Oh what a weekend! First off I would love to personally wish EVERYONE a Happy Easter. This was the first year my mom didn’t get me Creme Eggs I’m not going to lie I was a little disappointed, they are one of my favourite things to eat on easter!!! BUT it was bitter sweet because I’m “eating smarter” anyways and a Creme Egg probably wouldn’t be the best choice for me to pig out on. PLUS I was saving my cheat meal for Nonna’s house on Easter Sunday. There would have been no way I could sit there with the sweet aroma of fresh home made (yes even the noodle and sauce home made) lasagna, home made stuffed olives, chicken cutlets and the list goes on. Who was I kidding it had to be a cheat meal because if not I would be going crazy sitting there. 


Needless to say after dinner I did need to go for a nap, because my tummy was so bloated out and whenever I eat a meal at Nonna’s I have to sleep before dessert! 

The weekend’s over so it was right back in the gym for me today. Was suppose to have a partner tonight but school is number one and they had an assignment that needed to be completed which I totally understand. So I did a bit of cardio to warm up then hit the weights. I was pretty determined to up the weight this week and get on upping it about 5-10lbs every week if possible. 

The Squat racks were taken so to kill some time I hit up the bench press, threw on 75lbs I wanted to put it at 80lbs BUT I couldn’t find the 2.5lbs weights ANYWHERE. Of course after I’m done my sets I find them, which is kind of annoying. I’m pretty sure I’m ready to go to 80lbs I think I was benching my weight at the time which was 115lbs so my goal is to get to that for right now. Sort of a short term goal I guess you can say!

Hit up squats next, had some younger guys beside me I think they were doing 115lbs or so I warmed up with the bar then threw on 115lbs and then threw on 140lbs. After my first set of 140lbs they packed up and left. I hope it wasn’t because of me it didn’t seem like they did very many sets or reps of squats so I’m not sure. Kind of felt like it was my fault a little bit. But 140lbs felt good, didn’t struggle doing it on my own yet which is good, at soon as I hit 165lbs I know I will get a bit more nervous and need a spot. Hopefully by then I can make some friends at the gym and get training with some of them and have them spot me and help me with my lifting. 

Figured I would do some dead lifts too while I was there and I upped it to 115lbs, I felt good but I wish they had a 35lbs bar because my hands are too small to grip the 45lbs bar when I get my dead’s heavier. Maybe I will invest in those straps? Are they any good or even worth it? Let me know in the comments below give me some pointers on maybe what I can do. I usually use the over under grip too sometimes when it gets heavy but I feel like I have better form when my grip is the same. 

I also want to invest in a good pair of gym shoes. I have Nike Shocks right now and they are great for walks on the pavement or even running outside but for a treadmill and stuff I’m doing in the gym I feel like they are too bulky and to high in the back. WHen I lift with them on I can’t get the full range of motion because they are too high in the back, BUT when I take them off and lift barefoot I feel like I have better control over my lift. SO any suggestions on gym shoes please post them in the box below too. REMEMBER my foot is a size 4 or 4.5, so they have to come in a kids size ( I know I’m small I get it)!

ANYWAYS! I have to hit the shower, after my work out I stopped over at Mat and Ashley’s place and helped them put in some insolation (small part of their basement) but man for some reason I’m itchy as a mother trucker. SO I got to shower, I”ve been itching writing this entire thing, but I wanted to get it off my mind before I went to bed.

ALSO I hand washed my car the other day by myself for the first time, I do have video of that let me know in the comments if you would like me to put the footage together in a vlog! I will admit there are some funny parts in it. I was shocked of how hard the spray comes out when your pressure washing it it threw me back some AND I had to use to hands allllll the time. SO let me know!



~ by Christina Sears on April 9, 2012.

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