Taught some Jits Tonight!

This is what a Keloid looks like! This isn't my nose just a googled nose! But just to give you an idea!

Sitting here drinking down a protein shake thinking a few things, one I may take out my nose ring. For those of you who didn’t know I got my nose pierced just after my birthday, and although I don’t mind it I bashed my face not to long ago causing a keloid to form! Not a fan of having something like that on my face, I’m going to try and get rid of it but if it doesn’t happen I’m taking the thing out. See how it goes, anyone else ever have this problem with a piercing? I was reading online and apparently tee-tree, ib profin, sea salt, and cortisone cream help? Let me know if you’ve experienced this what did you do?

I’m also thinking of how incredibly sore I am right now, I hit up the gym again tonight after work ONLY this time I had a training buddy. It was one of the guys from the MMA class I’ve been going to. While I was waiting for him I did a bit of cardio just to get everything warm and working. We hit up the training room (the room with the mats and bags) and started just kicking the bag and doing a few little things. Then I realized there were kettle bells in that room, seriously my face lit up like a kid on christmas! I pulled out my work out log and found a small crossfit work out we can do with them. 

I grabbed to kettle bells that were the same weight, and we decided it was going to be 10 kettle bell swings and 10 push ups (for 7 rounds)!  So needless to say right now my shoulders and stuff are just sore!  Normally we would time ourself (that’s the point of the work out because you are suppose to get it done in the shortest time possible), BUT I didn’t have a stop watch handy! 

Kettle Bell Swings & Push Ups

After we got through that, we took in some water and did some bag work 50 kicks (alternating sides ever 10 kicks) and then 50 knees (alternating ever 10). So from the kettle bell swings and balancing to kick and knee my legs are tired too! BUT I feel great which is awesome.

It felt fantastic to have a work out buddy, I know he’s pretty new to jits so I asked what he learned so far thinking maybe I can catch up to those guys in the class (since I’ve been out of the loop for so long). He told me a few things which was awesome so I worked on arm bar and triangle from the guard, why we shrimp and how it helps etc… He’s a short and stocky guy so he’s like me where he will have bigger people in his weight classes and to roll with so I really wanted him to know everything he does has to be tight because most of the guys will be bigger then him. 

I didn’t think I could teach anything, because I haven’t done it in so long BUT it’s truly like getting back on a bike. He caught on pretty quick which was awesome I appreciated him really listening to details instead of being a meat head. It’s great to train with someone who sees me as an equal and not as a girl so they have to get all macho and stuff. 

The warm up in class tomorrow is going to suck because I’m going to be sore as hell (I can already feel it)! BUT I totally can’t wait to train again tomorrow and then thursday night and friday – sunday I’m resting! 

Diet’s been going pretty good, hitting up the grocery store this weekend when I have time off to pick up the week’s worth of food. What are some tasty things I can make that are pretty healthy. I kind of want to experiment with different meals and such! If you have a fave post it, I would love to read about it!!!

Anyways, I have an early busy day tomorrow with work and then the gym so I’m going to chug the rest of this protein shake and hit the sack! 



~ by Christina Sears on April 11, 2012.

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