Showin off the Royal Jewels

By now everyone and their mother has probably seen the pictures posted on TMZ about Prince Harry’s adventure in Vegas. 

I think its funny because I’m sure the people in Vegas have seen worse then that, only he’s a Royal so he’s getting the most slack. I’m sure other people have played strip pool with a bunch of randoms in their suite? 

I feel bad for the kid because someone who obviously was partying it up with him took the pictures, worse sold them to a media outlet, and even worse now he’s getting so much slack I’m sure from his family back home. 

I personally could careless if he decided to get drunk and crazy in Vegas, IS THAT NOT WHAT EVERYONE DOES IN VEGAS? I thought it was funny actually when I read the story, I guess if your a Royal you have to uphold this specific public persona, WHY can’t the guy just be who he is? Judging from the pictures on his facebook page he likes to kick it with his friends and just be crazy at times. Liv life to the fullest, even if that means  stripping (haha)!

I’m sure money has never been a factor (he’s a Royal) but is it worth not being able to just be you and have fun? Is it worth always having to wonder who your real friends are and who wont leak stories to whomever and get paid out for them? I know it wouldn’t be worth it for me.

I’d probably want to hang out with Harry over William simply because he seems to have a personality on him. I’m sure if I was a Royal, the Queen would be putting me through refine school, especially with the comments that come out of my mouth. 

There were some questions posted on TMZ about was it wrong that they posted the pictures, I guess whatever helps you get traffic to your news, Everyone is looking for pictures/video like that so they were just doing what every other news outlet would have done. I think if anything Harry should have been more aware that he’s unfortunately not your average joe, he’s got to watch with stuff like that because there is always someone looking to make a buck on someone else’s account. 

Do I think Prince Harry should be stripped of his royal title, I don’t think so, for what? Because some older prudes in the Royal family think this is inappropriate behavior? NEWS FLASH, WHO ISN’T DOING THAT IN VEGAS? Only he’s sort of a well known public figures so OBVIOUSLY they are going to want to catch him with his pants down (no pun intended).  Is he an embarrassment? I’m sure we have all done dumb stuff that maybe our family would feel we were an embarrassment, but family is suppose to love you unconditionally regardless of how embarrassing you are! 

Youtube some of my vlogs, I’m sure some my family sits there and thinks “oh god…” BUT do they love me any less? NO? 



~ by Christina Sears on August 25, 2012.

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