Yes.. the Stair Master Kicked my Butt

Cookie Dough Cupcake (Ashley Made)

I know I have been slacking a smidge on the Gym blogs, I just been crazy busy with work and stuff. I’m not sure if you remember me blogging about participating in the Heart & Stroke Big Bike in July. I have been baking cupcakes to raise money selling them for $1.00 a cupcake and sales are going well. This weekend I think I’m going to make Red Velvet since its one that everyone has been asking for. So I’m going to give that a whirl maybe Saturday when I have some time to myself. 

So maybe two weeks ago I had a day off on the weekend so Ashley and I decided to go to London, mainly to try this one diner called “Prince Alberts Diner” but we also thought while we were here (and it was a great day) why not head out on a trail. So I messaged a few friends in London about trails and such. My buddy Rin sent me the website for Fanshawe Conservation. It was beautiful on the website looked like there was plenty to hike, so we thought we would hit that up before going to eat. 

They have a beautiful lake in the middle of the conservation area and there is a huge hiking trail with different levels of intensity around this lake. SO we decided to hike it which according to the brochure it would take about 4-5 hours and it ends up being 20km hike. If you’re following me on Twitter you would have seen some of the pictures and updates during my hike. When we hit 10km we felt like we could go all the way, The sun was warm but there was a nice enough breeze to keep going. When we hit maybe 13km or so, thats when we started to really feel it. 

I know personally for me, my hips started to hurt, then my legs, then my feet. Eventually I felt like my legs were attached to cinderblocks. Not only that, I really had not eaten much since the day before on my lunch break at work. I ended up going home after work and was just tired so went to bed early. Then woke up and forgot to eat/pack something for the trip … I remembered to pack water though. SOOO We really didn’t have much but water through that 20km walk, so I guess I would be feeling sort of crummy during the home stretch. At this point, we couldn’t go back there was only pushing forward. To go back would have been just as bad then moving forward. We didn’t vlog much or take many pictures because at that point we just wanted to get it done. I’m happy to say we did complete it PLUS walked another 1.5km to the car haha! It was a great experience though, tough challenge to just keep going forward when you feel pretty crummy and all you have is water (we are retarded… definitely were not prepared for that like we normally are.)

THEN just the other day I went to the gym with a girl from work, who was fun to work out with she wanted to try everything and didn’t care. We had a good laugh but she did amazing. That was the first time I was introduced to the Stair Master. Whoever invented this contraption is crazy. NO matter what I did it sucked, I tried to go faster… sucked… slower… sucked… here is my fried just going to town. I didn’t know if it was because I sucked at climbing stairs OR maybe the stairs were to high for my little legs. OR maybe I wasn’t use to that sort of thing. She lives in an apartment complex and apparently does the stairs all the time. YOU would think with the amount of stairs I have in my house it should be no problem, but it sucked. I probably sound like a huge baby but MAN!!!!!!! haha!

Over the long weekend I hit up the beach for a roller blade. I bought them maybe a yr or so ago and really only took them out a few times. I wasn’t really good at getting back on that horse and being good at staying on my feet. Last time I used them I’m pretty sure I wiped out on my butt at Bayfront park in front of an entire movie crew and spectators. Yep… pretty embarrassing, all because I saw an elephant in the park and didn’t realize I was blading right on set. 

SOOO Over the long weekend my brother and I hit up a trail and he’s starting to get back on them too so it was funny watching him re-teach himself. I however fell and I wasn’t even on the trail yet, I fell walking from my car to the trail. I know.. your shaking your head and mumbling “idiot” under your breath ha! BUT I didn’t feel so bad after a few tumbles my brother made, made me feel a little better. It was fun can’t wait to do it again!!

This week so far at the gym I did some bench press which I did 75lbs with no spot, I think today I’m going to up that to 80 and see how I do. I also had my squat at 140 (no spot) so I’m going to probably put it to 145 or 150. When I do 140 I can go ass to ankles and my legs aren’t caving in so I think its time to up the weight. 

I had a cardio day yesterday, hit up the treadmill and decided it was a bit boring for me soooooo I got on another thing I hate doing which is the rowing machine. I think burpees and rowing are two things I HATE doing, but I rowed a lot yesterday, and was sweating my bag off… it was great felt great after I should really maybe incorporate that into my work outs more. Maybe create some kind of work out with it. 

SOOOOO That’s what’s going on thus far!! I recently stumbled on the website Pintrest, not sure if anyone reading this has used it. A few people I know were talking about it so I checked it out. It’s like a public bookmarking sight. You can pin pictures, articles videos etc.. but its public and it automatically shares it with other people. The fitness, food and traveling boards are pretty interesting!! I don’t mind the site, it definitely is something that can keep you occupied for awhile.

Check back to my Facebook Page/Twitter, I’ve been trying to post interesting video’s, articles, or any random information. Usually find them on break at work since I forgot the book I was reading. OOHHHH THE BOOK I’m reading, VERY interesting. It’s called “The Torso Murder” it was a murder that took place in the 1940’s right here in Hamilton! OOH I can’t wait to write about it actually! I also read “The Enforcer”  which is about a Hamilton mob boss, which was honestly amazing too. Although he was accused of a few crimes I still feel like this man brought so much to his community. ANOTHER thing I should write about!!! Maybe when I have more time!!!



~ by Christina Sears on May 24, 2012.

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