KIJIJI AD: “Serious Gym Partner Wanted”

135lbs Squat!

This week has been pretty successful, I’m pretty impressed that tomorrow is my cheat day which means I’VE MADE IT 2 WEEKS WITH EATING CLEAN KIDS!!!! I’m only 3lbs down but I notice a difference over all, I think that my body is beefing up muscle wise this time around instead of shedding a lot of fat. I’m pretty stoked not sure what I want first to be honest.

This week I was able to up my squat to 135, and it will be at 140 next week because towards the end of the week it was looking pretty solid. I have to take off my shocks when I’m lifting though, I feel they are too high in the back and make me feel off when I’m lifting. I usually bring my converse (just to lift) but forget to put them on. I guess I’m just use to lifting in my socks and no shoes, I feel like I have more control in my lift that way. 

I got my bench up to 75lbs right now and I’m pretty stoked about that because it’s going up pretty easy. I wish I had a spot though, that way I could put a little harder because I know I can be doing 80lbs but I get nervous with no spot and I don’t just trust anyone to spot me.  

I’ve joked around about putting an ad on Kijiji “Serious Gym Partner WANTED” ha!!! You think I would get any responses?? haha!

I attempted to do a crossfit work out I made up on my own, and I didn’t make it through as much as I would like to, I still have a long way to go but the warm up in these MMA classes are pretty intense. It’s like being in Edges gym mixed with Coach Morden’s gym of death (if you’ve trained with him you wouldn’t know what I mean)! BUT as much as I feel behind I feel great doing it. 

Since I don’t know any of the guys I’m going to be training with I feel like I have a new slate to cover. I have a new gym I’m at and can start from scratch just all on my own. The guys who run the MMA gym all know Edge and obviously have nothing but great things to say about him and the guys that were there so it makes me feel good knowing I got the chance to train out there with him too. Kinda miss the guys but its great to see they are doing fantastic.

The guy I was talking too that is one of the main trainers for that MMA class seems pretty good.. pretty down to earth and humble, really focuses on every little detail reminds me of Edge A LOT! So I’m glad I don’t have to find another MMA gym to train at and that this gym is a one stop shop for me. 

I’m hoping to vlog a bit more, I know a lot of people have said they like that I write and do videos so I’m going to try and get as many pictures and videos as I can for you guys.  I want to switch it up a bit and make it interesting. I watch this one couple on youtube and they just do their everyday thing and vlog it and its catchy. I’m not sure of the audience that is following my blogs/vlogs anymore.

Three years ago I would have said my audience were people who are into the gym, mma, and training… but since I’ve been out of that loop for a long time I’m not really sure who’s reading OR why they are reading and following. So it stumps me on what to write about or talk about really. SO I think I’m just going to be me, and hopefully my friends/family/boyfriend won’t mind the camera being pulled out every so often. I noticed my videos where I’m just hanging out doing something, or talking about stuff that matter to me that day seem to do well. SO I will see if I can mix it up a bit. BUT by all means if you have any suggestions PLEASE feel free to post your comments, your feedback will only help me get better right?



~ by Christina Sears on March 31, 2012.

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