All that for new kicks..

Today had marked week 2 of jogging for me, I have kept it pretty consistent for the last 2 weeks going at least three times a week. When I first started to jog, I totally thought I would be stopping all the time, maybe ready to hurl up my food etc, but as the weeks went on I noticed that maybe I’m not in as bad shape as what I thought. 


My New Jogging Kicks!!!

The only thing that bothered me was my feet (and lower back) because I was jogging in my Nike Shocks, which honestly I don’t feel are good for that sort of thing. So I headed to the states to try and find a good pair of runners that would come in a kids size. If you’re not familiar with my blogs its hard for me to find shoes because my feet are pretty small. I wear a size 2 kids in flats, a size 4 in running shoes, and 4-5 in dress shoes. I normally get a size 5 in dress shoes just because you can never find a good pair of heels in a size 4 or 4.5. So I just head over to Aldo and buy their foamy insoles and I’m good to go. 

I have a great jogging partner too, very motivating and is just great company to help me get through the home stretch of the path.I haven’t weighed myself just yet, I figured after week 3 or maybe before Tania’s wedding I will weigh in and see if jogging has made a difference. I want to eventually start doing the stairs because I want to get a team together and do the CN Tower climb for charity, I think it would be a good challenge!! PLUS I had a women at work in the H.R Department pretty much challenge me, she said she completed the climb in 22 minutes, SOOOO I gotta beat her, I have NO choice!!

Did you catch my Vlog about going to the USA? NO? OH MAN, what a headache and a half. Just an FYI if you are ever in the USA turn off “avoid toll routes” on your GPS otherwise you will be going to nowhere zone. When I first got my GPS I rigged it to avoid toll routes, I didn’t drive often out towards Toronto so I didn’t really know my way around, but I knew I didn’t want to take the ETR so to avoid that my GPS avoid any toll routes. That was 3 years ago… SO going to the USA and finding what I needed to find was easy, getting home I nearly had a heart attack. When putting in my address it was telling me I was going to arrive home at 6am… I checked the address 4x’s along the way and still came out the same thing.. I  thought the GPS was completed screwing up…

SO we stop in this town and finally get directions because clearly my GPS wasn’t getting it… as soon ad we were told to go through a toll route to get on the road we needed my GPS was saying to go another way? I thought that was weird so we went through the toll as the lady said and were on our way home it wasn’t until I went into the settings an unchecked the avoid toll routes that FINALLY the directions this lady gave us showed up on my GPS screen. I almost lost it… all that over something stupid. SO it took us a lot longer to get home worst experience ever and I felt so bad because m y dad and my brother had to go to work early the next day. SO brutal!


So jogging resumes next week at some point, maybe after next week I will weigh myself see where I am at, I might go and get a weight jacket when I master the path I’m on and use it for the stairs too!!


~ by Christina Sears on August 25, 2012.

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