Surviving the Jet Boat

If you have been following my blog you will remember my fear of open water, not sure what it is or why all I know is I have intense anxiety when I’m in open water even if its in a boat sometimes. WELL I was asked to check out the Niagara jet boat tours in Niagara Falls Ontario. I haven’t done it before but it looked like it would be quite the experience, and although open water terrifies me I try not to let it get the best of me and I will still force myself into those situations. 

The weather today was pretty icky out, the wind was cool, and it was raining. Not exactly the best day to go but HEY the tickets were bought and paid for so there was no backing out. 


When we got there I could feel my tummy flopping around with fear, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve hiked near the Niagara gorge at the Niagara Glenn. I’ve seen the boats go by but I’ve also seen the rapids in those areas… it looked pretty intense from a far, never mind in a boat up close and personal. 

We got on the boat that shuttled us from the aero car area to the jet boat tours, you can pre buy your tickets online and get a departure time for your boat or you can go there and get your tickets but you will have to wait for the next available shuttle. 

Bryan pre-ordered our tickets so we picked them up and waited for the shuttle, when I got on it my nerves started to go nuts, especially since the bus driver was talking about the boat and the experience. Finding out that we will being class 5 rapids and they go up to class 6 I wanted to cry haha! Well maybe not cry but I was freaking a little. 

We got there and we were told to get changed, and put our stuff in lockers that were provided for you, which you didn’t have to pay for and the key was your finger print. The change room area is a little weird just pc piping connected together with plastic zip tied to them, but whatever it wasn’t like you were changing in a co-ed area is was women with women and vise versa. 

After your stuff was in the locker you filled out a waver and then they gave you the run down about the gear and about the trip. You have to wear shoed that have a backing on them if you decided to wear your own shoes. THEY do provide shoes for you (water shoes) they come in mens sizes and they don’t have half sizes plus there are a few kids sizes. I just wore my own shoes because I had an extra pair anyways so I didn’t care really. 

YOU will get soaked, its like jumping into a swimming pool, or should I say the swimming pool jumping on you.  The boat tour does video tape your boat ride for an extra 35.00 you can get the video on a jetboat usb stick, with a picture which they take before you get on the boat. If you purchase the package any extra prints of the pictures they take before getting on the boat are 5.00 each. I think they are 20.00 if you didn’t purchase the package.

You are allowed to bring a water proof camera of your own on there, make sure you have a strap on it so you can attach it to your wrist it does get a bit bumpy and rough when the rapids smack you in the face. 

I think it cost us 61.00 with tax and is cheaper to order them online so i would suggest doing that. Its worth the money you will have a blast. I don’t like open water but I even thought it was great. 

If your not from the area and you are looking for things to do relevant to the falls, that’s definitely something you should check out instead of blowing that money on clifton hill (which has NOTHING to do with niagara falls what so ever).

– Christina


~ by Christina Sears on August 11, 2012.

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