Yup.. I’m feeling it!

What a night of rolling! I got in a lot of time on the mat which is fan-friggin-tastic! I haven’t got that much mat time since training at Edges because he makes sure everyone subbed in and no one was ever left pickin their nose on the side or looking at the wall. I like these guys, they all have a lot to bring to the table in their own way and its interested to get to know them all.

There was some worry about my nose ring today though, I can’t take it out and I know the risks involved by rolling with it in. It’s still pretty new and this keloid doesn’t help I’m sure it will close up tighter then a virgins vagina if I take it out just for the hour of training. May just throw some tape or something over it that way it doesn’t get caught on anything. If I knew I would be getting back into training this much I wouldn’t have got it done I don’t think. I thought I’d be getting into training after it heals not all in like I am. AWE WELL STUFF HAPPENS!

I have to work on getting out from the bottom when someone heavy mounts me, or is in control on top. It’s something I had an issue with since starting to train and when I started training with Edge he really worked that. Mark (my other jits trainer) really worked that too, its just a matter of remembering everything again. 

I will tell you one thing though, my entire body is sore, it was an amazing work out! I banged my left ear at some point while rolling and its kind  of sore right now and a bit swollen, I’m sure it won’t colly up or anything. UNLESS it will be my luck it does (awe whatever ha, adds character to my ears)! Jase kneeled on my toe when we were grappling it didn’t hurt that much when he did it but right now its pretty sore too. GOD I hate getting old it TOTALLY SUCKS THE BIG ONE!!!!

I do feel a lot stronger then what I did when I started that class which is awesome it means I’m just getting back to normal.

I got some solid training partners, been learning a lot in the last week or so I’m pretty happy with how this is all panning out to be honest, probably one of the best things I ever did for myself. Some people thought I was just using excuses to get back into the swing on things but I truly wanted to do it on my own time, and get a routine going and not have to work around anyone else’s schedule but my own!

I have my squat up to 140 this week will be upping that to about 145 I think, I was able to up my bench this week because 1. I had a spot and 2. Because I had some guys who were pushing me. I think I started with a working set of 85lbs. Then the second time I benched this week one of the guys I was training with (Cody) was like “you should just put 35’s on if you  are doing 85, you can do more.” TRUSTING he wouldn’t let me drop the bar on my face I agreed. SO we put 35’s on the bar, and I shocked myself I was doing 115lbs for bench press. If I told you that I currently weighed 117lbs WOULD YOU BELIEVE ME? WHICH MEANS THAT IS PRETTY MUCH MY OWN BODY WEIGHT!!!! MAN I never thought I could get back to that THAT FAST! I was pretty grateful he pushed me that little extra bit though.

I’m not sure if you guys saw on my FaceBook Page but on the weekend Ashley and I attempted to make Cotton Candy Cupcakes, it was something we were talking about over some cold stone. DO you know how hard it is to hunt down cotton candy in this city??? If it wasn’t for my friend Tammy I probably never would have found some. ANYWAYS these cupcakes were just an experiment but turned out AMAZING!!! I’m trying to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Big Bike, so I’ve been baking some cupcakes (with a girl from work’s hubby) and we have been selling them for a dollar. SO far so good my batch of cotton candy cupcakes didn’t even last two full days once I got them to work so that was pretty awesome. I was thinking about selling them by the half dozen, 1.00 a cupcake (only because 100% of the proceeds goes to the Heart and Stroke). IF anyone is interested in some Cotton Candy Cupcakes just give me a shout on my Facebook Page (or by email searstina@hotmail.com) and we can chat up details. I can make them gluten free (we did it for Ashley so it can be done)!

I also want to mention that my fan page has REACHED almost 5000 people? THAT’S AMAZING considering only 280 something people have subscribed. It’s true what I was told once by Frank Trigg, its not about how many people are following you its about how many people you reach!! Amazing !! Thank you to EVERYONE who’s taken the time to read/watch my stuff, comment, and keep in touch. I sincerely appreciate your comments and read everything you take the time to post!!!




~ by Christina Sears on April 20, 2012.

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