…. I’m going to Feel That Tomorrow!

Since, I’m sitting here sucking back a protein shake before I hit up a shower I figured I would take this time to tell you JUST HOW FRIGGIN AWESOME IT WAS ROLLING TONIGHT!!!!!!

Today was the first time I got to roll in I would say maybe 2.5 years or so (AT LEAST)! Those of you who have been following my blog know that I just got burnt out and lost my perspective on things and what I wanted to do so I put training on hold because I felt I wasn’t in the right place to put all I got into it again. 

So when I started at this new gym I saw they had an mma class and I thought I’d check it out but i was NOT expecting this. To be honest as much as I miss Edges and everyone there it kind of feels great to train with people I don’t know and re-learn everything at my own pace with some new people. I miss just rolling with people and having fun, having a good laugh and just feeding off each other when it comes to what works and how to tweek things. 

From what I understand they have never had a girl in that class so I’m sure its a huge change for them, but I’m not there to make them feel less of a guy, or to make them feel they have to take it easy. I hope they look at it as a learning experience, and maybe use a different way of moving around and thing about what they are doing instead of brute forcing their way through everything!

I’ve never felt like I was going to lose my dinner since being in the sport, maybe once at Edges but that was because of my stupid self eating yogurt covered pretzels on my way there (I knowwwww idiot right?). BUT because I haven’t done this in so long its a different kind of cardio work out and my body felt like it was going to lose my dinner. I did manage to make it through the class but I have a feeling I’m going to be quite sore tomorrow. I’m booked my fit test at 10:30am tomorrow since I have the day off anyways get it out of the way maybe see where I’m at and then might do a work out with one of the guys from class. I was shocked when I mentioned how hard it was to find a training partner like just to lift with and stuff and they kind of embraced the idea which was wicked. I mean most look like they know what they are doing in the weight room, and I feel like I can embrace their knowledge and learn some stuff. Maybe get big and strong again, maybeeeeeee dig deep and pop a few abs out haha (who am I kidding I will never have a turtle shell)! HAHA!

So, here’s where I am diet wise! I actually made it through those 2 weeks of the cleans I was doing! THATS RIGHT I MADE IT! You know how hard it is to have nice weather and KNOW you can’t have some ice cream. ANYONE who knows me knows ice cream is most definitely one of my weaknesses. ESPECIALLY Cotton candy flavor from Hewitts or Cold Stone, OR anything peanut butter flavor really! I managed to drop three pounds which I was sort of disappointed but really I feel like maybe I have more muscle on me then I originally thought. For my cheat day I really didn’t go all out I had sushi and then made myself a peanut butter and apple cinnamon honey sandwich. OH and… well i maybe snuck in some Dairy Queen later on! IT WAS SO GOOOODDD! Next cheat day will be Easter Sunday because there is NO WAY I can go to Nonna’s house and NOT have Nonna’s home made lasagna and stuffed olives… I’m sorry anyone who can just say no to that has far more will power then myself and kudos to them!

Wow, sorry for the off topic thought but I’m sore… its sort of setting in right now, I’m not complaining I miss feeling like this. 

I’m not going to lie I was a bit worried about my nose ring when I was rolling, its new to me and I’ve only had it in for maybe 3 months now. I guess stand up would be different because I’d actually be getting hit in the face!

In other news!!!! I don’t know if any of you know this BUT I had to send my coach purse in for repairs, unfortunately they COULDN’T fix it but they gave me a credit for the entire amount for the bag which I was shocked because the bag is at least 2 years old. See, I know Coach is expensive but if something happens they back up their product and make sure that you get your your bucks worth you know? So I picked out a new one.. it was hard because I as comparing all of them to my old one, so i sucked it up and got the one I was eyeing for a bit. Paid a difference of 3 bucks, which is probably the least amount of money anyone will ever spend walking out of a Coach store (haha)!

So let me know if you want me to blog everyday, or about my training more post your feedback!!



~ by Christina Sears on April 5, 2012.

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