I’m SO Glad I’m NOT a Kid AGAIN!


SO been catching up on some news (well trying too) everyday on my blackberry with my RSS feeds. I added the Spectator, the Toronto Sun, and of course for celeb gossip and news some TMZ. I’ve noticed an uncomfortable amount of articles about kids killing kids, kids bullying other kids, and it puts me in awe. HERE I thought at that age I had it bad but these days its crazy.

I have friends who are teachers and they can’t believe students come up to them and say things like how hammered they were on the weekend or who they banged and stuff. HELL I didn’t want anyone knowing my private life at that age. 

If I could be a child in this generation I would say HELL NO! That’s for sure!!!!

It makes me worried for my friends who have just had babies and maybe when I have kids some day to know that their children(and mine someday) aren’t even safe at school. I understand you can only perfect your children so much BUT WHEN you said your children to school to learn, so they can better their life and they come home beaten, they come home crying about being bullied, or they come home and tell me they don’t want to go to school anymore I have to scratch my head and wonder what the hell is going on.

Bullying makes me sick, I’ve been through elementary school I WAS BULLIED FOR MOST OF IT. I went through high school and let me tell you THEY weren’t the best years of my life and I was bullied there too. BUT it was nothing like how it is today. I read the other day about an 11 year old who got into a fight after school with another girl OVER A BOY (YES AT 11 YEARS OLD) and then after the fight she went home and complained she didn’t feel well and ended up dying!!!

At 11 I was playing sports and trying to figure out who I was never mind boys. Yeah everyone gets those crushes…. but some of the stuff I read online I can’t believe and can’t help but shake my head. 

KIDS these days don’t realize that they have to figure out who they are and know what they are worth to know WHY someone would bully you. EVERY bully has a reason, and most of the time its because your smarter then them, prettier then them, better at sports, better in school studies, etc… Yes very few do it just cause they can but IF you know what your worth, and you know what you have to bring to the table its that much easier to walk away. 

Teachers and parents always tell you to tell someone… but that’s easier said then done ask anyone. WHAT I don’t understand is how kids can sit there and get into fights after school and watch their friends get beat up and some video tape it like its a game? Thats no game that is more disgusting then i can put into words. 


I also read another article of KIDS “sexting.”  preteens and teenagers under the ages of 16 sending NUDE pictures of themselves via text messaging. 

FIRST of all I don’t think 10 year olds need cell phones, kids should NOT be allowed to go to the mall alone, or rome the streets. I had a cell phone in grade 9, you know what I could do on it? just call and receive calls you know why because it was for me to be able to call my mom after my community service events or sport games. WHY A CHILD NEEDS A BLACKBERRY OR IPHONE IS BEYOND ME? 

I also do NOT agree with children under the age of 16 having Facebook or any other social media. If they are already “sexting” they clearly don’t understand the internet and should be monitored at all times. I’ve seen KIDS post picture of themselves that they think is “hot” when in a grown up world 1 it says “where’s the parents” and 2 “what are you thinking you look like trash”. 


THEY don’t understand that they aren’t being cute and they are disrespecting themselves so much. I try and hold my tongue when I over hear the teeny boppers that come into my store or even sometimes when I see things with people I’m close too because yeah I don’t know what’s around the corner for me when I have kids. 

I see kids hanging out at the mall, making out in stores, sitting on each others laps, stealing because their friends are, etc… Like YOUR 10… some are younger then that.

Kids should be outside playing tag, building snow forts, playing sports, finding hobbies etc…  

WHAT makes me the most irritates is hearing a teeny boppers bully each other they way they do, I read it online all the time and it makes me sick. Again I can’t begin to wrap my head around the fact that they can sit there and watch their friend get the shit kicked out of them and think is cool to video tape and post? WHAT do you get out of that. 

I think everyone should watch the documentary Bully that is coming out at the end of this month as an eye opener as what could be happening behind your kids closed doors that you don’t even know about. I know kids think that sometimes their parents are too harsh (I was one of those kids) BUT now that I’m 27 I look back and want to thank my parents because if they weren’t on me the way they were and involved with what I was doing, who I was hanging out with etc.. then I don’t think I would have been on the same path I’m on and I can only hope to offer that same attention when and if I have children.

SORRY for the rant… probably doesn’t even make sense, I’m not trying to attack anyones parenting skills more so attack those kids who bully people and video take fights, post controversial pictures of themselves on facebook and other social networks, and word of all sending nude pictures from their cell phone. THOSE are the characters I’m hoping to reach here…!



~ by Christina Sears on March 10, 2012.

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