I saw previews awhile back for this new reality show on MTV called “Caged.” I’m not sure if any of you have heard about it, but its a show about up and coming amateur fighters in their early twenties fighting for their shot to show the world what they have to offer and to make it in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. 

I actually didn’t mind the show, which is weird because after things like “Never Back Down” and stuff I feel like some people just don’t get the concept of what happens when someone is actually 100% wanting to make this their career. 

Back in college I did a lot of MMA reporting, I never really understood what exactly those fighters I was interviewing went through, and I feel like my decision to just jump in there and throw myself to the dogs to find out exactly what they go through was one of the best things I could have ever done. It not only helped me understand what I was capable of doing, and show me that I can be and do great things in the gym, BUT it gave me that inside look at exactly what happens. 

I’ve never really had to cut weight before, lets face it I’m pretty tiny, BUT I watched and learned about cutting weight, I learned about diet, I learned about how your body feels when making that cut. I’ve watched a lot of guys do it a lot of different ways, and I feel like proper diet will help you get down to where you need to be a few days out from your fight. You should only have to (if needed) cut the last few pounds through water. I feel like people who just lost it all in a sauna and don’t diet properly really lose out come fight time because their body has already been through a war and it was with the cut. Where if your body is prepared for war, you ate right and did everything you were suppose to at least you’re going in there 1000% ready to get it on. 

On the show Wes really learned that the hard way and I was pretty happy that he decided to train properly for the last fight of the season. I think he came a long way in that aspect and if he goes at that rate and fighting is something he likes to do he’s got the talent he can climb his way up there.

The desire to become the next GSP or Anderson Silva, or Randy Couture isn’t all about fame and fortune. You have to put your blood sweat and tears into that gym every single day. You have to work and work to make it where you want to go. It’s a sport where its not as simple as eat sleep train and repeat. Some people are doing this while they have big responsibilities in their personal life to take care of, and that extra stress of paying bills and taking care of that family is a lot to take in and have on your mind while your gearing up for a fight. I’ve seen some fighters let this run them in the cage and it distracts them and they aren’t thinking about winning. 

I really think that Matt really handled the situations that were happening around him well.. That kid had so much heart and even watching the show I WAS nervous to see how the fight would go… I was hoping he would finish his opponent because he has put in that time and worked his ass off and totally deserved the opportunity he got with Team Punishment. When they showed his last fight the one where Tito was scouting I was so nervous to watch it. But I think he did a great job of keeping his composure and going out there and showing why he deserved that shot and I’m so stoked that he got it. 

Watching some of these guys on the show reminded me of WHY I loved watching amateur fights, or smaller fights where the guys are working their way up. The heart that pours out of some of these fighters is overwhelming. Especially understanding everything they probably went through prior to stepping in that cage fight night. Watching that show made me miss some people I use to train with, made me miss the feeling I had when I was in there training with the guys and getting my butt beat. 

I was never the biggest fighter (which is why I think I had so much respect for Matt). I always had to work with people 2x’s my size and even compete with girls who were much bigger then me. I never trained with girls and if I did they didn’t stick with it long enough. I feel like Matt didn’t let him being the smaller guy at the gym be a weakness… I use to look at it as being a weakness, a handicap, an annoying fact of life. BUT THEN when I finally got to compete with people MY SIZE, I felt like the big bad bully. I didn’t realize how strong it was making me, and Matt really took that in as making his stronger and a better athlete and I think that’s big of him! Because I wasn’t someone who could think positively like that, it really got to me at times. 

I hope I can find a steady MMA gym to start training at again because I miss it. I recently started training again (for the last 3 months) but it got put to a halt because of a miss communication from the gym I’m at. It was a big blow because I sincerely enjoyed training again. I felt like I was starting from scratch again and didn’t care because I had no pressure of trying to impress anyone. I was there because I wanted to be there!!!

This show was a good show to watch, But it made me miss some of my team mates and coaches, and the sport a little. Maybe I will find an MMA gym I can train at who knows… Kudos to these guys and the best of luck to them in their MMA future! 



~ by Christina Sears on May 12, 2012.

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