The Wedding and VEGAS!

August 25th was my last blog, holy hell batman that’s nuts, so sorry guys. Just been crazy busy the last little bit. Tania (my cousin) got married and I was in the wedding party so I was getting my stuff together for that day. It’s not easy being in a wedding party, well I feel its a lot of pressure to look good ha. I’m not use to having my hair done, nails, make up, HELL I even went and got a spray tan. WHICH by the way didn’t turn me orange (thank god)! If you have to ever get a spray tan check out fabutan, they are pretty good there you get to pick your shade of spray haha. It’s almost like going to Canadian Tire and picking out your own stain (HAHAHA)!

I ended up working a week straight with no days off before Tania’s wedding, so needless to say I was pretty beat by the end of the night. BUT It was a great day, we had a fun wedding party and everyone looked fantastic. I’m so excited for Tania and Mike to start this new chapter in their life, if anyone deserves it they do. They have worked so hard to over come so much and at the end of the day they worked through it together. Take’s a lot to do that, to follow through, to communicate, to mend, to change and compromise. I feel these days people give up way to fast, I hear “we have been fighting a lot I’m done,” or “ I need my space.” Maybe it’s how we were brought up I’m not sure but my Nonna is one of the strongest women I know and WE are fortunate to have mothers who are just as strong (the next generation of strong). We were shown how to work at and for everything. How you have to fight for what you want, for the people you love. You don’t just give up you see it to the end. So for me to be in the wedding party and be up beside them at that alter and know they worked their asses off made all the prep work worth it let me tell yeah!!

Photo Montage of Tania & Michael



On the gym front, I have actually been keeping up with my jogs/roller blading/walks on a weekly basis and have actually started doing the stairs. I didn’t know it at the time, BUT I roller blade about 6.4km a few times a week, I probably run half of that also. I didn’t realize it was that distance until I started to pay attention to the distance spray painted on the ground. With the stairs I was a bit worried, I mean I challenged the stair master and lost and I didn’t want to look like a wimp with my partner. But once I got into it, it really wasn’t all that bad and I actually surprised myself. 

I eventually want to get into shape to do the CN Tower Climb in Toronto for charity. Steven and I want to form a team, and raise money and set a time and try and make it up those steps under the time we have as a goal. I know the CN Tower stairs is like doing the wentworth stairs 3.5 times (that’s a lot of steps)! SO that’s my goal eventually, I will probably start hitting up the gym a lot more when it gets a bit colder, maybe get all jacked and strong again. I’m still trying to find a solid GYM GYM partner. My partner I jog and run with is amazing, very motivating, easy to talk too, down to earth and I only wish went to the same gym as me. 

What else can I update you on….

OH VEGAS! Yes, I thought I deserved some time away and so my friends and I decided on Las Vegas Nevada, the UFC capital of the WORLD! I’m pretty excited to visit again! Been looking into things to do some I haven’t done yet and the more I look the more excited I get. I’m hoping to make a Vegas Vlog for all of you, show you around Vegas almost make it feel like you were there with me. Not sure what everyone would be interested in so hopefully I can make it as fun as I can! I’m so stoked to see Carla, and hopefully Trigg if he’s not busy miss seeing those guys. The only time I see them is if i’m out their way or they are in Toronto for something MMA related! So hopefully I can catch up with them while I’m out that way. I”m so confused on what to pack, right now Vegas is still pretty hot hopefully it stays that way and i can hang out by a pool and at least get some what of a tan. Since I missed out on tanning opportunities this summer because I was working and really didn’t have time to bother. 


Vegas Trip in 2010

Have you been to Vegas? What are some suggestions on things to do? HELL what do you want to see in the Vlog? Let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do.



~ by Christina Sears on October 6, 2012.

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