been another skunk on the side of the path we were on and we could have been sprayed either way!

I’m sure your laughing as your reading this but almost being sprayed by a skunk is no joke, no one likes a stinky person. My partner did mention (sarcastically) that he appreciated me using them as a human shield. I DIDN’T even realize that’s what I was doing. I tried to rectify the situation by telling them I would have bought all the tomato juice as a thank you (as I laughed). NEVER a dull moment let me tell you! I remember the time we saw a beaver, I’ve never seen one up close like that it was pretty massive and that tail was just something else. We see deer almost every night we are down there, we see raccoons, squirrels, bunnies, geese, ducks, swans I mean bayfront can be a nice place if there wasn’t so much crud close to the sides of the water…. I wish people took care of the area I mean ultimately its up to us and its sad for me when I go to a beautiful place and see garbage everywhere, or I’m hiking and I see tires and other garbage… like really people?

SO that was my brush with death (haha) okay maybe not death BUT I would have died if I got sprayed….



~ by Christina Sears on October 9, 2012.

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