Where the Hell am I GOING??

Anyone miss my Blogs yet? I’m pretty sure it’s been quite awhile since I wrote last! I figured since I can’t sleep I might as well post something and update everyone about what has been going on in the world of Christina!

If you have been following me on Twitter, or Facebook you would have recently seen me post about the last two UFC PPV events. YES I WATCHED THEM! Those of you who have been following me since I started this blog probably saw a change in what I was writing about. I use to write about MMA all the time and then it just stopped! It’s been probably almost three years since I’ve actually sat down and  a UFC event. I just couldn’t be bothered to watch them. There were to many happening (first of all) second I just got bitter with the sport and couldn’t even bring myself to bother watching it. UNTIL NOW! And the funny thing was the fights I watched I picked my winners and I got every single one of them right. Some fighters I’ve never even seen fight before and never heard of simply because I haven’t been following it. There is a lot of new blood in that cage right now and I don’t even know half of them. BUT it felt good to know I STILL HAD it when it came to picking the winners! 

The last UFC I watched I think the fight of the night was Clements and Riddle to be honest with you. I’ve met Clements before at a seminar years ago good guy from what I heard great fighter. He definitely put on a good showing that night. That fight was very back and forth and I mean they did fantastic. I was pretty excited to watch Faber because I enjoy watching that weight class for how fast pace it is. BUT I was pretty disappointed at all the fights after Riddle and Clements fight. I figured the heavy weights would be slower, I didn’t pick Kongo as my guy to win because from what I remember he gasses and that’s what it looked like he did again in his fight. It reminds me of a nice done up car… can look nice and jacked on the outside but if there is no gas in the tank and the engine isn’t up to par it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

The other card I SORT of watched was when Anderson Silva was fighting.. everyone had silva to lose but I knew he was going to win for the simple fact he’s a great mixed martial artist. ALLLLL I heard was how bad he was almost beat last time but if you have followed silva since he’s held the title you would realize he’s been getting bord with the people they match him up with in his title defenses. So he started playing around which the crowd didn’t like (and I agree it wasn’t fun to watch). I feel the last fight he had with sonnen he let him just do whatever to make it interesting for the crowd.. and then found his moment and pounced as he did in this fight.. I knew Tito was going to choke in his fight with forrest, it did go pretty back and forth but I mean Tito has a good first round and then chokes the 2nd and 3rd rounds… He just doesn’t have that hunger he did when he first started which is kind of sad because his only GREAT wins have been over Ken Shamrock (really…..)!

Not sure if any of you remember I was raising money because I was participating in the Heart & Stroke Big Bike in St Catharine’s! I want to say thank you to everyone who donated, and the people who bought cupcakes from me with the proceeds going to my Heart & Stroke pledge goal. I was able to raise over 400.00 and was recognized for it by the event organizer in St. Catharine’s! I sincerely appreciate my family and friends (and my friends friends) pulling together and helping me make a difference in someone’s life who is effected by heart and stroke. I have another fund raiser in September with the proceeds going to Huntington’s Disease Research. The event will be held at PLAYDIUM and we will be racing go-karts (from what I hear)! ANYONE is welcome to be a part of my team and help raise money, email me if you are interested. It’s been great taking on this role at work at Community Ambassador, I love being able to pitch in where I can and I appreciate the crazy support my friends and family have shown since I took on this roll. I’m hoping to organize a team to do the CN Tower run next spring! I will DEFINITELY have to train for that one. A lady that works with my company told me she did it in 22 minutes, SO naturally I WANT TO BEAT HER TIME  (haha)! I would love to get a team together for this event… Think about it and contact me and we will chat !!!

I’ve been still going to the gym as much as possible HOWEVER I’m finding it sooooo boring to go alone. I hit up Pintrest to try and find some interesting workouts just to keep it interesting. I WISH there was someone who was at the same gym as me who could be my work out buddy. I mean it would be great to have a spot who I can trust won’t drop the weight on my face, someone who is very knowledgeable at the gym and can help me spice up my work outs. PLUS the silent competition is always great too! I wish I had the time to train with Chad in Cayuga! By the time I get out of work I can never make it up there in time! I wish there was a decent MMA gym around Hamilton that is LEGIT and won’t rape me with fees. Since MMA blew up into the mainstream everyone and their mother “trains it” is a “master of it” it’s pretty hard to find legit people to roll with. 

I wanna work on getting big and strong again, I really miss having a jacked back and arms and shoulders and back and the list can go on and on *sigh*

Hmmmm what else can I talk about here… that won’t bore you (if you have even got this far)!

OH I booked a trip to Las Vegas! I figured after all the shenanigans that’s going to be going down in the next little bit and how busy it’s going to be I need a little time away and found an amazing deal so booked it. My friend Alicia is a travel agent and I went to her but then a really great deal came up online so I went with that, things change all the time but I didn’t wanna harass her everyday haha!!! But she’s totally amazing at looking into things and I appreciate her doing it for me!!! She’s awesome!!! If you need a travel agent let me know I will hook you up with her work contact info. Especially if you are going Aussie way, that girl has lived the life out there and is an expert in the amazing-ness that is Australia (how i wish I could go back)! 

SO yeah I’m hitting up Vegas, last time I went I had a great time and I’m not much of a gambler and lets face it I’m a complete light weight when it comes to drinking. BUT still managed to make a great time of it. I’ve been searching for different things to do while I’m there. Few things that seemed interesting were you can go on a Dune Buggy tour in the desert which seems pretty fun!! I definitely want to try and check out Blue Man Group perform I hear great things about their show. I want to hit up the stratosphere, hmm what else… HOPEFULLY meet up with Carla and Trigg at some point to catch up maybe do lunch or something I miss their faces been awhile since I’ve seen them. MAYBE the last time being when the UFC hit Toronto??? Probably the last time!!! I tried looking up Vegas travel vlogs but NO ONE’s got any good ones, so I think I’m going to try and make an interesting travel vlog? Would you be down to watch something like that? Post in the comments what you would like to see me put in a Vegas vlog.

I think that’s all I got for you right now…. 

Peace out home slice



~ by Christina Sears on July 27, 2012.

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