Marineland… JUST STOP

The Toronto Star recently released a story about Marineland. It was interesting to read the extensive story about how the park treats its animals and the problems they have been having. All which were hidden nicely from the public. 


Toronto Star Video about Marineland

I was there just this past Monday, and I was going to write a blog review about the park. I was telling my relatives from New Brunswick that when I was a kid Marineland seemed to have more to do, and offered a lot more. You pay roughly 42.95 for adults and 39.95 (children 5-9 years), which I feel is pretty expensive considering there really isn’t all that much to do in the park. 

The Bears @ Marineland Lookin a bit rough.. in their murky water

If you do not bring your own little cooler with snacks and such you are looking to pay out of your butt as well, so my suggestion would be to come prepared with food for the day. The park itself needs an update, I would think that a park that probably rakes in good money on a monthly basis would have the funds to upgrade and provide a clean environment for all the animals in the park. 

Walking around the park I noticed MANY empty huts that were probably concession stands, I noticed that the deer pen seemed a bit thin and what I mean by that is when I was a child you couldn’t even get up to buy food to feed them without having a herd around you waiting to steal the food you bought. The bears look like they have been through a train reck and the other animals look like they are just left alone on the other side of the park. They don’t look like anyone really cares for them at all. Over the last few years I have taken people there because it is a tourist attraction and friends from out of town wanted to visit Marineland. 

The deer that I saw some of them had one antler, or chunks of furn and skin missing, they just looked in rough shape. They have other animals pretty much in the further part of the park that also look all matted and in rough shape, its pretty heart breaking. 

I’m from the area and I have been a few times and have watched how this park has gone down hill and I don’t blame the trainers for leaving, and those who spoke out I think it was a noble thing to do. Hopefully a lot of eyes are open after reading this story, and I hope something can be done to shut the park down until they put the money they need to into giving it a facelift and making it

Buffalo, on the other side of the park… look matted and also in rough shape

livable for the animals who are there. 

But in all honesty I never really felt like the animals were cared for, and the park is in need of a face lift. The newest ride is the sky screamer, its what they pretty much advertise now a days (that and the dolphin/seals/beluga/killer whales). 

You can probably do the entire park in half a day (not even) depending on traffic in the park. They paint a great picture with the animals on stage they seem chipper and happy but the Star I feel really opened all our eyes about what actually goes on and kudos to the journalist who clearly did ALL her homework and protected her sources. 

I haven’t been to very many zoos and such, but I did have the chance to visit the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo in Queensland Australia. Walking into the park was such a different experience. You can feel the love the trainers and employees had for the animals and they respected them. None of the animals were put on a stage, and their focused seemed to be to educate the public about these animals so we can understand them and see their true beauty and appreciate them for what they are and their place in this world. 

My Experience @ The Australia Zoo!

I know there are a lot of people out there that don’t believe in zoos and captivity, but the Australia zoo reminded me more of a rehabilitation centre, rather then a zoo. Where places like Marineland have their animals do tricks and what have you. 

When I was in the sea lion area I did notice that they just swam around and looked lifeless, I couldn’t help but feel when they came close to the glass they were screaming “help me” in their own way. 

I also noticed they don’t have anymore killer whales, just the one which is sad. I couldn’t imagine spending everyday separated from everything else and swimming around by myself with no one around, simply alone. That has to be a lot of stress on the animal. 

The review I was going to write about the park was simply to tell those traveling to Niagara that they should save their money and just skip Marineland all together. If they want to check out a zoo in that area I would suggest checking out the Niagara Safari, which is a little bit further then the falls, but its cheaper and the animals seem well taken care of and the park is very enjoyable. 

Please save the money you would have spent to see Marineland you are not missing much, and believe me your money would be better spent some where else. Like I said Niagara Safari is not to bad, no they don’t have whales and such but I mean I’m not sure spending 42.95 to see whales (pretty much) is actually worth it. 

Thank you to everyone who re-tweeted the Star’s article and helped spread the word, I’m only hoping enough people STOP going and the park is forced to close and re-think its structure before its to late. 



~ by Christina Sears on August 16, 2012.

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