Back at it Again Kids!

SO, I don’t know if many of you know but originally this blog started out as something I had to do for class, something I had to keep updated, and something to help me pass the class. THEN I started to train a while lot and decided THATS what I was going to write about each week, which then lead into each day and from there it kind of just developed itself. 

If you have been following my blog till this point you would probably see a bit of a different vibe over the last three or so years. It was like I lost sight of what I stood for in a way (if that makes sense). No one really questioned me on it they kind of just let it go, even if they wanted to ask very few decided too. 

I had some people close to me think I was just making excuses for myself, there was always a reason why I didn’t want to step back on the mat, or get back under a bar for some weight lifting or dig deep in a tough work out. I’m not sure if I shared this on my blog but I just felt burnt out, everything I worked for in a way didn’t feel like it was for me.  I guess its hard to explain really, but I felt like the gym was a job I had to do.YES I loved it but at some point it just didn’t become fun for me anymore. 

SO I put all my focus into life and finding my niches (as Trigg would say), and trying to make sure I set myself up for success knowing that the gym and everything I loved to do will still be there at the end of the day IF its what I chose to do.

It took three years for me to finally feel like “this is it, I’m going to get back into the swing of things.” I emailed my old coach to see if the schedule of the gym stayed the same and sad enough he told me he was moving which meant the gym was closing… That was a shock to hear, AND I was shopping around for a normal gym to go to too. 

At the point he told me his gym was closed I felt like that was a sign to start fresh, with people who don’t know me, and I then started to feel the way about a regular gym too. I was told about this one gym and had some really good recommendations. I was looking at the classes and noticed they had an MMA class too (which I thought it was cool if it was legit.) 

I signed up for the free week over to try out the gym and started monday! I wanted to see where I was at with my lifts, so started with my squat… did my usual warm up and then put on a bit of weight… which honestly was fine to lift I wasn’t even really shaking. I then stuck on 95lbs as my working set, It wasn’t too bad but I knew if I put more on it probably wouldn’t be in my best interest so that’s what I stuck with. You know, when I first started lifting that’s what I started with? WOW EH? I’m actually starting FROM scratch, but you know what I’m doing it for me and I don’t really care what the number is… I will eventually be up to where I was (only 100lbs to go)!

I then worked on core (because I want to do a lot more core work outs). 

I went back Wednesday night, to check out the MMA class, I didn’t really bring any of my gear because I wasn’t sure if it was just a “work out” class, if it was a guy who’s watched a few MMA DVD’s and feels like he’s the next GSP or what. I guess I wasn’t really sure what I was going to expect when walking in there. 

So warmed up a bit on the treadmill considering my legs were a bit sore from monday, then walked in the room and here were a bunch of a guys who 1 looked in great shape 2 reminded me of the guys I trained with at Edges, and 3 WERE LEGIT!!! 

HOW did i even LUCK out like that? We did a warm up and it was the same warm up Edge would throw me through mixed with a little crossfit. I mean I hateeeee burpees and when they were like okay do this and burpees too ALLLL I could think of was Coach Morden saying “YEAHHHHHHH BURPEES” in my head. 

The warm up was a bit much for me considering I haven’t been in this for how long now, but its like my body remembered what it felt like because I ended up catching my second wind and the rest of the warm up wasn’t easy but it wasn’t too bad either. 

They wanted to continue with their stand up, something I have a love hate with I suppose. I really only did standup with Edge and took private lessons in thai boxing with a training partner of mine and that was forever ago. So I was a bit nervous, but I feel like it was riding a bike I just had to do it to remember, and then remember what I did wrong the first time and correct it again.

Believe me when I tell you after this experience I’ve never felt soo good! I think I’m going to pay up front for the year for this gym and just get back into the swing of things. SO It looks like ya’ll are going to get more training blogs (possibly video at some point). 

I was on cloud nine and couldn’t wait to talk about the gym!! Some people haven’t known me that long to know how much I worked at it before so I don’t think they quite understand why I was so stoked and rambling on and on about it. 

Hopefully I can work it out with work to hit up those classes during the week because its something I loveee and don’t want to miss if I can work it out. 

Right now its the day after and my legs are burning still but now my core is on fire too because in the MMA class we worked on a lot of core which is awesome because for a lot of stuff you do needed that strong core. 

SOOO Post comments in the box below and let me know how YOU feel about reading my training blog again, what would you specifically want me to write about this time around? What kind of things would you like to see this time around etc… 






VIDEO LINK: video.php?v=101014350562


~ by Christina Sears on March 15, 2012.

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