Diet Day 3

Sorry I didn’t Blog about Monday’s work out, I honestly got home tried to keep my eyes open (couldn’t) and crashed out pretty hard.  I don’t know if I told you all this but I know I told a friend of mine while we were at the gym and he was kind of in disbelief. I was telling him how I was cleaning out my room (for the clothing drive I’m doing) gathering my stuff putting it in a box for the shelter I was donating to, going through old things and organizing my room somewhat, and I came across my old work out journals. 

When I started crossfit, I kept a log of the work out’s I did, how fast I finished them, what weight I used etc. I even kept a detailed log of my power lifting from the time I started until I stopped. I guess your thinking “so what’s the big deal,” WELL I took them… flipped through them.. and thought.. this isn’t me anymore… I’m different then the girl that pushed through all this… and threw them in the garbage. I mean I still have my journals I wrote in elementary/high school (yes I was one of those)…. BUT I decided to throw these work out logs out.

I basically wanted to start from dirt bottom, I didn’t want to be reminded about how far I got… because to tell you the truth when I stopped I stopped because I guess I felt maybe burnt out a little bit. SO when I started again I promised myself it was going to be on my terms. Although I did make some amazing gains, and really pushed myself further then I thought I could go this is a new start… completely fresh so I thought it was only right if I chucked those and had a new one. 

Monday I started my diet (don’t roll your eyes at me), diet I guess is the wrong word for that I’m doing, I’m eating A LOT cleaner. Every time I say diet people roll their eyes at me and say “your not fat,” “you wanna see fat I will show you fat,” “what the hell do you need to diet for” and man… the list can go on and on.   

This is what I’ve learned getting yourself to where YOU feel you look good DOES not happen with a quick pill, a fast diet, a drink diet, a soup diet etc… it comes down to CLEAN eating and working out. FIND what works for you and do it, most of clean eating is common sense I’ve learned. Only if your training in something specific or have specific goals it will change a smidge. 

ANYONE who really knows me know I would sooner have an entire ice cream cake TO MYSELF then eat a salad, but an ice cream cake will defeat the purpose of going to the gym, and defeat the purpose of me even trying to feel good again. 

I’m NO expert in the nutrition field, but I have some really good people that have been guiding me along, explaining why we eat certain things, what foods are good for you, which are good for you but to watch because some are full of sugar and other stuff we don’t need a lot of, they help me with my nutrition supplements and protein etc… 

I know some people who work out and then eat like crap, think of it this way… your pretty much a nice car with no engine… You can look pretty work out but if you don’t fuel your system right you will run into nothing but headaches. Your body needs help to get yourself where you want to be. 

It’s hard, I live in a house where chips and  my favorite cookies are always around and I just have to sit there and say to myself “ you know what.. your either in this or your not.” It comes down to WHAT I WANT, because there is no one else to blame but me when it doesn’t go my way. 

Basically what I’ve been doing and will continue to do for the rest of this week and into next week is:

-When I wake up have a protein shake (if I don’t have time to actually eat) or make some eggs and I like to put some cheese (brick cheese not processed) and veggies in my eggs.

-I make sure I eat every 2-3 hours normally I can go 2 hours 3 is pushing it but if I’m at work I have to do what I can. That way I’m full and won’t have time to be so hungry that I’m craving something. 

-My meals consist of mixed steamed veggies (I love loveeeee broccoli and green zuccini so that’s what I use.) I also make up some salads with romaine lettuce (I’m not a fan of much on my salad I like it quite plane jane anyways) and I throw some protein on there like chicken, fish, I have some lean beef I use sometimes. At night I’ve been having eggs but I’m switching that to a protein shake before bed to keep me full through the night. 

NO matter that you do, your going to have people eating junk around you all the time YOU just have to know your limit. At the end of these 2 weeks, I WILL have a cheat meal and you know what when I do I’m going to miss my lovely green salad that made me feel oh so much better then a burger (well in my case it just maybe some cotton candy ice cream with rainbow sprinkles from cold stone OR Dairy Queen reeces blizzard… mmm…). You should always treat yourself but know your limit.

SOOO onto the work out info, when I did the free week trial at this gym I’m at now I just kind of felt around to see where I’m at and what I needed to work on. 

I started all my lifting at the very bottom of the pole, but towards the end of the week I upped it a little bit.

THIS WEEK this is where my lifts are:

Squat: upped to 115lbs

Press: Still 65 (until I don’t have to push press it I’m keeping it there)

Deadlift: 95lbs (upping it next week)

Bench: 65lbs (I’m going to up it this week to 70lbs I think).

I plan on doing a 5k run a few times a week on the treadmill as my cardio OR depending how many people are around I would love to do tabata rounds on the heavy bags. If I have someone to work out with maybe we can bot go back and forth… see how it goes. OR tabata anything really… hmmmm got me thinking!!!

Tomorrow’s going to be a cardio day, a girl I worked with is training the same time as me so I think her and I are going to run together. 

OH I didn’t tell you about Diet day 1 did I? Oh MAN can I tell you, my body was going through withdraw and that day for some reason I was craving skittles SO BAD. I felt pretty out of it, I felt like I couldn’t see straight I was super tire by the end of the day… I don’t know how to explain it. It really made me think about those people who are detoxing from drugs and stuff… MINES from ice cream and junk food and I almost went crazy NEVER mind an actual drug hahaha! SHEESH!

I did tell you I’m getting back into mixed martial arts a smidge right? My gym offers 2 classes a week (which is fine by me) and the people in there seem legit one of the guys that run it apparently trained at 2 of the gyms I was at SO… its promising! I just have to get the days approved at work so I can just work the day shift and I will be there every week. I was pretty bummed I couldn’t this week to be honest!! I got a taste of it and no one knew who I was or what my background was and I could just start from scratch instead of feeling like I have to meet someone’s expectations. THEY don’t know me so they DIDN’T have any expectations, and I didn’t have that pressure on me 

Anyways, its pretty late and I have to hit up Body Max Nutrition in Waterdown to pick up a tub of vanilla protein that they have waiting for me and then head to work SO thanks for reading.

Please let me know in the comments what you want me to talk about, what you would love to see. I mean the gym is dead enough that I could probably get some video of the lifting and stuff and vlog it! BUT you tell me, do you want like b4 and after pictures, do you want to know what supplements I take, where I go? YOU TELL ME what you want to read what interests you. 

IF you have any work out videos of your own, suggestions, diet or healthy meal suggestions PLEASE feel free to post them in the comments. I do really appreciate all your feedback!



~ by Christina Sears on March 22, 2012.

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  1. Are you working out at Alchemy?


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