Sore but I still made CUPCAKES!

I know its a bit later for this blog, but I had so much to do today that I pretty much felt like I lived in my car. This morning I had to pick up the last of the clothing drive donations from my end and then I had to do a fit test. It was a bit different it was pretty much them asking me what my background was in the gym, what I like to do, what my eating’s like etc… what my goals are that kind of thing. Took a few of my measurements after the chat and I was on my way to the next thing I had to do. I don’t think I really stopped attttttt all!

I was pretty sore from rolling last night, but still managed to make it out to the striking. With striking I feel like a fish out of water, but I’m loving the fact that everything gets broken down step by step and you have a chance to get down the technique. Stand up is most definitely not my niche BUT I still don’t mind learning it. It was a smaller class today which was fine a bit more one on one. 

I think I’m going to get that Bas Rutten work out and throw it on my ipod so I can work on the bags as a cardio work out during the week. Maybe shadow box with some weights again get the muscles built back up in my arms and such. 

I definitely am making some new callouses on my feet, after all the pivoting I did today the ball of my foot is a bit tender ha, but I guess if it is I’m doing something right? I find I don’t get as frustrated trying to learn stand up this time around and it’s probably because no one knows me, they don’t know anything about me so I’m a bit more at ease and not having to feel like I have an expectation I have to meet. NOT that ANY of my old coaches ever made me feel like that on purpose I guess I just never wanted to let them down when I was training with them.

This whole starting from the bottom stuff sucks though, I’m sore everywhere and now that I’m up there in age I feel it WAY MORE! SO when I hit up Body Max Nutrition today I obviously hit up Pete for some advice on what the hell I can do with this body of mine, he suggested a few great things so next week I’m probably going to drop by and pick up some stuff from the store.

Those of you who have been following my blog know that Body Max Nutrition (which use to be PDN) has been a LONG LONG time sponsor of mine. They are who I have been consulting about my diet, and supplements. They break down the information I need to know about specific things and explain it in a way that makes it stick and remember what the hell they are talking about. They use big words but TELL you what they mean and how it works and the whole 9 yards. They are VERY personable and I recommend them to ANYONE looking to get some supplements and stuff. I recommend them BECAUSE they are genuine honest people and are not going to sell you something YOU DON’T NEED. They know their product I can say that, I have never had a question not answered. They have been a great support system to me over the years and I sincerely appreciate everything they have done and are doing for me. 

Easter/Good Friday Cupcakes!

Tonight I was able to do a little baking, earlier  trying to figure out toppings and what would look good with what etc… And Steven and I came up with some pretty interesting stuff and I think the creation turned out. PLUS I got to use the new piping kit he bought me, its SO FANTASTIC!!!! My wrists, arms and hands were sore from the gym but whatever this thing he bought me was so easy to use and easy to clean I was quite impressed. 

ANYWAYS its a bit late, hopefully I can video blog my good friday/easter with the fam jam!!! I have a few clips from my cheat day I have to put together if you want to see that? 

Let me know in the comments your feedback, just so I know how many people are reading and whatcha think!!! I can write everyday if you want, I can post more pictures, or video… you tell me just leave your feedback in the comment box below!!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!!!



~ by Christina Sears on April 5, 2012.

One Response to “Sore but I still made CUPCAKES!”

  1. Are we reading? OF COURSE I’m reading. Keep it comin. I love reading your blogs… It helps me live vicariously through you xo


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