Let’s Talk About SEX


I stumbled on this amazing documentary on YouTube of all places about sex. WOW WOW it wasn’t some soft porn video or anything it was actually pretty educational about teen pregnancy and how the sexual education programs need to be more developed and how preaching about just not having sex period isn’t the way to go. It hasn’t helped prevent teen pregnancy or made teens aware of STD’s and such.

Sexual Education was a long time ago for me (seeing how I am an old fart), I remember sitting in class and feeling it was a bit weird, no one wanted to be open and spill their beans because it is shun upon. This documentary talks about how we categorize sex with more serious things like drug addiction and stuff when sex is something that is wonderful and can be great IF you are educated on everything that comes along with sex.

I never had “the talk” with my parents, I think my parents figured if I had a problem I would come to them until then it was a don’t ask, don’t tell mentality. It is an awkward subject to talk about which is weird because like the doc says we are surrounded by sex, sexual images, and sex is easier to access via the internet now. I bet teens out there just google their questions, why talk to someone when you can avoid the awkwardness of the subject by searching it online.

In other countries like the Netherlands apparently they are open with their kids about sex and relationships and such and their teen pregnancy rate isn’t as crazy as the USA. It also tells you that teen pregnancy costs the USA (I think is said) 9 BILLION a year (well costs the tax payers). 

In sexual education, I would have rather them not make me believe sex was this horrible thing but explain it can be a great thing but it comes with responsibility. Not telling me just NOT TO have sex, but letting me know what steps I can take to protect myself and my partner, how to have those conversations about condoms and STD’s with the person I am with. HOw to go about birth control, how to find out what is for me, what myths are true and which are false. Help me better understand what’s a head of me. Like the documentary says there is a small group of people that believe their kids shouldn’t learn this that it takes away their innocents at a young age. I know if I had a child I would want to keep that conversation open ended, I would rather them come to me and feel comfortable talking to me about it then reading information online or getting it through friends that may not be correct. THAT’S HOW YOU PROTECT YOUR KIDS. 

Like a mom said in the doc, we teach our children english, math, religion, how to read, manners, respect etc so they can develop as a person… pass our knowledge on to them so they can use those tools in their everyday life. We can’t be with our children 24/7 however we can make sure that whatever we talk to them about sticks with them so even though we aren’t there our words are. 

I went to the stag shop a week ago to look for a gift for a bachlorette party. I knew what “item” I wanted to buy and made sure I bought the necessary things to go with it. When I came home with a black bag my mom had asked what I bought so I pulled out this item. She didn’t know what it was or how it worked, so maturely I began to explain how it works and what it does and she was getting embarrassed that I was even talking about it never mind buying it. Which is a prime example of the subject being weird to talk to. 

Girls say if a guy has a condom in their wallet they would be really sketchy about why with the guy instead of appreciating the fact he comes prepared just in case. There are girls in the Netherlands that carry their own condom in their own wallets, and I’m sure if a girl here did that guys would think different. I think it’s important to be protected and I feel there are a lot of myths that people think prevent pregnancy when in reality the only thing that can 100% prevent pregnancy and std’s is just not to do it. BUT lets face it that’s something very few people do. 

When I was in high school a friend of mine was pregnant, at the time it scared me I mean if it could happen to her it could happen to anyone regardless the age. But looking back I think she was one of the strongest people in my class. To walk though the halls showing, go to prom/formal showing, that takes a lot of balls in high school. I think she handled it well and I see her around sometimes and it looks like she has created a great life for herself, got her education, and is raising her kid and held it together better then most people. I commend her for that!!!

I also know people who have had parents who were open and such and they were just to lazy to use condoms or birth control even though it was there for them to use, and I can’t grasp why you wouldn’t want to protect yourself. I want to slap girls who say “oh it ruins the moment to reach for a condom” … “I just can’t be bothered to go on birth control” etc… COME ON PEOPLE.. THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THEN BEING A KID AND RAISING A KID YOU HAVE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE A HEAD OF YOU.. DON’T YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE IT FIRST BEFORE MAKING THAT ULTIMATE SACRIFICE OF HAVING TO DEDICATE EVERY WAKING MOMENT TO A CHILD YOU CREATED?

I know I would much rather have a plan for my baby, make sure they were conceived in a stable environment with the person I plan on spending my life with. I would want to be a role model for my child. Now a days I feel like girls are spitting out babies because they get more money from the government per kid. Which is sad, I’m glad I work everyday for those people to cheat the system and sit at home while their kid is probably in someone else’s care while they blow their thousands of dollars a month they get from ontario works and baby bonus etc… I get that some people need it, and I say go for it.. but I feel the government needs to do more and not make it as easy to cheat the system. I might as well quit my job and spit out a few because those people make more then I do AND get a tax return on MY TAX dollar at the end of the year anyways! 

I know I’ve never been pregnant so maybe I am throwing stones in a glass house, but you have all these places you can go to for education on the subject, lots of ways to prevent it now and I feel there is no excuse for this kind of stuff to happen. 

I really recommend this documentary, I thought it was very well put together PLUS the Aussie accent was nice to hear as well !!


~ by Christina Sears on August 12, 2012.

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