Day 10

Gooood Morning!

So I’m 

on day 10/14 of this diet I’m doing, its basically to clear my system out these last two weeks so I can start eating other things too. I’ve been eating a lot of ve

ggies, salads, and fish so it hasn’t been SOOOO bad bur I’ve had a few rough days where I want a chocolate bar or ICE CREAM!!! I’ve tried to chew a stick of gum when those cravings come up and it work this far but my jaw is tired from chewing gum (haha)!

Anyways, my progress at the gym has been great, I have my squat up to 135lbs right now and I’m going to stick to that for the rest of the week and up it by 5 pounds next week. I upped my bench to 70lbs and I think I’m going to keep that where it is for this week and up it to 75 next week which I’m pretty stoked about.

I still need a steady gym partner because I know me, when I start getting heavy for the lifting I’m going to be scared to do it without a spot EVEN though if I have to bail the bars are right there. I don’t just let anyone spot me too because some people don’t give you a chance to fail and they are always helping you and can’t properly do it. Plus it’s just nice in general to have someone working with you its good company!

APPARENTLY by starting to eat cleaner and work out I’ve inspired some of the girls on my management team to do the same. As one of them would put it “hell if this bitch (meaning me) can lost some weight and eat right… I CAN TOO.” I laughed when I was told this because there are a few reasons why I decided to just eat a bit cleaner, ONE it’s cheaper to be fat but when your buying lunch everyday it takes a toll on your bank account,  and I’m way to cheap for that. Secondly I just wanted to be strong and fit again, I really did miss it.

This week I get to hit up that MMA class because I have Thursday off SOOOO I’m pretty stoked about that, I’m sure I’m going to be sore as hell but I don’t care!!! I’m not sure what they do Thursday’s because I checked out only the Wednesday’s class so I’m hoping its some ground work because that would be AMAZINNGGG!!!!

I’m not sure if you know but this month my staff and I joined together with Body Max Nutrition and started a clothing drive. WE have had a huge response and we were able to send off already 24 boxes of stuff to the Drummond House, and Body Max received an email saying that the day our donations were dropped off they were able to give a little girl a pair of shoes to wear.. We still have a few boxes being out together to also send I wouldn’t be surprised if our total boxes sent will be over 30! I’m so proud of my team and their efforts and a SPECIAL SPECIAL thanks to Body Max who allowed us to use the space in their store as a drop off for everyone, AND for sorting through all those bags of clothes and making sure these women and children got the best stuff possible. 

Body Max has been amazing to me and I can’t thank them enough. They have been supportive with not only my training but also with my everyday things I happen to be doing. They have become a second family and I sincerely appreciate everything they have done for me up to this point.

I seriously can’t wait until Saturday/Sunday (one of those day’s is going to be a cheat day). Well I will probably only have one cheat meal BUT still I’ve been thinking about what I should have and have no friggin clue!!! All I know is I can’t wait it’s going to be so amazing to eat something I’ve been craving so badly! 

Stay tuned to my facebook page I have a few vlogs I have to still edit, one is from the food and drink festival that recently was in Hamilton!



~ by Christina Sears on March 28, 2012.

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